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  1. Hello all sorry for the terribly long delay, I need to get better about posting in this thing....ugh, such a failure lol anyway, I've been going to the gym more or less regularly, picking heavy things up at least twice a week, last week I actually managed to get my 5 workouts in a week badge on FitBit (also, if anyone would like to add me I am jeffdeghelder@sbcglobal.net) and I'm hoping to do it again this week As an aside I have managed to work in secondary muscles by doing 5 curls per arm, 10 overhead dumbell presses, and 5 romanian deadlift/shoulder shrugs every time I get up from my desk since I have to walk by the gym anyway :-p
  2. I would like to watch something whilst I cardio, alas if I do I become easily distracted and injure myself, such is the burden of being clumsy also, I'm impressed with your stairs, I feel like I'm dying after one flight.....which takes like...10 seconds....
  3. I would first suggest someplace quiet Also, how are things? still sick I see, here's hoping you feel better! Best wishes!
  4. off, sorry for the long delay lol, busy busy, new projects at work and what not Hello and welcome! stronglifts are going ok, we use a regular old barbell, but we also do all 5 every workout, I'm not sure how ideal that is, but I feel good so I'm not going to worry too much about it :-p in all honesty I must confess the tortilla is not actually my favorite part of a breakfast taco, so I'm not sure it's something I can actually brag about lol I've recieved a FitBit Charge HR for valentine's day and am monitoring my calories a little bit and get a better idea of how many I burn in a day. Other than that lifting is great, I love it, just need to be getting strong, I will post an update before too long as I hit the weights tomorrow morning, I'll be sure to fill y'all in!
  5. Colds do suck, you shouldn't push yourself with them, tends to make them longer :-p you just focus on recovery and get back on the wagon when you feel better
  6. Today I successfully resisted the call of breakfast tacos....mostly. you see, I didn't eat breakfast and upon arriving at work I find a stach of breakfast tacos, I must have them so I did the only sensible thing for a young middle age approximate man to do and carefully removed the tortilla eating only the egg cheese and bacon within, all things considered I'd call that a win lol
  7. I'm not gonna lie, chips ahoy are delicious! my evil daughter bought a box of thin mints that's sitting in my freezer taunting me like some sort siren
  8. 5 law school classes and manual deconstipator? I'm pretty sure that being able to handle shit that well (tee hee) qualifies you for any job in the modern industrialized world
  9. I used to be on this site, way back in the day (like, in the 6 week challenges day, HA!) but I fell off the wagon (and got fat, well, fatter) recently signed up for a gym membership with a friend who also wants to get in shape, and it's GREAT! so I guess I should set some goals here huh? GOAL 1: Weight lift, 3 times a week Since I have my spotter we go heavy 3 times a week, basically all 5 of the Strong Lifts at once GOAL 2: Get some cardio in at least 2 days a week I could do the bike in the morning, or go running after work, doesn't really matter, I need to get some cardio in, I get winded on one flight of stairs GOAL 3: Stay Keto I have been Keto on and off for the past month or so, I've done it in the past and it really works for me since I have insulin issues anyway (not diabetic....yet) so I need to stay on that path for at least the next month LIFE GOAL: Make solid progress on the new project My work just started a new project to incorporate a 3rd party to handle all of our CC and payment information (so we can be compliant and lose all liability) I need to actually get in at least 3 good hours of work on that and close at least one task every 2-3 days I might update later with pictures, but who knows, in any event let's do this!
  10. Let her burn let her burn can't see her skin anymore Let her burn let her burn turn away and laugh some more I don't care what she has to say Let the flames rage on the screams never bothered me anyway I'm a monster, I admit, but once I got "let her burn" stuck in my head I couldn't not go all the way, if I wasn't at work I might have done the whole song lol, and who knows, maybe it'll bring a smile to your face and calm you down :-p
  11. so I have done my part so far, sorry for the long delay, I'm working in legacy code...so yea. I have lifted weights 3x this week, my squaat is up to 100, my oh is 95, my bench is 95, my row is 95, and my dead is 125, respectable for a sotware engineer I think, should be noted these are all 3x8 my diet is ok, when I eat to much I simply compensate later, I think I'm getting the hang of not eating like a fatty fat fatty, so progress there as for running, I've been 2x this week, and have made it up to 5 minutes walk, 6 minute run, 5 minute walk, which is a 16 minute mile, on sunday I will try for 6 and a half minute run, normally I'd do it saturday, but I'm going to be out of town for a baby shower and can't bring myself to excercise someplace as openly public as a hotel gym....the anxiety I am now off to stalk threads like a good little rebel
  12. Afternoon :-p I went for a run, well, a 5 minute walk, a 5 minute run, and then a 6 ish minute walk to finish the hour, I also hit the gym yesterday, got my OH in good so I can start upping that again on friday I am eating nothing but bacon (3 slices) eggs(3) and chicken (2 small breasts) so far today, I don't know what dinner will bring, we will, see, yestaerday I had a protein shake and some fruit snacks, then a salad for dinner, shredded poached chicken, given a quick pan fry with hot sauce, and 2 tbsp of bleu cheese dressing on top, that's healthy enough for jeff, he'll take it running today will be the same as saturday, I hope I can make it, thursday will be 6 minutes, and then another probably friday morning as I will be out of town this weekend I shall return with updates!
  13. ugh, sorry, work, you know I have been a better me, I think! I've already done two weight sessions and I'm about to head for a third, I also have not been eating terribly MORBO DEMANDS DETAILS~!!!: Monday: weights Squat 3x8 @ 85 lbs Bench 3x8 @ 85 lbs Row 3x8 @ 85 lbs I'm not quite certain what I ate actually...I'm 75% certain tacos were involved though....home made of course, and I only ate 2, so, you know, it wasn't 10.... Teusday: nothing I ate some fettucini I made with alfredo sauce, I tossed in some shrimp I sauteed in butter, drained, and then sauteed with some stewed tomatoes...delicious, and I only ate a small bowl, so I don't think I should be embarrased, I ate a salad for lunch Wed: WEIGHTS! Squat: 3x8 @ 90 lbs OH 3x8 @ 90 lbs, failed last rep though, I'll have to repeat that weight Dead 1x8 @ 120 lbs lunch was a salad, dinner was Pork roast, carrots and a red potatoe, slow cookers are the best Thurs: nothing Lunch was a burrito bowl, it's only 600 calories!! Dinner was fish and brocolli. pretty tasty today I am not eating lunch, I'm not hungry Now to the gym!! Ima get all hulk-y oh, breakfast is, as always: 8 oz almond milk 8oz orange juice 8 oz assoreted fruit I make these for me and my wife every morning because blenders are the shit another post soon, I promise!!
  14. Well, I mean, yea that's just obivous That's a pretty high price...but I'm sure you can do it! I too know the suffering of bad habits, I often don't realize I am eating...until I am done eating....I need to work on that You're doing great, keep it up!
  15. we should make this into a song... also, relevant Homer image: And a fry meme: sweet job!
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