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  1. The Duke of Edinburgh is great! I help run it at school... The kids get so much out of doing it. It does really push some of them to their limits but they do get a real sense of achievement!
  2. Hmmmmm. I hope I didn't find it! I'm only 5'4 and this puts me at over a third of my body as fat! Far too much. Gave me some interesting reading though... I now think I need to drop 10% and hold it there for a while. I'm going to try for a week of NO biscuits or cake (& maybe chocolate, I've not decided). I've not been logging food for a week or so to see what happens. At the moment it seems not much!
  3. Points at the start of the challenge: STR ~ 5 | DEX ~ 2.5 | STA ~ 5 | CON ~ 7 | WIS ~ 8 | CHA ~ 5 mini quests 2 and three successfully completed so... Points at end of week 2: STR ~ 5 | DEX ~ 2.5 | STA ~ 6 | CON ~ 7 | WIS ~ 9 | CHA ~ 6
  4. Challenge so far.... walking - last week was better than this - I have logged a bit this week but not a lot. Managed my two days though. gym - not happened.... life goal - I'm over 36% of the way through
  5. Is your 36 min time the fastest you've done in training? I did a race for life a couple of years ago - it was the first (& only?) time I've run 5k. The crowd and atmosphere really help push you along. Enjoy it
  6. Guzzi - best of luck with the 5k. Is it a race for life?
  7. Yay! It's the weekend... What plans lie ahead for you all? Me? I really need to go for a walk - that's part of my challenge and this weeks mini. I also have an awful lot of stuff to sort out.
  8. At the moment I have been stuck at around 170 for a while - I did get down to 160 but then stopped doing everything & it crept back on. Currently I am eating loads and not doing enough exercise, this doesn't seem to be having much effect on my weight at all - maybe a couple of pounds. For a couple of weeks I am trying not to log everything but to eat cleaner. This isn't really working at the moment as I have too much chocolate left over from Easter, people keep bringing cakes in to work and I am tired - this doesn't make a great combination!!
  9. I really like the stats from both the UP and the fitbit.... I want one but I really can't decide which. I also really like the look of the Polar Loop. I'll probably end up getting none of them as I can't decide!!!
  10. Well, my challenge started off quite well - this week has not been quite so good. I've not made it to the gym and have done far less walking than last week. There is still the weekend left for me to redeem myself though!
  11. I cooked that pineapple chilli yesterday - did it in the crock pot whilst I was at work. REALLY GOOD!! Why did it take me so long to get round to cooking it . Thank you for posting the recipe Insanity.
  12. We are climbing Mt Meru - not quite as high as Kili but still high enough. We should get great views of Kilimanjaro from the top. It is certainly a big continent to explore!
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