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  1. Just 5 years in the making... w00t!
  2. My photos disappeared somehow. Here they are...
  3. A few years back!? How about never! I still can't believe it!
  4. Haven't been here in the w00t room in ages, but today's WOD definitely merits a post... strung together 4 muscle ups on the rings in the first round of today's workout! Woohoo! https://goo.gl/photos/2BwiWtwdNow28EMs7
  5. OK, I won't say it.;-) Here are all my secrets... 1) Consistency. I'm 100% Paleo 100% of the time. I don't miss training days. 2) I train hard and push hard — but I rarely go more than 80-90% because it isn't worth risking an injury. 3) I'm a nerd and I'm part of The Rebellion. I read stuff and do it. I break all the conventional wisdom. 4) I stopped the "diet and exercise" cycle. That's for too skinny girls with eating disorders. Instead, I fuel and train. 5) I'm an athlete. I'm not a guy who works out or tries to keep in shape. The change in mentality changes my focus in training. 6) I'm
  6. Snatch PR today! 135#, a 10# PR, and >3/4 of my bodyweight.
  7. Rabbi

    Rabbi Doubles Down

    Just double that a few more times and you'll have it!
  8. Work hard! Blood, sweat, and tears produce results.
  9. Rabbi

    Rabbi Doubles Down

    I finally did my "outgoing test" today to finish this challenge. Got 35x DU unbroken! Not a PR, and I'm still inconsistent. :-( Scoring... Weekly Practice: 120/120 points Challenge Test: 70/100 points Total: 190/220 points = 86%, B OK, that's not bad. I'm used to being a straight A student, so I have to remind myself that a "B" is good even though it feels like a failure to me. Time to level up... I pick up 12 out of 15 points for this challenge... STRength 11 + 4 = 15 -- not only got my 5x95, even got 5x115! DEXterity 10 + 1 = 11 -- I improved my DU technique if not my max set; I can fe
  10. Rabbi

    Rabbi Doubles Down

    Well, I finished the week with another perfect 20/20 for effort, so I've got 120/120 points on that front. I have to test out and level up though...
  11. Updated... contributed another 15 pull-ups today. They were L-pull-ups, but it doesn't look like I get a bonus for those even though they're harder.
  12. Rabbi

    Rabbi Doubles Down

    Yes, I saw this last week. Every single thing that guy is doing wrong is a problem I have too. Also watched Carl Paoli's progressions on DU. At the end of the day, I just have poor coordination and no rhythm — it's part of why I was never good at sports. :gloomy: On the other hand, I remind myself... When I first learned to jump rope 20 years ago, I couldn't even do single-unders... Practice!!!
  13. Rabbi

    Rabbi Doubles Down

    Week 5, Thursday... struggled through 50 DU today. :-(
  14. I can help! Yesterday's WOD included 45 pull-ups, and today's included 48 burpees and 20 pull-ups. Go Rangers! Oh, many thanks to ShadowLion who called this challenge to my attention!
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