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  1. I've been fond of the darker roasts as the lighter ones typically taste like dirty water. Keep in mind I am in no way a coffee aficionado or even enthusiast. Most of my coffee choices are decided based on corporate budgets.
  2. Oh man this is definitely going to be tried. So, what coffee types are best? Dark? Light? Flavoreds (blech)?
  3. Oh it is. My former job had me and 1 other person supporting 30 hospitals nationwide. My new job has 10-15 supporting 1.
  4. 2006 Civic Si. Lightly modded. Soon to be turbo http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/04/11/u8a4e9ed.jpg I also have a 1947 Studebaker M5 truck and my wife's 66 Mustang coupe, both of which need work. Goals for Mustang: 5.0 motor from a Coyote and classic styling Goals for Stude: built F20 from a Honda S2000, turbo, pushing 400ish whp. Hot Rod sitting low. Yes, the Stude will be a blasphemy. Putting a Honda (japanese) motor into a vehicle which had production stopped so that the US could use the steel to fight....The Japanese.
  5. Starting Monday, I will be a LIS Systems Analyst for major university medical center in Nashville. Less stress, more pay, and I get to work with my wife again!
  6. I use C4 pink lemonade which tastes great. I also have a container of NOxplode Watermelon which is drinkable but just barely As far as results from the drink, I prefer C4
  7. Lol. Your friends dad sounds like a smart man.
  8. I'm a database standards/design admin for laboratory information systems in one of the largest hospital chains in the nation. I have a degree in forensic chemistry. It's been a fun path from chemist to IT admin.
  9. I used to drink 5-9 cups per day. I was constantly embarrassed due to sweating through dress shirts and meeting with high level management. I have since cut back to 0 cups during the week since I have started working out and using pre workout supplements since I hit the weights at 4 am. Now I still get a moderate amount of caffeine however no sweats. I personally prefer other stimulants to caffeine though caff is always the easiest to aquire. If I go cold turkey, I will have a hard core migraine in 2 days.
  10. I just saw this post. Spring Hill here (40 min S of Nash)
  11. I know better than to take my own advice!
  12. I just finished building a wooden power rack about 2 wks ago. It cost me about $132 in total materials from Lowes. I already owned the drill. Lemme find a pic The plans I used were from woodenpowerrack.blogspot.com. I only deviated in that I did not trim the 4x4's to 7feet. However now, I only have about 1.5" clearance to my garage ceiling
  13. Lol. Thanks Bolson. Thats me in the pic. I just wanted to clarify because it didnt sound right.
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