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  1. didnt come here for a while. but thanks aoena for this advice
  2. well, that was a weird day... started out fine, did my new routine even if i did it upside down, felt great. Ate my oatmeal, but felt weak at lunch, where i ate a super big salad with salmon. And chicken with fries at diner. Still hungry, probably having weird sugar high/lows so eating a bagel hoping the carbs are what i am craving. It was the first day back to work after 2 weeks vacation, so a bit tired as well. Probably why i felt week also. Or PMS. Or both. Whatever! Then... well, a friend died. I learned about it today, she died yesterday. She was my mod
  3. following you ! you can do it ! I don't remember what work you do, but working with covid patients must be super stressfull. Don't forget yourself in all of this sending hugs
  4. Hey Teros ! Glad to see you are still on NF. I am back again, this time for good i hope. NF was the best thing happening to me before having my second child. Time to get back into good habits with this awesome comunity. Will follow your progress again this time aroung. Keep the good vibes !
  5. Edigo

    Heidi: Am I? Write!

    Love that you are on a spiritual revelation journey. And bread. I feel i am in a similar journey.
  6. Hi guys! It has been a while, but this NF thing really worked for me in the past. As this is my birthday month, there is no better timing than now! So having already on mind what it wanted as goals this time around, I decided to use my Ouitch oracle cards to see what I needed in the upcoming month. I did a 3 card layout. Here is what I got: 1) First card represents current energy and the present. Yule: rebirth, resolutions. What do I need? 2) Second card is the subconscious, desires, what needs to be healed, the past. Uranus: eccentricity, differenc
  7. Hi guys! Back in the NF game after years of being away. Because, it is time! And i have goals i want to reach, and getting back on track to good habits was really working with you guys. topic posted :
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! Your in druids now dark_raider?
  9. Hi! I've used nerd fitness a few years ago to improve my health and habits. I'm back for a fresh start in this new year. Thus tine as a druid as i want to do more yoga and meditation and self reflexion. See ya!
  10. Me me! I'm in. It's actually my main challenge goal this tome around. Letskeep each other motivated! I really want to add yoga to my daily life, i know it's exactly what i need fod my spirit and body.
  11. I guess i could go in a guild But i want to re-start slow and i feel this is the right spot for january. The baby is 4 years old now! Crazy!!!! Thanks for asking! Did you go by abother user name before?
  12. Hi guys! So....a few years back i did this. It worked really well for me, but i fell down the train. This months goal: 1) follow the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne: dedicate 2) empty my dispill every week (i have cystic fibrosis and often forget my pills, not good) 3) eat breakfast every morning I tend to only take a coffee but that's not enough 4) brush my teeth and floss every night, adding my treatment the dentist gave me for me enamel as well Side quest: - read : parental burnout - finish
  13. A few years passed since i logged in. But i remember how NF and the community helped me achieve previous goals. 2019 brings a lot of cool new things, like a new house, new opportunity at work and new friends. So why not get nack in the wagon and achieve small goals! Here we go! Woot woot
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