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  1. Did 4 crossfit classes this week, my diet was better but not good. Didn't run again this week so that was bad. Lost 6 lbs total so I missed my goal of 10 but its progress. On to the next challenge! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The last week has been pretty crazy with home issues. My diet was bad, at out pretty much all week and I did not run any. I did manage to get in 4 crossfit classes, so the week was not a complete bust. I've gotten the home issues calmed down and I'm off work until after the new year so I hope to finish up my first challenge with a strong week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Have been slack on posting the last couple days. I lifted Tuesday night. Squat 275x5x5 Overhead Press 135x2x5 135x1x4 135x2x3 Deadlift 275x1x2 The ohp failures were expected as I really struggled with 130. The deadlift failure came out of the blue and was very frustrating. Wednesday night I did a 3 mile run with 20 sec sprint intervals at the end. Trying to build up my distance and run a 10k my bday weekend. Lifted again this morning. Squat 280x5x5 Bench press 210x3x5 210x2x4 Row 180x5x5 Diet has been a lot better this week than last which is too be expected. Taking my first Crossfit class on Monday so I'm excited about trying that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Did a spin class yesterday morning and ran 4 miles last night. Lifting after work today.
  5. Ran 3 miles Friday afternoon, 2 miles yesterday, and lifted today. Energy level was really low after a long depressing night(rivalry week sucks when you lose). Toughed it out and felt better. Squat 270x5x5 Bench 210x3x5 210x2x3 Row 175x5x5
  6. Lifted today and actually completed everything for the first time in what feels like forever! Squat 265x5x5 Overhead Press 130x5x5 Deadlift 265x1x5 Heading out to finally watch the new Thor movie and going for a run later this afternoon.
  7. Ran my 5k last night in 37:06, which was faster than my previous best in a race. Lifted today and did Squats 295x3x5 felt my form breaking down on the third rep of my first set so I stopped and just did sets of 3 reps with good form. Deloading next time, will focus really hard on maintaing good form. Bench 205x5x5 Row 170x5x5
  8. Yesterday I did a spin class in the morning and did 40 mins of yoga last night. Didn't lift this morning bc I was planning on running a 5k tonight. Woke up and the weather was crap and I ate crap at lunch thinking there would be no way I'd be running tonight and guess what? The weather got better and I'm getting ready to run. Whoops! Gotta do better with that.
  9. Lifted this morning, stronglifts 5x5. Had failures for the 3rd session in a row. The squat racks were all in use so I went out of order. Overhead Press 130x4x5 130x1x4 (if I fail on Friday I will have to deload.) Squat 295x3x5 295x1x4 295x1x3 (made it a little further before failure this time. If I fail next workout I will have to deload.) Deadlift 205x1x5 255x1x5 Really felt it after lifting, but the failures are frustrating. Ran this evening and did 3.02 miles in 34:52. Felt really good afterward, could've possible gone farther or faster. Will find out Tuesday night on my 5k thru the Christmas lights at a local park. Overall a good start to my week.
  10. Weighed in this morning and I'm 1.2 lbs down. Total loss of 2.9 in two weeks. A little behind pace to get 10 in the 6 week challenge, but glad to be making progress.
  11. Thanks! Changed the route I run last night and added a lot more hills. Did 1.4 miles in 16:53. Since it was my first time I didn't really know the distance it would take me before I started. Will adjust it to add more distance next time. Lifted this morning and the workout was filled with fail. Only got 2 full sets of 5 reps of squats and 3 on bench. Frustrating, but it happens. Squats 295x2x5 295x1x4 295x2x3 Bench 205x3x5 205x1x3 205x1x4 Row 165x5x5
  12. Jogged 2.5 miles in 29:13 last night. Did a spin class this morning. Jogging again tonight.
  13. Tuesday morning workout (Stronglifts 5x5) Squat 290x5x5 Overhead Press 130x4x5, 130x3x1 finally failed on my ohp. Felt this coming for a while surprised I made it this far. Deadlift 245x1x5 Going for a run after work.
  14. Last few days have been a struggle. Went out of town with the wife to visit a friend of hers and ended up missing my Sunday workout. Went to spin this morning but didn't go run bc we had to run the errands we didn't do this weekend today. Back at it tomorrow trying to do better.
  15. Yesterday afternoon did the 6 pm spin class at my gym. Weekly weigh in this morning I was down 1.7 lbs so I guess I'm on my way to my goal for this 6 week challenge. Gonna get a run in this afternoon if its not too cold.
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