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  1. I just decided I want to try to learn to handstand. I'm planning on following http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/10/24/how-to-handstand-better-than-luke-skywalker/but I've already run into a bit of a problem. How do I keep my feet on the wall? My first attempt at starting I just put my feet on the bed (which is probably a bit too high for me to start with, but it worked well enough). But then I tried to actually do the wall thing, and I couldn't get my feet to stay in place at the height I've chosen (or any height at all). I suspect once I get high enough to really transfer a lot of t
  2. Gah. I finally caught that flu (or another one) going around and was out of commission all of last week. Missed work, not to mention all the running and whatnot. Finally started running again with a shorter, unrestricted run on Sunday, which was almost too much to handle due to some very hilly terrain. Did my first training run since the 22nd today and it went pretty well though. Hard to believe this challenge is almost over. The running part has been going well, overall. And I still have plenty of time to improve before the 5k at the end of April. Wish I felt that optimistic about any
  3. Thank you. I've never been very good at relaxing or self soothing. Those are very hard skills to learn, especially under stress. I have no roadmap for those. My living situation has changed dramatically and I'm still not used to it, not sure it's what I want, and have no real space of my own to feel at home in. I can't remember if or where I said it before, so in case it's not clear: I moved out because I was dumped, and the end to a relationship is a really hard thing to cope with. I do see a therapist regularly, which gives me a place to breakdown and cry in a way that is limited. It fee
  4. Oh god I wish. They're terrible. I'm cramming them full of every activity I can find and trying to run away from my feelings. It's not working. It's not working at all. I'm trying really really hard to reinvent myself right now because I'm hella depressed over my ex and getting dumped. I haven't been able to relax in a long time.
  5. I was going to go to the gym today and lift stuff, since I haven't done so hardly at all since I started running, but I was feeling too down. I went home early instead. So stressed out right now : (
  6. I did the same training run as Sunday, but it was under 3k today. I'm not sure why it's that big of a difference, though I did walk more of it. My hip was hurting (I think the knee raise things were causing problems, but I'm not sure). I was also super tired today, even though I thought I slept ok. I managed to take the bus, but instead of writing I just slept. Thinking I'm getting enough sleep is not the same as actually getting enough sleep. I don't think that particular water drinking tactic would work too well for me. I would have to chug water and I hate that (unless I am thirsty and it
  7. Hehe. Thanks for the suggestion, but I love breakfast food! (And actually, am pretty biased against leftovers. Just have never cared for them). I've been pretty busy this week, but have been keeping up with my runs. My sinus is getting worse, but not by a lot, and no other signs of illness (fever, coughing, etc) so far! Today I took a leap of faith an ran outside. Not sure it was a good idea, it was a bit too cold, and it was a new training exercise instead of a repeat of one I was familiar with. Overall it went ok though. I used my gps for the first time and went almost 4k! A great deal
  8. Hehe. That sounds pretty awesome. It's still way too snowy and cold and icy and DRY COLD AIR OF DOOM, so no way am I running outside until it warms up. I would die in so many ways, I'd prefer the zombies get me I figured out where and how to do the track at the local rec center, so I have this weekend covered (which is neat!). On the down side, I'm pretty certain what I have is the flu. Still just dealing with sniffles and stuff, but that's how it started for my friends and they got much worse (and are still not better), because the flu this year is terrible. So I'm expecting to have at
  9. I just started training for a 5k for this challenge. I'm using the Zombies! 5k app, so I don't have to plan any runs myself. What it doesn't give me much guidance on is stretching. Does anyone have a good, simple, short list of must-do stretches for after a run? Right now I'm just sort of vaguely stretching out my legs in half-remembered things from who-knows-where. I need things that are simple to understand and simple to execute, so that I don't get too overwhelmed.
  10. Me too! So far it's just the sniffles, but my friends are really sick (flu, I think) and I probably caught what they have. Will just have to sleep as best I can, drink as much water as I can, and hope for the best (pretty much my challenge in a nutshell anyway). Today was my day off running, looking forward to it tomorrow although my schedule is going to be kind of tight, since I have other activities in the evening too. I woke up before my alarm this morning, but not by too much (need that rest to fight off cold/flu/zombies) so I just got up and got going. I was also pretty happy with m
  11. Made my runs on Thurs and again today, so that's going well. Smaller bra was an improvement, but not sure if I'll need more since the training just has really short drills (run 15 sec, walk 1 min, x 10). Feeling ok about that overall. Also added in some mild weight work afterwards today, which is good at least to remind my body how to do those things. I did squats today and my shoulders were tighter than they had been, so I'll have to put some effort into making sure those stay limber to keep what gains I had. Sleep: I seem to be trending to bed around 11:30 instead of 11 (except to night, b
  12. Insert jealousy here! I wish it was that easy. I have an absolute hell of a time finding clothing that works for me. I have skin sensitivities and some weird unidentified allergy, so finding clothing that fits my weird shaped spots and doesn't mess up my skin is seriously one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. And it's not something you get to do once and stop. That makes it a huge stressor on top of being really necessary right now (though I think I have enough to get by for my goals, my life in general requires clothing options I haven't been able to find which are hard to shop for
  13. I also might need to look into better bras. Mine was not entirely helpful for running. I think I have a few that fit tighter, so I'll try those first. Due to allergies, finding bras is a nightmare, so hopefully it won't come to that.
  14. My planning skills: negative 1 My ability to LOOK like I have planning skills: 3 LOL In other news: HELP! My zombie app is flaky! I did the first run today (hooray) but the timing bugged out and played a bunch of the messages all at once instead of spaced out correctly. Anyone else run (lol pun) across this issue? I haven't had a chance to search the interwebs for info (will probably do so tomorrow at work). It made a section of the run 15 seconds then walk 1 minute go really really NOT according to plan. In more related to goals news: BEHIND ON WATER. Bad. Did not drink enough today
  15. I'm not even sure I don't remember where I left off in season 1 (it was over a year ago), so once I finish the 5k app I'll probably start the story over but running instead of walking. I haven't started the 5k one yet - plan on starting tomorrow though!
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