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  1. I haven't bothered to read everyone's posts because of a time crunch so I apologize if I am repeating someone's suggestion. I take all the veggies I usually like on my pizza ( onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes) and cook it witih tomato sauce on the stove and add some salt, pepper, and cheese. Tastes just like a healthy pizza or pasta. YUM!
  2. Hi everyone Happy New Year:) So I am back on the forums, I was on here back when they first started but just got busy with life ( sorry) . I am 5'3, 154 lbs, and trying to get back to a healthy 120 lbs for my small frame. My friend just started training people as a personal trainer and this is the meal plan she has recommended for me. I am a vegetarian by the way, I don't eat eggs and I am allergic to most nuts and avocado. She is saying I should have three protein shakes a day + 3 meals + snacks :S. I am scared this is too much because I usually hear protein shakes can be used as meal replacements not in addition to it. My protein shake recipe is : Whey Protein Scoop (110 calories) + 1/2 cup fruit= protein shake of about 150 calories Breakfast: protein shake + oatmeal ( I use instant oatmeal and 1/2 cup soy milk) = 300 calories Snack- something small and healthy Lunch: Salad with a protein patty ( I have veggie meatless breaded patties) = 250 calories Snack-something healthy and small Pre workout- protein shake= 150 calories Post workout- protein shake=150 calories dinner- mainly veggies, protein and small carb. She is saying I should eat about 1500-1800 calories daily since I weight train daily and do cardio. I am nervous about having Three protein shakes a day + 3 meals. Isn't this too much? I'm looking for articles online to back up this theory. So far I have found articles swapping a meal for a protein shake, or a protein shake being added to meals to bulk up. Sorry but if someone can set me straight that would be a big relief. I don't want to argue with my friend and be disrespectful.
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    Anyone eat Semolina? I've started to eat this and am slightly border line addicted. We add cut up small veggies to it, and some salt and pepper, and I"ve been eating one cup for lunch and it has been filling for a few hours. It's mainly carbs though but am I right to assume it's still healthy? Is this a good thing to eat to lose weight, if I replace it for sandwiches and cereal? any recipes?
  4. I have the same issue! I've been a vegetarian all my life ( except I sneak in eggs every blue moon), and if there aren't any big complex carbs ( bread, pasta, rice) i get hungry still. I"ve been making a veggie stir fry daily for dinner for about a month now, It's just 3-4 cups of sauteed vegetables ( green peppers, onions. mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli) , 2 tsp of spaghetti sauce, and one slice of cheese. I find that the cheese and sauce makes me fill up. Perhaps you are not eating enough vegetables? Try adding in some protein with it , it will def help
  5. I found this to be a good resource for figuring out budget grocery trips http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/ ... t_id=80871 I can't remember where, but somewhere also on that same site, they have menus planned that you can eat enough for one week with a variation and keeping it healthy and cost efficient. Eating healthy is all about taking control. Yes it takes longer to make things from scratch and I'm sure with youngsters in the house, that task is daunting. But a little bit of time and prep on the weekends can make it a lot easier during the weekdays. I try to eat almost everything I can from scratch and it has gotten cheaper. Aldy's is a great store, available in America, check it out, it is a lot cheaper, food is in bulk and i usually cut my grocery bill in half that way. You can freeze almost anything in ice cube trays these days, making it easier to make large batches of (soups, chillis, sauces, desserts, etc) without worrying it will go bad and be a waste. As a woman, I can imagine she is worried being healthier will mean more money and more time spent her cooking. If you pitch in more and show her it won't be a burden on her or the wallet, I'm sure she will hop on board. I'm not saying you aren't doing enough, I'm just hoping to shed some light that's all incase that is an issue.
  6. So my family is big on using the juicer. However it usually is a revolting shade of dark green or brown and doesn't look too appetizing , nor taste good. I am guessing it has to do with the green veggies they put in it. Other than drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, I don't know of any other recipes. Can anyone post some they have tried and can recommend? I prefer just fruit juice recipes, so nothing w/ vegetables added. Thank you:)
  7. so, i injured my right foot somehow jogging too much i guess. spent this weekend recuperating. anywho recently i discovered, taking every ingredient of veggie pasta (minus the pasta) is YUMMY. tastes like pasta, and feels like it's a treat that you are getting away with, but lets you get in so many veggies and very few carbs. going to attempt to eat this more often. i am going to try and work on my eating habits. they are very good 5/7 days but i need them to be better all the time now.
  8. Ooh I like your challenges and your sign in name Water used to be the biggest issue for me, I hated the taste. i went from zero glasses a day to now about 11! I'm posting what worked for me incase it helps for you!. -crystal light- tastes like yummy juice, about 5-10 calories per cup, gets you to drink in 2 glasses. This is my go to, if I'm wanting a snack, if I crave sugar, etc. I used to drink about 12 cups worth daily but now use this only if I'm eating a meal that water can't work with ( ie pizza) - start using big glasses, 16 oz, 24 oz or 32 oz. This way, if you have water with a meal, you are sure to drink in more than one glass at a time. -I drink 4 glasses working out. -If i go anywhere to eat, I have a bottle of water with me and packets of crystal light. It keeps me away from ordering diet coke. Ahh sorry to hijack your thread, but I hope this helps. Also, warm water with half a lemon squeezed , some salt and pepper is so yummy. You can even add in a tsp of honey. It's a natural diuretic, it's supposed to speed up digestion, and it has helped my skin as well.
  9. woohoo awesome goals! I especially like the last two, about eating better during the day to afford something not as perfect in the evening. that's kind of how i am going as well. I can totally relate to the academic goals. what i suggest is to plan ahead. If you know something is to be done in 2 months, set mini daily goals. If it's 200 pages to be read, doing a tiny bit every day can come a long way and helps build discipline and avoids the last minute cramming. best of luck! On a side note: I used to use a tbsp of peanut butter in my chocolate protein powder shakes. It made it a bit more filling , and a lot yummier. Right now my brother has moved back home and is deadly allergic to all tree nuts ( peanuts, almonds, you name it). Can you suggest anything else that I can add to the ( cup of skim milk and one protein scoop chocolate flavor) to make it more appealing? I've tried fruit and yogurt, gross!
  10. Thanks Dante:) did 3 km jog on treadmill in 50 minutes . as well as an legs lower body workout. studied 5 hours today. A+
  11. okay so I seem to be a bowser at posting here. I get onto something and then get sick of if real fast. I have been working out amazingly well and my diet is a lot better. But being part of a challenge and sticking to posting daily will help. note just edited my goals. i'm busy at the moment and going to stick to attainable goals that can get me where i want, but not struggle or fall off the band wagon in the middle of it. Goal1. workout 5 days a week Goal 2. one protein shake and one salad daily. Goal 3. study daily Currently I am 157 lbs and 39.8% body fat. I am a slow loser and I am going to concentrate on being healthier rather than the scale . Note went from jeans size 12 to now 8 being kinda baggy I am doing my medical licens exams and I have been procastinating
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    what a genius idea! I'm going to pour my crystal light into popsicle moulds tomorrow!
  13. haha i just realized the challenge was over.
  14. UGh F- I went really well for the first bit. However, I've been dealing with back pain for a while and that threw off my working out. And because I felt sick, I ate badly. I didn't eat poor food, luckily it was all healthy. However, ensuring it was a lot of protein, ensuring I got my fruit/veggie servings , and a lot of water in, went out the window. I kept in check with my calorie counts, which is good. And I haven't lost a single pound, but 2 inches off my thighs, grr.
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