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  1. thanks for the kind words Suse!!! did u post up pics? that's awesome you can see a diff, and woot woot on the bf noticing. how awesome is that. i have taken a pic recently can't wait to compare soon enough.
  2. Ah, I left out the "good form" part. I always assume people focus on form first. I don't compromise my form for an additional rep. If I know I'll be rounding my back for the next rep of deadlift, I won't do it since I'd rather not injure myself. But typically, in regards to bicep curls and what not, if you're doing reps of 15 and it's still easy, you're not working hard enough. Men have a habit of overtraining. Women have a habit of not training hard enough. And I'm sure when he means by "grinding out one last slow brutal rep", especially when it's in regards to tricep extensions and curls or
  3. This is my favorite Or the, YOU CAN EAT THAT?! Apparently so. But you know, find what works for you. Although I am rooting for you and your progress, I do want to say that you do need to love yourself, mentally and physically, no matter where you are on your journey. I think it needs to stop being about "getting skinny" and instead be about "getting fit". Human beings were never MEANT to be "skinny". That's a media thing. Human beings, however, were meant to be fit. We were supposed to hunt/gather our own food and travel extensive distances. I think when you change it from "shedding the poun
  4. breakfast: besan poora, 3 cups crystal light snack: home made mini muffin lunch; caesar salad, veg meat slices on whole wheat bread w/ veggies, 2 cups crystal light snack: banana, 1 cup papaya, whole wheat bread slice with 1 tbsp pb , 2 cups crystal light mini meal: 6 inch veg sub , 2 cups crystal light workout: 2 cups water dinner: besan poora, 2 fresh oj cups, water: 11 cups :) :) fruit/veg servings: 6+ workout: arms day: 50 tricep extensions with 12 lb weight, 50 bicep curls (pulsated, KILLED ), 50 pushups against counter ( really challenged myself, and sore ) , 50 shoulder
  5. So need to revamp my workout a bit. let's see here... Going to do arms one day, legs another day. IE.. Tuesday.. Arms & Abs -Arms: let's see how many reps i can do.. and go from there weekly... aiming for 20...15...15 = 50 reps total - biceps 15 lbs in each hand.. Let's add a challenge... pause for 3 seconds and hold at the top before bringing it back down -triceps extensions, 12 lb in hand... let's add a challenge, try to do this slowly and hold it longer -wall pushups ... going to do them on the balcony and hold it for 3 seconds before returning to rest position -crunches... pu
  6. You both are so right. I'm not setting goals to achieve, merely stationary tasks that won't allow me to progress. I'm going to figure out mini goals to set each week to try to achieve.
  7. Wow Istra, you really are an artist. you couldn't have painted a better picture or put it into better words
  8. Thank you , you two for your awesome help and input:) mucho appreciated:) I will def add in some stretching. however, I don't think I could do squats and lunges on the same day, I would collapse mid way :S do i just build up on this? I have about 50 lbs to go, so i'm annoyed that the weight loss is so slow. but to be honest, at one point I wasn't eating nearly enough according to my calorie requirements, so that might have to do with it
  9. Today was an overall okay day, i avoided temptation, and worked out pretty well Breakfast< besan poora and 2 cups of freshly squeezed oj. ( would love it if someone could tell me if 3 oranges squeezed calories is more accurate to track , vs 2 cups freshly squeezed oj ( both are the same amount made) ) man these besan pooras are kick ass. my mom adds a tiny bit of cheese and bell peppers, tastes like a pizza not kidding snack: grapes, medium hot mocha lunch: veggie burger ( 4 meat less deli slices, wheat bun, ff cheese slice, some veggies) , 3 cups crystal light, caesar salad ( no dre
  10. I have this same problem on big workout days. I figure, though, if I'm not interested in eating more, my body's not ready for it. I'll kind of slide about half the surplus calories into the next day, cause I'm usually famished come breakfast. YMMV, but our bodies rarely seem to work on clean 24 hour schedules... Transer, thanks for your post. I'm just curious to ask you, the days you don't eat the recommended amount, don't you fear that your body might go into starvation mode and hold on to the calories and you won't lose weight? For the first two months of me trying to lose weight, I wasn'
  11. I have 4 workout questions, I hope someone can help me with. I apologize there are so many questions, but I have been dying to know and figured might as well ask now. When I workout, I am paranoid that my feet are not pointing straight. Ie- when I do lunges, I worry if one of my feet might be pointing on an angle compared to the other. Or when I kickbox I worry whenfeet aren't facing in the same direction together, straight on. I think it's poor form and can cause injury. I have no idea if this is paranoia or legit? Does this matter? I know that it's best to give your muscles one day to res
  12. For me, I really hate my family for the fact that they aren't as loving towards me bc i have gained weight. i hate the fact that once i lose weight, they will be a lot nicer and proud of me. Even when I have shed the weight and they are being nice to me, I know deep down I will always resent them for it. I also am turned off with people that talk crap about people's looks, disabilities , etc. Not just now bc I have gained weight, but even back when I was a thin person. It makes me think the person has an ugly heart, and I just can't respect them
  13. I don't know if this is going to sound right typed up, hard to put into words. So now, we are on this board trying to better ourselves physically, perhaps also mentally. Shed some weight, tone up, add some muscle, etc. I'm sure we have all gotten the short end of the stick of someone treating us bad because we were not what they felt was beauty, and i'm sure when we get closer to our goals, we will have some people treating us better for it. I was just wondering what your attitude towards that person is (before and after your results)
  14. Had an Amazing day :-) Actually spent time with the parents today, usually i'm at the library, sleeping or working out. i try to avoid them as much as possible since we have a lot of arguments. and no fighting,, well no big fights. all tolerable. so good day there workout was awesome. I'm really proud of myself. found once again, 2 hours of tv that i was glued to. gossip girl and desperate house wives, big win there So this is what I did. 50 lunges 50 bicep curls with 15 lb weight 50 wall pushups 50 side way leg raises (donkey kicks sort of but work the inner thighs) 50 super mans (
  15. Here is my workout plan for today. Going to start it at 9 pm to watch desperate housewives:) Note: i do 50 reps. the way i do is, one set of 20, than 2 sets of 15 each time I have decided to make the following a daily part of my workout routine: 50 wall pushups 50 crunches, 50 side way crunches, 50 donkey kicks, and 50 leg and opposite arm extended 45 minutes kickboxing + 15 minutes of 3mph on treadmill = STANDARD DAILY What i will alternate it with is Either - 50 lunges OR 50 squats with 3 lbs in each hand And either 50 bicep curls with 15 lb weight in each hand OR 50 tric
  16. I don't know about daily plate, but fitday has calisthenics listed (including push ups, pull ups, etc). Light/moderate effort is listed as 3cal/min and heavy effort as 7cal/min. Couldn't compare to pilates though. Thanks Ana, I'll be sure to check that out
  17. wrote a great long post and i forgot to submit it. grr. so ate extremely well today (IMO) breakfast: 2 cups fresh oj, besan poora with grilled veggies snack: kashi granola bar, 2 cups crystal light, pear , small caesar salad lunch: 2 rotis, sabji of potatoes and green beans 1 cup, 1 cup yogurt, 2 cups crystal light workout: 2 cups water post workout: 2 cups water, small caesar salad dinner: 1.5 onion and tofu paratha, 1 cup yogurt, totals: 8 cups water, 5+ fruit/veg servings, 2 dairy servings, 1+ protein serving I had zero junk food, i'm so proud of myself. the fact that i ate a
  18. good luck on the job front!! If you have an mp3 player , download some favorite songs, and make yourself go outside and move to it. that might be a good help.
  19. Yey good job on your progress. very impressive. Not being able to eat out is really hard, esp traveling. Cold turkey is a good route, though I personally don't smoke, my best friend quit cold turkey this new years day and is going 5+ months strong! You can do it!
  20. This should so be my name as well! Late to bed.. early to rise? that exists?! lol. I'm a late to bed and wake up type of person overall. However, I try to be up by 9 am , and then I don't come home til 9 pm on most days. I figure I will just work out after 9 pm, and the days the library is closed at 7 pm, take full advantage and work out longer on those days.
  21. FRIDAY-sorry didn't remember to post 10 am Breakfast: besan poora (added in grilled vegetables about half a cup worth), 2 cups crystal light 11 am Snack: cup of crystal light 1 pm Snack: kashi granola bar 2 pm: Snack: cup of crystal light 3 pm: Lunch: veggie home made patty on wheat bun, ff cheese slice + 2 cups crystal light + 1.5 apple + home made muffin 6pm: half an apple Workout: 15 lbs in each hand = total 50 bicep curls 50 lunges 50 donkey kicks 50 (hard to describe, on hands and knees, stretch out opp arm and leg ) 15 minutes 3mph on treadmill
  22. Woot! Congrats! Proof that the 80/20 sort of rule works....do your best, and you'll get results Thanks Transer!!! I hope your progress is coming along great as well:)
  23. So i must, i must brag a bit. well it is def brag worthy in my eyes, INCHES LOST:d HURRAY though my weight is still at the 160 lb mark since March, see sawing up and down since... inches have been reduced here and there:) Note: some measurements are weirdly measured , me and my mom are a little dummy at it, but we have clothing markers for it. and i measure once a month in the morning, with the same clothes on each time to be accurate. underarm-is where my t shirt ends so i would assume it's bicepish around hips-is actually where my t shirt ends, 1-2 inches past hips
  24. when I wanted to get in the habit of sleeping earlier, it helped to be in bed about 20 to 30 minutes earlier and read a bit of fiction (preferably not too exciting) - non-fiction and tv didn't work for me as my brain couldn't really shut down. but I think once you get in the habit of waking up earlier (and workout), the sleeping early part will come naturally and congrats to your nicely fitting jeans! Thanks for your help Ana. That is a good idea, i watched a really good show on my laptop before falling asleep, and it made me push my bedtime til 12. But it beats going to bed at 2 am like usu
  25. day 1 - THURSDAY breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups crystal light lunch: home made veggie patty on wheat hamburger bun with ff cheese slice, 2 cups crystal light snack: 1.5 apple, 1 cup crystal light snack: large cup of hot chocolate.- i feel guilty but it was either this or go to sleep in the library snack: one macadamian cookie - needed SOMETHING to eat at library, was famished dinner: 1.5 onion paratha with 1 tbsp of butter * uh oh, 2 cups freshly squeezed oj wanted to originally come home at 9 pm and workout. but , want to start waking up at 7 am to work out. so figured if i worked ou
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