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  1. My updates have been very sporadic lately, and I haven't been keeping good track at home either, but his week has been great food wise. I caved and ate french fries both today and yesterday...but I was stranded at an arena after my exams and before work and had no options but the cafe. Naturally they had no healthy foods...well I didn't dress them at all and got the smallest size, so not too disappointed. My options were very limited. I didn't work out except Tues. and Today, however I wrote two exams this week I felt went great (yipee) and had a pretty intense dancing session yesterday:) Feeling okay overall! How are you guys?
  2. It's been awhile... Well, a quick catch-up. Beginning of last week was phenomenal, A+. Worked out everyday, ate perfect. And then on Thursday I missed a work out..and on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now today. My excuses, as far as they've been are good. I'm in exams, school is hell and was travelling all weekend, but I just feel like shit. I wish I did SOMETHING. And, just to top it off, my diet has been shit since last Friday too. Well, today was alright, but I was travelling this weekend for a family Christmas party...and well it wasn't I messed up, I didn't even try. I feel like I just kinda gave in and said fuck it...now I have huge regrets. I'm just so stressed because of school and everything and Bahamas is coming up sooner than I can even imagine and just urgh. I just want to be happy. Honestly, that's all, I wanna be happy and I'm just so frustrated. I just want to time travel to like Wednesday where I'll be done one stupid exam and will have two days of working out and clean eating under my belt... I'm proud of myself...because I got back into my workout regiment and know I can keep at it for a long time now that I've started, I'm just upset I screwed up ERGH.
  3. I could see how OA meetings could be like that at the start, but everything is a little bit scary when you first do it. I still feel very awkward and uncertain about NerdFitness! Once you get used to it, that's when you realize how awesome it is. You seemed to have already fought past the hardest part. It's so great you went again even if it was awkward and scary, especially since it's positively influencing your life! I hope you find they will continue to benefit you! Keep up the good work SammyShark .
  4. Oh, well an even bigger congrats for the OA meetings attendance, that's a huge step and I'm super proud of you:) And a MASSIVE high five for your thanksgiving, good job SammyShark! Way to go girl! Keep it up:)
  5. Has not been the best week, fitness wise alright but food wise...it was a trek through Mordred to put it modestly. I'd blame the fact my older sister came back for a couple days (yay!) loaded with tonnes of beautiful gingerbread men house creations and After Eight goodies, but realistically she was not making me eat anything, it was me. Honestly, how can you resist nibbling on some candies when decorating a ginger bread man house? I salute anyone who can. This was just a light turned on to make me realize my will-power kinda sucks when it comes to goodies (I frigging love sweets like I love sleep). Anyone else here feel powerless when it comes to being face-to-face with the enemy? Let me know suggestions and/or stories:) Hope everyone in the US is having a good Thanksgiving weekend:) Cheers, thecucumberqueen
  6. Back today badder than ever! Well, maybe not bad but I feel great. Almost all of my symptoms are gone:) I took it a little easy on the workout, but still feel all noodle-ly in my arms which is always a good sign. Tested out a chin-up today, I got/held it with my chin at the bar for a few seconds, and while I really owe it to my jump into it, it's definite improvement from my attempt last week (don't even ask). It's crazy how fast you can notice differences! Feeling good about this week. I'm thinking of snowshoeing tomorrow, my city's expecting 25 Cm of snow tonight! Woo!
  7. I was actually thinking about this...you read my mind! Jedi mind-trick? In all seriousness, thanks. I was thinking how I'd like to do it, and I think I will take a few pictures, and the pants idea is a genius plan. It's something I will notice anyways, but now it has a purpose aha:) I accidentally took a peek at the scale yesterday in my illness boredom, so while I refuse to step on again until the end of the six weeks, I can have a general idea with that as well. Thanks again:)
  8. Thanks, I'm following your advice, I'll just rotate today with my rest day ! (:
  9. You are doing phenomenal! And don't worry about that one pound gain sometime during the week, weight fluctuations are completely normal. Eating a bit more salt the day before a weigh in than normal will result in 'weight gain' as your body will be carrying more water than normal! You are superb. Look back to you first post, read your motivations and thoughts to try and help reimburse it:) And I'm so glad you got to an OA meeting. Maybe I'm going to sound like an idiot, but what exactly is an OA meeting? Aha, I hope you had a god day today. And as for the run, a break day never hurt nobody, don't beat yourself up over it. Just try and learn from it! P.S.: great planning for thanksgiving! hope it went well!
  10. Hey! What's your guys opinion on working out and sickness? During the weekend I had a minor head cold and worked through it, but today it seemed to have moved a bit to my chest and all around seemed to get a bit worse. I feel terrible missing a day of working out (which is a really good sign I think!), but I was sent home from work in the morning still and slept straight through until 3 PM. It's a strength day, so I think I can probably go through without dying or anything, but I'd hate to make it worse. So what do you guys usually do when it comes to sickness and working out? Thx!
  11. Hey! Yesterday morning one week ago exactly I made my official start! I've completed 3X cardio (one night elliptical, one night circuit with jump rope and one day run outside!). 3X strength was also accomplished! (DrunkenSnake420's suggestion (loved it!), The beginner program from NF itself and a third I threw together myself to try and help work up to a chin up:)). Diet wise, I say I deserved an A+ until the weekend came. I didn't go to far off track, but I might have fallen into a couple of temptations I probably should have tried to avoid. Hopefully I'll learn from it and use it to my advantage for next weekend! Overall, I feel pretty good about it. 1 week down, 5 to go:) Hope anyone reading this had a good week as well!
  12. Wow thanks for the feedback guys! Today is my official starting date, I'm feeling uber-psyched! I definitely agree, adults can be just as mean as kids and youth, maybe even worse. I woke up today positive and ready to take on the day. I marked down for cardio, which I typically do with abs. Hopefully it won't be too dark by the time I get home so I can head out for a run (live in the country, no streetlamps, dirt roads, forests, lion and tigers and bears- oh my!). If not I'll go on my elliptical. My quest has officially begun!
  13. Wow, thanks! Your response is much appreciated:) That set looks great, I'll definitely be trying that out sometime!
  14. Congrats on that first forty, that's phenomenal progress! Keep up the good work, you can do this!
  15. Going to the gym can be scary. The best advice I can say is find a small gym your comfortable in (an all-women gym is always good!) Also, try and tune out. Put in your tunes and ignore your surroundings, just focus on yourself. You are there for a workout, not to look good! Get in there, do the dirty work and get out before the lions get you;) Best of luck! I hope your gym experience goes well, the first few times will be the hardest, but then it will be like a second home:) Let us know how it goes!
  16. Main Quest To feel confident and happy in a bikini! Missions 1) Do strength training 3 times a week. 2) Do cardio 3 times a week. 3) At the end of these six weeks to be able to do a chin-up (Never once in my life have I been able to! Has been a goal for years). Life Quest Get a second course above eighty percent. Motivation I've struggled with self image my entire life. After falling to an eating disorder and beating it, nearly a year later my weight has risen again and because of it my happiness suffered. Looking to my Christmas vacation in absolute fear at the prospect of going to the Bahamas and having to wear a bikini, I've decided to take control of myself again. I'm not going to weigh myself or even take measurements, I'm going to measure my success on how I see myself and that alone. Hopefully by the end I'll have found my own hero inside of me Side-Note: I realize I've started a little late, but I won't let that slow me! I'm planning on extending the challenge a week, and officially starting on the eighteenth (however I'll begin now). Also, aside from a P90X video I followed a while back, I've never done strength training. If any veterans around have any tips, workout ideas, places to find workouts or your favorite moves let me know! I appreciate any/all advice! Since I already own the DVD's as well does anyone have any input on if following their free weight videos is okay or should I try and find other resources for them? Can't wait to hear from you! Cheers!
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