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  1. Did you officially get the job? Cool challenge.
  2. Arriving at long last after a very long hiatus, i go find an elder tree that calls to me and sit at it's roots, my back to it, softly letting my hands touch it's roots. Takingin the view, sounds, wind, sun rays and peace of this place. It feels like home. Oh how i missed this without even realizing! This shall be great! I wonder who is here today.
  3. Hey Teros! So cool you are still here. You are the steady pillar always there ehen i come back.
  4. After years away from this place, i am back. This used to work so well for me years ago, i feel like it will again this time. I have a lot going on... New job since january. That i adore! And now we are missing some staff so it's a bit hard and stressfull. Time management is important and it's not my strenght. I just finished my 5 year cegep classes last week in building mechanics. Still waiting for my last exam grade to celebrate. Graduation ceremony is may 21st. I want to steadily build my doterra business. Very slowly, but consistently. As a side huslte, to gain more leadership. The goal is not to replace my job sonce i love it. Just to build something i love that uses other strenghts i have. I have 2 boys, 12&7 and an awesome partner i don't want to neglect. And this week i am starting an online 200h yoga teacher training until august. This has been a dream of mine for years. And it will take a lot more time and commitment than i initially expected. But i am all in. So, balancing all that, with my level of energy and my chronic illness (cystic fibrosis) is the current challenge. My main quest: - do all my treatments daily in the morning - sleep enough (~8h) - move a little every day: yoga for YTT in the morning; walk during lunch - meditate daily to unwind and destress (being mindfull, do some cardiac coherence breath between quotes at work, mindfull knitting a project at night) - date night weekly, quality couple time - spend quality time daily with the kids, 100% present. Doesn't have to be long. Side quests : - ytt: do all required reading, practices and study for the week - make lunches, no take out - 2 contacts/follow ups a day with doterra, caring for existing clients
  5. so, let's try this again. Nerd fitness was one of the fist way i got in a better health a few years back. Now the kids are 11 and 6, i have way too money for my project and energy, so the best way to achive it all is to get healthier as a priority. Why ? 'cause being stopped by cystic fibrosis in the middle of projects sucks, letting go of things and grieving is annoying, and i prefer having a balanced lifestyle that allows me to do some of everything i love. I want to build my doterra business, knit more, enjoy life with the kids, be there to support my boyfriend in his new work opportunity. Why 2? Cause being tired at the end of the day every day is getting a bit old now, time to change this Why 3 ? i want to have enough energy myself so i can nurture my relashionships, espacially my kids and boyfrind (and with myself. Empty cup is not good, gotta fill mine too.) why 4? because i feel my new 40h job might be too much, i was working from home for 30h a week for a year and so i find this pretty hard. before changing work, i want to see if lifestyle improvements will help. Fingers crossed So, for july, here are the goals : om-mov-nom-z OM ; - meditate 5 min every morning on the workweek, with my friend Isa while we call eachother, using premade meditations we read to eachother or me pulling a card of the day with tarot or oracle. - bonus: write a new meditation for july myself MOV: - spine and leg stretch every morning, about 15 minutes as soon as i get out of bed (make sure my yoga mat is always free of clothes and unrolled to help this) - yoga with adrienne before bed, 12 times this month (june was 6 times, so aiming to double that this time) NOM: - Eat breakefast (overnight oats) every work week - Bring a big salad lunch at work - Bring snacks to have less sugar highs and lows in the afternoon - Take my LLV doterra supplements twice a day (breakefast and lunch) - Make sur to take all my pills and vitamines every meal Z: - i am finally waking at 5, so i have time to stretch, do my treatments and meditade before everyone wakes. - now, lets get 7-8 hours of sleep at night, which means going to bed at 9 pm on work days. - yoga nidra for 10 min to ease into sleep - serenity doterra supplement to help sleep better I think this will bring the best return on time investment, and lay a stable foundation on which i will be able to built on. Let's go!! woot woot ps : doterra goals (note to self) - i was director last month - qualify for the silver club by reaching executive rank, ideally elite - do the re-lance training everyday and journal
  6. didnt come here for a while. but thanks aoena for this advice
  7. well, that was a weird day... started out fine, did my new routine even if i did it upside down, felt great. Ate my oatmeal, but felt weak at lunch, where i ate a super big salad with salmon. And chicken with fries at diner. Still hungry, probably having weird sugar high/lows so eating a bagel hoping the carbs are what i am craving. It was the first day back to work after 2 weeks vacation, so a bit tired as well. Probably why i felt week also. Or PMS. Or both. Whatever! Then... well, a friend died. I learned about it today, she died yesterday. She was my model, same illness as me (cystic fibrosis), crazy cool funny attitude, resilient as fuck, mother of two teenage boys. About same age as me, and i wanted to be like her when i grow up. She was hospitalised, like we regularly are, except this time she waited because of covid, not wanting to catch it, so thenshe needed a small routine surgery. And it didn't go well...so she was in an induced coma for the last 2 weeks, unable to breathe by herself, too fragile now to be able to consider a lung & heart transpland. Docs said they did everything they could, and that all was left was for her body to heal by itself. Sadly, i honestly had low hope for it to happen. I mean, this shit is a degenerative illness, it never gets better in the long run, and she had already lost most of her health even though she made the most of it. So rest in peace my dear friend, enjoy this newfound fresh air in full lungs, and watch over us please. You did good in this world. And strangely, yesterday, about the same time she died, probably, when i think about it, i had this thought, that my birthday is next week, i'll turn 38. When i was born, I was expected to maybe reach adulthood, if i was lucky. This used to be an infantile illness. And I am in the lucky generation of CF that got to have kids, with a median survival age estimated at 50 now, still going up. So i have, at the moment, maybe 10-15 years at least in front of me. Feeling grateful that i can still enjoy a good quality of life. That i can still make projects for my future and challenges for my now like NF. So ... mixed feelings today. Sad of course, somewhat discouraged. Pissed against this stupid ilness. Gratefull. Butt kicked. And, a bit flabergasted, how routine can sneek up on me and make me forget all this, to enjoy that i am alive, my kids, the small things. And all of everything. How we can easily focus on our stupid ego and stuff that is not really important when we look a bit deeper into it. This is a huge kick in the butt. Not that i wanted to have one...but ya know... life, and shit, happens.
  8. following you ! you can do it ! I don't remember what work you do, but working with covid patients must be super stressfull. Don't forget yourself in all of this sending hugs
  9. Hey Teros ! Glad to see you are still on NF. I am back again, this time for good i hope. NF was the best thing happening to me before having my second child. Time to get back into good habits with this awesome comunity. Will follow your progress again this time aroung. Keep the good vibes !
  10. Edigo

    Heidi: Am I? Write!

    Love that you are on a spiritual revelation journey. And bread. I feel i am in a similar journey.
  11. Hi guys! It has been a while, but this NF thing really worked for me in the past. As this is my birthday month, there is no better timing than now! So having already on mind what it wanted as goals this time around, I decided to use my Ouitch oracle cards to see what I needed in the upcoming month. I did a 3 card layout. Here is what I got: 1) First card represents current energy and the present. Yule: rebirth, resolutions. What do I need? 2) Second card is the subconscious, desires, what needs to be healed, the past. Uranus: eccentricity, difference, predictability and unpredictability. Am I happy in my current routine and choices? Do I need to stand out more? 3) Third card is what you need to do, the solution, future energy. Anahata: Heart chakra, connection, love, link between the spiritual and physical chakra. Self love, putting oneself as a priority. I drew it upside down, which means: stop choosing harmony over self care, doing so means people walk all over me. Time to say what I think and take my place. This draw is incredible! What it tells me is exactly related to this challenge mindset. I am in a questioning energy, wondering what I want to change and what to keep in my daily routines. Does it nourish me? Does it bring joy? Does it need to be changed or does it need to stay as is? What do I need? Can I embrace my spiritual eccentricity? What resolutions do I need? I need to put myself in priority, with love. And stop letting people (my kids especially) walk all over me. Take more space; stop fearing that I bother others when I am myself; putting some good boundaries. Here are my goals this time around: going back to the times a few year back when I felt my best, which was when I took 1h solely to myself every morning to take care of my mental and physical health. The ‘’SAVERS’’ miracle morning appeals to me so I will do it like so: S – Silence: meditation, 3 min cardiac coherence breaths. A- Affirmation: mantra signing and affirmation. Currently the Green Tara mantra appeals to me. V- Visualization: see myself in a safe loving bubble; see myself interacting with the people around me with calm, love and compassion. So that it becomes more a part of me E- Exercise: The monthly yoga with Adrienne calendar, this month’s theme is INQUIRE. R- Read: current read is the miracle morning for this savers routine, I’m about half through. After that, will see what calls me. S- Script: journal a little every morning, just to see what thoughts are there, trying to calm the mind and asses how I am in this day It will look like this in reality: - Wake – do some deep breaths in bed, doing about 3 min of cardiac coherence. - Do some yoga, from the calendar 30-60 min, followed by some Green Tara mantra, and then my own daily intention. - Go take a shower, take time to embrace the moment in water, then take care or my face, teeth and general look. Get dressed. - Go downstairs to do my treatments (I have Cystic Fibrosis) and read while doing them. About 10-15 min. - Take my coffee and journal a few minutes - Eat breakfast and take my morning pills. Loving the overnight oats, I am waiting on some new flavors I ordered, to try some new mixes. This routine should take from 1h to 1:30h I suppose. I work from home because of Covid, so it should work out fine without being stressful for this whole month. Will see how I will adapt it in September when kids have to go back to school. So here are the actual 3 things this represents in this challenge: 1) Meditate daily 2) Practice daily yoga 3) Eat a good breakfast everyday (overnight oats) Self reminder : all this is to put myself as a priority, be more grounded, be more calm, in a loving caring way, towards myself first to I can be a better human for my loved ones.
  12. Hi guys! Back in the NF game after years of being away. Because, it is time! And i have goals i want to reach, and getting back on track to good habits was really working with you guys. topic posted :
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome! Your in druids now dark_raider?
  14. Hi! I've used nerd fitness a few years ago to improve my health and habits. I'm back for a fresh start in this new year. Thus tine as a druid as i want to do more yoga and meditation and self reflexion. See ya!
  15. Me me! I'm in. It's actually my main challenge goal this tome around. Letskeep each other motivated! I really want to add yoga to my daily life, i know it's exactly what i need fod my spirit and body.
  16. I guess i could go in a guild But i want to re-start slow and i feel this is the right spot for january. The baby is 4 years old now! Crazy!!!! Thanks for asking! Did you go by abother user name before?
  17. Hi guys! So....a few years back i did this. It worked really well for me, but i fell down the train. This months goal: 1) follow the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne: dedicate 2) empty my dispill every week (i have cystic fibrosis and often forget my pills, not good) 3) eat breakfast every morning I tend to only take a coffee but that's not enough 4) brush my teeth and floss every night, adding my treatment the dentist gave me for me enamel as well Side quest: - read : parental burnout - finish knitting my beatnek sweater and my georgetown cardigan Accomplissement gift when i succeed: - buy yarn for spector sweater (if all wip are done) - get my nose pierced or ear stretched for the first time (for challenge)
  18. A few years passed since i logged in. But i remember how NF and the community helped me achieve previous goals. 2019 brings a lot of cool new things, like a new house, new opportunity at work and new friends. So why not get nack in the wagon and achieve small goals! Here we go! Woot woot
  19. mourning is a pain in the butt ! I experience mourning a lot with CF, in different levels, and to that i can relate to your feeling of being fed up you have to go through the same mourning process over an over. It's sooooo exhausting ! In those days I wish i could go through it once and be done with it, but heck, that's not gonna happen i guess. As long as we don't bang our own heads on top of the mourning, we'll eventually get through it. It's hard enough on it's own, no need to feel bad on top of it because we are living it. (easier said than done though ... ) i hope it gets less painful with each phase through it for you sending big hugs your way
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