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  1. Man! I am sure missing the Chels-inator! Hope all is going well in your adventures in the desert! :)

  2. Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA for so long! I have no excuse for not letting you all know that I'm fine and still working out. I just got bored with the challenge and tired of logging my workouts in three different places, as well as keeping track of doing certain things every day. That said, I've been more active now that I'm not spending as much time on the computer every day. Been doing a lot of Crossfit, trail running, road running, some yoga, and of course walking the dogs and volunteering. I've got a bit of a hamstring injury at the moment, but I'm seeing a doctor about it and have an MRI
  3. Hey, I'm finally checking in again. It looks like you're doing really well! Nice job on the plank and handstand.
  4. Woo, nice workout! I hope you have an awesome time for your anniversary.
  5. Wow, you are making such great progress! Seems like I've been gone longer than a week and a half. Your lifts are looking awesome.
  6. Oh, you're starting Crossfit?? Exciting! And what is up with that sweet NF glass? I want.
  7. Conqueration is a fantabulous word. Sorry for being gone for so long. I've missed checking up on you! Anyway, I know what you mean about feeling sucky compared to others. There are so many girls at my Crossfit who can lift waaaay more than me, and it's hard not to compare myself. Obviously, you've got all the intellectual bits in place, so hopefully if you keep thinking logical thoughts and sticking with your program things will work out. What am I saying? You're awesome! You will conquer.
  8. Hey, I'm finally checking in on your thread! Sorry about missing so much, but it looks like you're low on vitamin D? Have you tried adding more mushrooms to your diet? Those have lots of D.
  9. Hey, I'm finally checking in, and it looks like you're doing really well! Awesome job on the freestanding handstand.
  10. Just popping in for a sec. The trail run last night was great! The first half - the uphill part - was really tough, but after that it was just a nice cruise to the end. My right calf is still a little tender, but not too bad. Rest day today. Cleaned the house like whoa because my mom is coming in tonight. I'll be heading to the airport in a bit to pick her up. I hope you guys all have a great week! Even though I haven't been able to keep up, I'm wishing you luck on all your challenges. You guys are awesome. <3 +++ I've only been scaled up two or three times - just with things involving abs
  11. Monday, May 7 Warmup 400m run 2 x (20 banded good mornings, 15 banded side steps, 5 banded scarecrows, 5 supermans) inch worm w/ pushups samson stretch Back squat 3x5 @ 70% of 2rm 5x35 5x55 5x75 5x95 5x95 5x95 These felt pretty easy. Apparently I squat REALLY deeply, so the coaches were saying I should try squatting over a medicine ball when we do heavier lifts. The depth of mobility is good to have, but for things like heavy back squats it can compromise the spine and make it much harder to get up out of the bottom. Vaughn, one of the coaches, said he wants to video tape me to show me how dee
  12. Friday, May 4 Warmup 200m run forward, 200m run backward 2 x (20 banded good mornings, 15 banded side steps, 5 banded scarecrows, 10 hollow rocks, 10 bar kip swings) plyos WOD Max Rounds in 3:00 of: *Rounds 1, 3, and 5: 5 Thrusters (60# for me) 7 Pull-ups Wall-and-Back Sprints **Rounds 2 and 4: 25 HR Push-ups 25 In and Outs (15#) Max Double Unders in remaining time (I did single skips) ***Rest for 1:00 b/w rounds. This was tough! For round 1 I got 2 full cycles plus 4 thrusters. Round 2 = 51 single skips. Round 3 = 2 full cycles. Round 4 = only 6 single skips! Round 5 = 2 full cycles. Cool dow
  13. Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA! I'm dying to catch up on all your threads and blogs. Just been busy with non-internet stuff: volunteering at Vegas Veg events, hanging out with Nick, hiking, and getting ready for my mom to visit. She'll be flying in late tomorrow night and staying for a week, so I don't imagine I'll have too much time to post then, either. Talk about NF withdrawal! Anyway, thanks for all your love (hugs and kisses all around), and here comes an update bomb. +++ Yeah, sheets are easier to clean than the couches, so I just leave sheets over them and wash the former about once a w
  14. 'Tis true. :> +++ Meditated. One positive thing about my day: I walked the dogs over to Starbucks and sat outside with them for a couple hours while I read National Geographic. Practiced firefly, though I realized I forgot to do so yesterday! D: Had some chocolate chips in the banana "ice cream" I made for dessert. So that was my one allowed "sweet." I'll post my workout tomorrow, since I'm heading to bed soon.
  15. Damn, nice squat workout! I'm glad you posted the link to this on your blog so now I can follow you here.
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