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  1. Week 3-4 Summery To Dec 8th Week three was really good! Really do not have a lot to report. Last Friday we had a late night sale. We were there from 8am- 10pm. Made sure I brought lots of veg and trail mix. They had cookies and nuts and cider and it smelled SO good. But felt good when I walked by it to get my carrots. The little battles won ;} So far this week (Week 5) Got really sick last Sunday and am still trying to get rid of the last bit of it.. Really puts a damper on what one can eat. Far more sodium filled soup than I should have. Lots and lots of water! I have no
  2. Right now I am trying to loose the last 30-40lb. I have calculated out that I should be around 1200 cals. I am trying to intro more Paleo into my diet. I LOVE Grains! So it has been hard but I have no problem adding more veggies ;} num. Workouts are not a problem. I LOVE my workouts and have fun. I am doing Beachbody programs @ 5am Mon-Sat Tues and Thursday I have Martial arts Mon,Wed, Sunday I try to do something with my SIL. She has just tried to get going in a healthier lifestyle as well. So I try to get her out to do a walk, zumba class or Workout dvd with me. <a href="
  3. Week 2 Summery Dec 1 What a week!! I made a goal at the beginning of the week to have no cheats but that Thanksgiving was going to be a free day. I did really well! Thursday I really watched my portion control and refused to eat anything not a plate. This forced me to take the time to get a plate/fork and really think before I just walked by mindlessly grabbing things. I do admit I submitted to a slice of pie. It was yummy, I enjoyed it and surprisingly had no desire to have more. Hopefully that's a good sign. I had my snacks at work (energy bites, homemade protein bars, almonds,tra
  4. Thanks so much! This will be a learning experience for sure! Mine too! My co-workers make fun of my "rabbit food" all the time.. I just smile knowing that I am making good choices for myself. Excellent choices. I had not thought about the cocoa. I LOVE SWEET POTATOS! You are very right about the healthy causes more healthy eating. Just like you it is usually eating out with friends or my oldest making cupcakes and wanting me to try one. Family gatherings and such. I am trying to understand the triggers to avoid them. Progress Nov. 24th I managed to get all the jun
  5. ME BEFORE I had been athletic all through school. I was involved w/ team sports & loved going to the gym with my dad. After recovering from the birth I went back to the gym but my dad was no longer able to go with me. I tried to remember what to do but got bored and lost interest. I gained and gained and after my second child I was well on my way to the 270lb that was my highest weight. I did not work out, I didn't even like to go for walks, I could not keep up with my kids, I was having back problems, I couldn't lean over to shave or put on socks, I was upset and sad about how I look
  6. I love this concept! Put it down in “ink†where the whole world can see. I love the accountability! Main Goal: VIXENSDEMON VOWS NOT TO CHEAT I have made too much progress in the last year+ to be regressing into bad habits! I have now lost 95lb and have built an amazing muscular body that I am really proud of but I still have a long ways to go. I find when I allot myself a little cheat meal or snack it turns into a whole day. By then I feel depressed and upset that I let it go so far so I eat more. BAD BAD VIXEN! It seems harsh but over the last year I have learned what my slips
  7. Not yet. I am working on it now. Should have it up later tonight. Hope it is ok if I am going along without having it up yet?? Also should I put it under Monks or under Level 1 as it is my first.
  8. So I guess this isn't a challenge anymore but I had to try. .... Yea.... Fun.... But stuck it out while I Shampooed and conditioned. Sure makes you want to do it fast! Yea for water conservation. ;}
  9. Jumping in to the group and the challenge and the whole forum a lil late here but I'm up for the challenge. Already took my shower after my workout this morning so it's on for tomorrow. I remember when me and Love moved in together and didn't have money for the heating..... Cold showers.... on purpose now ;}
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