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  1. Wow I'm super late to this game on the account of me having to use a public computer for awhile, but I'll definitely jump in with a few drawings. Midterms are coming up so I'm a little busy with studying. However there is no time like the present
  2. I've become really obsessed with the video game Destiny, especially since I've caught up to my friends and can hold my own now. So I'm going to try this narrative thing this summer based on: I'm still working on the narrative portion but on to the workout! Main Quest To be the best guardian ever! (and to master parkour) Fitness Quest Speed of a Hunter: Hunters are known to be fast so I'm continuing from my last challenge to run every other day Strength of a Titan: Know
  3. No classes this summer, but I'm definitely going to be working on my calculus again before the new semester.
  4. Final Week Update/ Challenge Wrap Up Diet Quest My family went shopping this week and I got to pick out a bunch of stuff that I can cook myself, so I ate an awesome salad every day and ate a lot better than last week. Granted, I did eat out when I went to work instead of bringing home lunch, but to be fair, those days were long days that I didn’t have the chance to stop by my house. Grade: A Fitness Quest 1. Completed the running like a boss! I hurt my ankle earlier in the week so it took me a little longer than usual to compl
  5. Week 3 Update Diet Quest Okay technically, I did eat a salad every day. I did however also ate a ton of unhealthy food because that’s all I could find when it came to my meals for the day. I know next challenge, I’m going to have to be more specific because diet is a big factor when getting healthy. Grade: A (but is it really an A?) Fitness Quest 1. I ran every other day! Granted I wanted to throw up a few times because I was drinking the night before, but I’ve learned my lesson so it got better towards the week’s end. 2. Oh man I faile
  6. Week 2 Update!!! Diet Quest: Ate a salad every other day because I was starting to run out and had to spread it throughout the week. Grade: B (but it half wasn't my fault xD) Fitness Quest 1. Ugh running was incredibly difficult this week, I had to keep switching the days I was going to run and I ended up only running maybe two days. It was a struggle. 2. No bodyweight workout, but I did do 3 sets of wall sits and 3 sets of planks on the days I wasn't running so I;m gonna give myself some points there. Grade: C/B LUL 1. Oh I t
  7. I forgot to do a weekly update, but better late than never! Week 1 Recap Diet Quest I have been eating a salad a say. I'm thankful my mom buys the mini salads so I don't have to physically make one everyday. Grade: A Fitness Quest 1: Been consistently running this week! It's such a pain to wake up early in the morning and my body is definitely letting me know how it feels, but I'm getting through it. 2: I technically did do a body weight work out every other day, but I cut the workout in half because I got tired. Grade: A/B-
  8. 4/9/16 I ran this morning! I woke up a little late, but I still made it to Waikiki within my time limit. I conked out pretty hard before having to do school stuff. I didn't get much done because my mentors decided to change the design of the project I'm working on, so I gave up for awhile and took a nap when I got home. I did get to celebrate my friend's birthday tonight, and I had such a great time. It was the first in a long time, and I felt like nothing could stop me. As this was happening, I've realized that relationships are not needed at this moment in my l
  9. 4/8/16 My stress levels are so high, I'm thankful I'm actually exercising because with all the running, it's the only thing keeping me from blowing up. I have eaten a salad and I have studied today so those two were taken care of. I worked on some bodyweight exercises, but I stopped mid way through my workout because I was ready to pass out. Still scared/ stressed about passing Calc 2. I'm mostly afraid it'll be a repeat of Calc 1 and that semi-traumatized me about failing at college and it's not fun. I'll see how the weekend goes and if I can get all my projects
  10. Ah geez lucky! In engineering, you're constantly doing group group projects. Even in my current job at a space company, I'm still doing group projects. If I could live the rest of my life with minimal group work, I would be perfectly fine. The good thing about this project though is that the guy who literally just sat in our meetings and never contributed, finally owned up to it and wants to opt out. He still wants to get paid, but my mentor said if he quits right now, he won't get paid. I'm a little biased because I've been trying to get him to contribute and all he does is complain so I'm no
  11. That watercolor is amazing!!! I wish I had the talent to do that with my journals Okay so I tried to draw Pinky and the Brain, but it was rushed and ugh...but I filled my quota for the day so it counts. I'm gonna try to start sketching places around my town and see if they come out good. As always feedback is appreciated!
  12. 4/7/16 I'm quite proud of myself today. Although I got up late again and left ten minutes past my normal time, I shaved five minutes off of my run! I was a little out of breath but I'm working on that. I'm happy I was able to push myself just a little bit harder this time. Granted, I did take a different route towards the end to see if it was faster, but it's about the same. I did get to study today and I drew a picture! However, NF thinks my small picture is still too big so once I figure out how to make it work, I'll post the drawings I've been working on.
  13. Thanks!! It is going pretty well. I'm trying to keep track of it in my daily log, but I think the hardest part so far is just waking up in the morning to go running. Thank you RIght now I'm practicing my free hand drawing. I really want to work on perspective drawing but I feel like if I get comfortable with free hand, I can practice my other skills.
  14. Yup I feel the same way with my current group project. Sometimes it just comes down to people being really stupid, or in my case, having too many people in one group project. I'm currently learning to deal with it but man it's a challenge. Alright so today I studied for a couple of hours. I'm a little nervous because I'm trying to go through all sections we covered for the final and I think I'm stressing myself out too much because I couldn't solve a few problems. It could also be that the final is in four weeks and it's not as long as it seems. I just want to pass my Calc
  15. I drew a squid!!..........or more like I attempted to draw a squid. Anyway I like squids a lot, and I have one tattooed on my shoulder/back. If I could, I would make the Krakken my pet. His name is Marvin and I think I did it justice However, I suck at shading. Ugh it's my worst quality that I need to work on but oh wells, in another challenge perhaps. Let me know what you think! feedback is always appreciated
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