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  1. Wow last month was absolutely crazy and shitty. as was last week .I apologize to Steve and the members for completely falling off the team and not posting as much as i should have. to be honest, i probably only worked out 3 times a week the last 2-3 weeks. A lot was going on, dealing with sickness, death and other issues within the family and stuff, big time ugh. anywho, the last week I had a bad bug and trying to get over it. and back in the game. my best friend is trying to shed the pounds she gained from quitting smoking (going 5 months strong!!) so it helps that she is no longer going t
  2. TOTALLY tooting my own horn. n this is really nothing impressive . so warning, you will roll ur eyes after u read this. but i am proud so, whatever My meal was very properly timed so far today. I felt , okay don't take this the wrong way, but like a proper tv family, or those white kids i grew up with in school. it was always a general concept that, white children had breakfast in the morning at around 7-7:30 am, went to school, had lunch at 12 , sandwich, juice box and some fruit or some other snack, and dinner at 6 pm. now a desi family... no breakfast, a lot of junk and unhealthy food f
  3. Thank u so much for ur input and offer to help. too sweet of u! how is ur challenge going? to be honest with you, i'm def smarter than i look on these boards, but i don't act it at times. this food above, was from a restaurant, i know what the heck. but , i'm just having the worst month of my life right now, and trying to eat healthier when i am venting and crying to my friend, seems like a low priority for me. i feel bad saying it but it is true. at home it is a lot better and i end up staying in my calorie range. i'm trying to take slow steps to changing my routine, that are going to last. t
  4. breakfast: besan poora, half a cup of cantaloupe, glass of water snack: cup of celery , 1.5 cups of grapes lunch: veggie sub home made, 2 cups water, 1 cup cantaloupe snack: 1/4 subway veggie sub, half cheesy fries, one cookie, 2 cups water dinner: one roti, half cup sabji, glass of skim chocolate milk midnight snack: 1/8 tofu packet grilled post workout: 4 cups water workout: 45 squats, 45 tricep extensions with 12 lb weight 50 minute kickboxing. totally feel the burn, happy i drank somnuch water, n ate so much fruit. i know , i shouldnt have had the tb and cookie, but u know what.
  5. terrible terrible food day. breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups crystal light iced tea, chocolate chip muffin home made, tiny bit of tofu, and glass of chocolate milk skim, (weirdly i wasn't STUFFED ) just satisfied lunch: 2 slices of a veg quesidila, brisk iced tea glass, one slice of a individual pizza, 2 pieces garlic toast snack: scoop of choc icecream dinner: 2 cups iced tea crystal light, cup of rice, cup of shahi paneer workout: 4 cups water post workout: glass of fresh oj midnight snack: one pear yes let's not discuss my eating :UGH workout: one hour kickboxing bicep curls 15 l
  6. So Tuesday... 9 am=breakfast: aloo pronti, half cup of 1% home made yogurt, one cup crystal light 11 am= some kellogs granola bar, i was starving at this point weirdly enough 1 pm- kellogs granola bar again, starving 3 pm- 6 inch veggie sub, 2 cups crystal light, half cheesy fries, and about 6 cookies :$:$:$ 5 pm-2 cups crystal light, bowl of broccoli soup 7pm-2 cookies :$ workout- 2 cups water 10 pm-dinner: freshly squeezed glass of oj, one and half roti, palak paneer half bowl. midnight snack: 100 calorie chips Now: i would give myself a C in my diet for today. ironically i wa
  7. Heyy , YES WE DO need a better plan. this is what i tried for a month a while back and it was awesome. eat your big meals, every 3 hours. now when it's big, it means make sure your portions are good. half a plate of veggies, 1/4 plate protein, 1/4 carb/fat. snacks, every 1 hour-1.5 hour. this way your body doesn't call out to hunger at all. how about you make your dinner a bit earlier, and eat it at 6 pm, and then later if hungry, a bit of the leftovers at 9 pm? also, try to get in salad daily ifyou can, i need to get back on that grind! one thing with this new suggestion- it's hard when yo
  8. i think what it is is that my lunch is just not filling enough. my sandwich is tiny, it can fit on my hand and my hands are really small for my body. here is what i ate today and maybe i can figure it out as i go along. i think if my meals are filling enough to begin with, then i won't have that hunger coming and going and causing me to make some bad food choices. breakfast: cup of crystal light, one aloo paratha, half a bowl of yogurt- 9 am [ i know this sounds horrendous, but, my entire family was eating it. plus it filled me up for sure. by the way, my mom made lasagna , 2 trays. i
  9. so i'm so not in this months challenge, fallen off the wagon too many times to say i'm competing in it. however i will still post if that's okay. but i will post successes and workouts and failures. and i've had a bad few weeks but do i stop and just say screw it?! nope. going to pick up, dust myself off and keep on going. because a healthy and great body doesn't happen over night, but i can keep on going and learn from my mistakes rather than let them faze and intimidate me into the old half ass lifestyle yesterday (monday) drank over ten cups of water, proud of that. and i paced it so by
  10. I'm glad to hear it works for you both!! yey! my little brother actually has it, when he sleeps it used to sound like a garbage disposal, i used to stand at the door at night sometimes worried he would die :s (back when i was a kid). anywho the docs suggested this machine for him too, but since he is under 20 years old, we wanted to avoid it if we could. we got his tonsils removed, because of the sleep apnea and his constant throat infections, and the sleep apnea is cured! so this is another option to look into. I'm not saying, get a tonsilectomy if you have sleep apnea, but perhaps it may b
  11. Sorry so late to post. Worst week ever-puppy was found dead :S. I'm embaressed to say I fell off the wagon this week. barely got out of bed, ate seriously under for a few days, and then over other days. Promise to get back on the ball tomorrow (saturday). didn't work out 3 days-nor eat properly.. will make myself work harder to make up for it. I feel sluggish, disgusting , and don't want to do this cycle of yo yo results again. I will use this board and the members to make me stay strong!
  12. Okay so I'm really bad at details, if anyone wants to know something specific just ask.. Also I'm east Indian, and my parents cook a ton of desi food. If anyone wants to know how anythng is made, just ask and when my mom comes back from her trip on the 18th, april, I will be sure to let you know! Broccoli Soup- I think i mighta posted this somewhere, but anyways. This stuff is so yummy, and the name makes me cringe, I hate broccoli but, I would pick this soup over any other hands down. it's made really fast, with very little prep time. Take one stalk of broccoli, add half a cup of water, 1 t
  13. Mind would be , Sean Paul, Rihanna's (hyper songs) , Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, La Roux
  14. Here are two experiences from my close family/friends that quit smoking . My dad, was a smoker for about 20 years. He finished a pack every week. One day, at ten years old, I mentioned to my relatives that my dad smoked, casually thought nothing of it. My dad was so embaressed that he quit smoking. He never had one since that day. My best friend, decided to quit smoking on this New Years day. She was worried about the damage it would do to her beauty. She has not had one since New years eve 2009. Sure she craves it, but she knows once she has one cig, it will be that much easier to have an
  15. Also- why not make the winnings- just bragging rights and calling them the members of the month?! Until you are making money off us Steve, there is no reason you should be paying for the prize imo
  16. Robotrogue- I'm sorry that you comfort smoke. One of my best friends recently just quit smoking. This new years day, she refused to do it again, and hasn't since. You can do it too, if you want to quit! Start adding in 30 minutes more, before you go out for a smoke. Baby steps! Your ideas for the comfort food is awesome. The old me, would have greatly followed this. Jonnie F- That's a great idea. I'm using routine as my solution atm. I track what I eat, try to have a pattern down. boom. I try to avoid the days where I get so upset, and I eat anything. Because honestly 9/10 days i
  17. My ex was OBSESSED with this game. Omg, I mostly remember his back to me playing this for the last 6 years of while we were dating. His name on it was Fenny, a healer I think. He would set the alarm to wake up according to what he had to do for his guild, we missed meetings, dates- if something imp was going on in the game that day. :roll:
  18. Hey, you did an amazing job!! Gaining 2.5 lb of muscle is awesome, and the fact that your diet is now 95% healthy. Good stuff!! Also totally cool profile pic
  19. Hey, you did an amazing job regardless for this challenge. I'm sure you are a LOT better now then you were before in terms of discipline, your paleo diet, etc. !!
  20. Hey Istra, Sorry to hear you are in a similar boat. I have found working out a great stress relief, in particular kickboxing, what better way than kick and punch your frusterations away?! I watch tv as i do this, and it makes me feel a little less crazy busy since I get some entertainment in my busy schedule. If there are certain people who cause stress, figure out how you can solve this. Talk to them? Limit time spent with them? Do something fun every week for yourself so it allows you to get some "me" time. A therapist can be really helpful or even a friend, a diary , some way for you to v
  21. I just checked out Mac Danzig's vegan diet. I am so happy- this is exactly what I needed to read. I love the food he is listing and it is so doable for me to eat. Thank you again!
  22. You are all so absolutely right! Thank you so much for your responses. Esp breaking down my calories and looking into besan in particular. I'm trying weight watchers and not seeing results and I realize i need to track calories specifically. I'm def going to start using the menus suggested and start tracking cals-thank you again!!
  23. so today was a good day so far. woke up at 11 am, wanted to take the day off from studying. breakfast: besan poora, 10 almonds, crystal light 2 cups went to do some errands, crystal light 2 cups workout shortly after at 3pm : 70 minutes kickboxing, 60 squats, 60 triceps with 12 lb weights, 10 minutes on treadmill 3mph would have liked to do more treadmill but was running late. with 5 cups water. so this i what i ate (above) from 11am-6 pm. I'm impressed with myself bc i usually have eaten a lot more in htat time and already drank 9 cups of water. so let's see what happens tonight,
  24. today was my one day off, i only work out 6 days a week i went to the family dinner thingy ate a bit too much. counted it out to be 33 points (11 over my daily total BUT, this is the last day of my weight watchers week, so i could afford it properly)
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