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  1. I try not to say anything is banned, bc once I realize it is banned it makes me want it more and more. However I have paid attention to trigger foods ( you eat one, you end up eating the whole box). For me that is sadly, chocolate chip cookies and fast food fries, cupcakes. Anything else, I try to really limit it. I have found good substitutions of most snacks in the 100 calorie type, however, I put the rest out of reach, so I don't easily reach for another one. I love chocolate, but I try to only have icecream types at home, the coldness really limits me for some reason. Fries are my weakne
  2. so i want to continue to post even though the challenge is up and i so so so so didn't win. i just can't seem to lose weight. inches are being lost, slowly but surely. i can see a diff. but no friggin pounds. i have lost 7 lbs since january, and the last 3 lbs from that goes up and down almost daily. boo. i have decided to really cut out fast food, limited to once a week on sundays, and even that to watch it. amp up to ten glasses of water daily, and 5 cups of fruit/veggies daily. hopefully that will help. and now working out 6 days a week as well. i hope to see results now. breakfast:
  3. I used to have the same problem , big big time munchies, after dinner. The way I battled this was... 1. made sure my meals were filling, had protein in them, and i added more veggies/fruit - most of the time I wasn't that full or satisfied after my meal, and this is why the munchies came about. 9/10 times i'm looking for snacks bc im hungry. the days i have had a big satisfying meal, i can't even think of snacks, let alone look at them 2. if I was just mindlessly munchy and wanted a distraction i had carrots or celery- they def keep your mouth busy crunching away 3. in between meals, i h
  4. blahh had to take blood tests today on fasting. so didn't eat since 9 pm last night ( woohoo) shocked i did that. however i worked out last night at 5ish, so dinner was early so it worked. in the morning had 4 cups water, and then took out 12 tubes of blood YIKES, almost fainted. was not concerned really about eating properly today at first, since i was soo sick from being weak. ugh i notice my grammar and speech is so bad this late at night, i apologize, i just get so lazy anywho.. breakfast: 4 cups water, 1 cup oj, 1.5 slices dempsters multi-grain bread with 2 tsp of margarine lunch;
  5. breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups water snack: 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 1 apple, 2 cups crystal light lunch: 1/2 cup couscous, 1 tbsp hummus, 1 cup baby carrots workout: 4 cups water post workout: protein shake dinner: caesar salad, whole wheat pasta with 1/4 cup sauce, and veggies, crystal light 2 cups workout: legs 3 sets of 20 ... lunges, squats, calf raises, donkey kicks, side way donkey kicks 45 mins kickboxing, + 15 mins 3mph treadmill
  6. breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups crystal light, half cup cherries snack: 2 cups crystal light lunch; half veg sub, 2 cups crystal light snack: granola bar, 1 cup cherries, half cup papaya preworkout: half pb sandiwch on multigrain bread workout: 2 cups water post workout : um yeah.... 2 big forks of chocolate cake, and one milton cracker dinner: one banana, one.5 cheese roti, half cup of cottage cheese, coke zero fruit servings: 6+ workout: arms day so i heard of the lower weight more reps thing, so tried to do that in some cases 12 lb bicep curls, 3 sets of 20 10 lb tricep extens
  7. I use daily plate's calculators though they are not that good, and i do not recommend it. however, caloriesperhour is pretty good. as well as google pedometer ( um just google the words) and you will find it. you can see a map of an area including parks and streets and ravines, etc, and figure out how many calories you are burning, the distance, everything. it is really good to use
  8. today.. weird day, it's like a C i guess breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups crystal light snack: granola bar, 1 cup cherries, 2 cups crystal light, half cup of cappucino ( 1.5 tbsp) mini lunch: easy mac, 2 cups water, 1 big forkful of bday cake - ugh i blame being in the biggest rush ever and being stupid snack: half veg meat sandwich, 2 cups water ( again with the rush) preworkout: half veg meat sandwich workout: 3 cups water post workout: banana dinner: 4 oz dry whole wheat spaghetti, 1/4 cup ragu sauce, 1 tbsp shredded cheese, 2 tsp parm cheese, 1 cup veggiesi , 2 cups fresh oj oka
  9. had a great day today.. breakfast: besan poora, 3 cups crystal light, one cup strawberries snack: 2 cups grapes, 1 bowl yogurt with tsp chia seeds lunch: whole wheat tortilla with cup of vegetables, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 cups crystal light snack: 1 cup carrots, 1 tbsp hummus, 2 cups crysal light workout: 2 cups water post workout: protein shake dinner: 1.5 veg sub , cup of fresh oj midnight snack: 1/3 banana/ with half cup skim milk, and some walnuts now this was consumed at 12:20, so on daily plate is that count as Sunday or Monday? workout: arms day:) worked them out HARD.
  10. yeah so totally not in the game for this any more. least not for a week or so. my tmj is utterly impossible to deal with. going to my doctor on monday. got a temporary night guard at the moment. i just feel sick and tired all the time. and don't have the energy to work out at all. going to try to keep it good eating wise. i'm debating an all liquid diet, not to lose weight but because chewing food is really painful right now.
  11. thanks guys! great input. I'm going to continue counter pushups this week, with 2 giant steps away. my stair cases all swirl in my house, but maybe I can do it outside on my porch steps :oops:
  12. blah day, headaches won't friggin stop! breakfast: besan poora, 3 cups crystal light snack:granola bar lunch: 1/2 cup couscous, 3 tbsp hummus, baby carrots hand ful, half veg meat sandwich , 4 cups water snack:granola bar dinner: 1.5 roti, aloo mattar 1 cup sabji, 1.5 cup lassi (water and yogurt) midnight snack: half veg meat sandwich, 2 cups milk + banana no workout, too tired and head is killing me. blah day
  13. Wednesday- forgot to post sorry Was a weird day, full of errands and unexpected things come up, food wise, bad bad. breakfast: besan poora, 2 glasses water -ended up going to doctor after breakfast, and a million errands, was with dad who wanted to eat at this vegetarian indian buffet restaurant, yikes. common sense went out the window. embaressed to post it, but i need to to take into account what i did. and once i start skimping on posting here, that's when i will no longer be diligent with my tracking. lunch: 2 cups diet coke, 1 cup water -1.5 cups of macaroni salad , 2 cups veg cho
  14. thanks Adam for your thoughts!!! I completely agree this is a marathon not a sprint. the point is to learn healthy lifestyle changes and exercises that stick w/ me from now on. Plus If I lose weight too fast, it's more likely to come back on. I used to be thin, with curves, but no muscle I want to gain muscle and be strong!!
  15. Has anyone heard of Chia Seeds? my mother raves about them after talking to a nutritionist. http://www.superseeds.ca/ss1/index.html 3x the antioxidants of blue berries 2.5 x the protein of beans 8 x the omegas than salmon 6 x the calcium than of a glass of milk 3 x the amount of iron in spinach 2x potassium in bananas this is amazing! just wanted to know if members have any feedback. My parents bought some from Bulk n Barn, and have been sprinkling it in yogurt since. I tried it, has absolutely no flavor, but with this kind of nutritional benefits, i'm going to make it a regular
  16. so i'm getting very very annoyed. i have gained 2 lbs since last week. what the. but then again last week was a bday weekend, and ate bad. but 2 lbs thats just not possible in my opinion. i'm frustrated big time. whatever, i'm not going to quit and i'm going to still keep hard at it. aside from the bump in the road this morning i'm going to cut out junk food as much as possible. well the above posting an hour ago made me really upset, i gained 2 lbs holy. i mean i know, i am gaining muscle, the last weekend was crazy bad, BUT, still. it is disheartening. that i am on this ball of 160-164 lb
  17. aww thank you guys, you are too sweet. i think i understand. thank u!! also my leg is never low enough to the ground to be perpendicular more, of an angle but i'm working on doing lower lunges from now on.!! So ahhh i did not eat enough at night, but i was full so i thought meh, go to bed. i woke up at 6 am STARVING. and i didn't want to wake up my parents, so i ate.... a bag of doritos, the fastest thing i could find and easy to eat. :S it's weird, they didn't even taste good to me. this is my favorite snack ever, i've avoided it for a month now, you would think it would be super yummy, trig
  18. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/images/imag ... 684213.jpg they are awesome. I went and bought many diff types trying to find a good pair for jogging and working out. they are adjustable, and cup around the ear so they can't fall off. they are also in black. i got them from best buy for about $20 i believe
  19. I can't even do a knee pushup, not even one. I do planks here and there, not very long though. and i do wall pushups usually, but lately have been doing them by the counter, standing 5 feet behind, and that really kills. any tips? i have really weak knees which I have been strengthening with squats and lunges.
  20. yey so good day again:) 11am: besan poora with 2 cups crystal light. SO FILLING 1 pm: apple, 1 cup crystal light 2 pm; granola bar 3 pm: 2 cups crystal light, half pb sandwich, 1/2 cup couscous, 2 tbsp hummus, 1 cup cucumbers sliced 4 pm: 1 cup crystal light 7 pm: half pb sandwich workout 8-10: 2 cups water 10 pm: post workout: 1 scoop kaizen chocolate protein power with 1 cup skim milk 11 pm: dinner: besan poora, 2 cups freshly squeezed oj 12- midnight snack: 1 cup grapes I was shocked that I wasn't hungry by 4 pm, and starving . I kept my hunger at bay by eating small snacks of
  21. Okay this is going to sound so dummy. but i hear people saying that all the time " dont let your knees extend past big toe" but i dont get it:S don't let the knees of the foot you are stepping forward with, not extend past the opposite foot? :$ also, the last line, also :S can u explain :oops: i usually don't return to position after one lunge, but pulsate there and do another one and continue on.
  22. oh snap, i just realized, my lunges are not what they should be. my back leg does not extend to the floor like it should. i started it off this way a few months ago, not touchin the floor bc i was a beginner. i clearly have not progressed as much as i should. tomorrow is legs day. will work on going as low as i can comfortably. rather than the ideal 50 rep number. i'm going to try to do 5 lower lunges first, and go from there. what i try to always do is the same numbe of reps on my arms, legs, etc. like 50 is my golden number. but i'm going to screw that. for instance, tomorrow i will do 1
  23. aww thank you for the bday wishes, and your wise words!!
  24. so have no idea how long it's been since i posted. i took some personal time this long weekend, since it was my bday and a lot's been going on. i rarely ever go out, openly. my parents are very strict. but this weekend i went out and partied. i did eat alot of bad food but i coupled it with good food and ensured i got my 5 fruit/veg servings and water intake in. but still not so good. to be honest, i know i'm not challenge ready or the best occupant. but.. the fact that i post helps me stay accountable. so don't worry i know i'm not a proper participant, nor do i expect to win anything. but
  25. Wed: breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups crystal light snack: one apple, granola bar lunch: veg burger, 2 cups crystal light snack: veg pita, workout: 4 cups water dinner: caesar salad, one pear, pb sandwich, 2 cups fresh oj midnight snack: bday cake -yey happy bday to me:) workout: 50 lunges , 50 squats, 50 ankle dips? , 50 donkey kicks, 50 side way donkey kicks, 45 mins kickboxing
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