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  1. I am curious about this program. Could you share a link or some information?
  2. Prepping for Competition- Back on the wagon...mostly

  3. skipping this challenge. I simply can't add monitoring a challenge in all this. going to use this as a touch point, and pop into accountability threads here and there.
  4. don't know the song. I'm glad you are back. I'd stay in too. its 21 here and its TOO cold... I can't even imagine living where it has a chance to be -4 brrrr
  5. random suggestion.... Quilting pens write in color, you can use them to put your number on your shirt. They wash out easily enough, so unless there are water hazards, this might be an option. Of course sharpie on the shirt... there forever.. might also be an idea. whatever you choose, you will do great on the race!
  6. I dropped out of sight for a while. Life has this way of taking over, and sucking all the fun out of it. I'm ok, gained 10lbs, but I'm still a size 14-16. The knee is in amazing shape. I was doing vertical jumps up onto 3 matts stacked one atop the other. without pain... amazing huh. I train at a 45 minute 5k (when I have time and good weather-cold and dreary running isn't my thing) I spent the bulk of December in bed or on the couch - sick. caught this nasty bug that sapped all my strength and ambition. the coughing until I puked thing was unattractive and downright painful. two courses of antibiotics, untold amounts of throat lozenges, and every home remedy anyone gave me that sounded reasonable and not likely to do me any harm were tried. Comfort food and my son now works at Panera and brings me home goodies... returned to me 10 of the hard fought pounds lost. Discouraging but not tragic. Primary care doc made me stop taking the weight loss supplements I was happy with. He and I disagreed that they were doing me harm, but since I pay him to keep me healthy and he had numbers from blood work as his foundation, I followed his directives. He went to medical school and has been doing this his whole adult life. I'll accept his opinion on the subject as more knowledgeable than mine. I spend every spare hour I have in the dojo. If I didn't have to be a responsible adult and work, I'd spend every day at the dojo. I'm really into the whole thing. I wish I had found this sooner in my life. I won two great big trophies at a tournament in Oct. that was awesome. I have another tournament at the end of Jan. I really need a down loader for videos... anyone have a quality (clean and spyware/malware/icky stuff not included) one they know??? So I got a couple minutes again during my day. My posts will be limited because I have to fit all the tasks that need doing into each day. Computer time is limited. Class resumes Friday. I have 6 more to finish my Masters. I am working on certs. Still not ready to take the tests. Oh met a guy... nice fellow. dated for a couple weeks. He got promoted and moved. why is it so hard to meet good men in my area? I'm still struggling with the alone part of life. It's better, I'm actually getting used to it. I still would like to have someone in my life, ya know. I'm here lurking... will get something together for the challenge thread later. Not sure what or when but something.
  7. the butterfly beads are beautiful. How ever did you learn to do this? You are very talented.
  8. hi yea been mired in reality... slipped off the wagon and got dragged for 10lbs. sadly back to over 200. I'm training hard and trying to muster up a thread for my challenge. Missed you too. Love the new thread and the bright smile in your photos. You are doing great things and being an inspiration.
  9. I'm MIA for a bit... ran out of hours in the day to accomplish things. Have to seriously scale back my online time. I'm fine, just buried under a mountain of reality. back soon...well as soon as I can anyway.
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