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  1. Week 3-4 Summery To Dec 8th Week three was really good! Really do not have a lot to report. Last Friday we had a late night sale. We were there from 8am- 10pm. Made sure I brought lots of veg and trail mix. They had cookies and nuts and cider and it smelled SO good. But felt good when I walked by it to get my carrots. The little battles won ;} So far this week (Week 5) Got really sick last Sunday and am still trying to get rid of the last bit of it.. Really puts a damper on what one can eat. Far more sodium filled soup than I should have. Lots and lots of water! I have not however been to the grocery store to get my ingredients for my meat muffins, protein bars or energy bites. I need to soon or I am going to be in trouble. Over all I stuck to my guns and whether that, or the sickness, I am starting to come back down from what I had gained .. Lil more to go and I will be back to my highest lost then I can start chipping away at it again. Thanks so much but it has to be done. Check out the amazing forums and of course the main web page for lots of great info on where to start. If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them just send a msg. It is daunting but so doable and SO rewarding. I will feel better about my goals by the end of this challenge for sure. This is a hard one but one I needed to set in stone before moving on. HAHAH the nicknames! Yea! I'm not sure if they share the sentiments of fun ;} but thanks. Life Quest update week 4! We have managed to put a bit aside for Christmas. Now if we can just keep it there. We paid off one loan and that will help to be down to just the two vehicle loans! I am hoping to have that taken care of by Feb-March. My Sun and Stars and I are trying to stick to allotting ourselves to a solid amount of cash so we are not constantly diving into the account for lil extras, This week (Week 5) I need to get to the store and get my ingredients for my healthy snack. Keep up on my water intake.Make some inspirational quotes/pics to hang on the fridge and at my desk. Lil reminders to help me out.
  2. Right now I am trying to loose the last 30-40lb. I have calculated out that I should be around 1200 cals. I am trying to intro more Paleo into my diet. I LOVE Grains! So it has been hard but I have no problem adding more veggies ;} num. Workouts are not a problem. I LOVE my workouts and have fun. I am doing Beachbody programs @ 5am Mon-Sat Tues and Thursday I have Martial arts Mon,Wed, Sunday I try to do something with my SIL. She has just tried to get going in a healthier lifestyle as well. So I try to get her out to do a walk, zumba class or Workout dvd with me. <a href="http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/40635-vixensdemon-vows-not-to-cheat-food/">Challenge Level 1</a> I am loving having the extra accountability of the challenge. It makes me really think before I eat something.
  3. Week 2 Summery Dec 1 What a week!! I made a goal at the beginning of the week to have no cheats but that Thanksgiving was going to be a free day. I did really well! Thursday I really watched my portion control and refused to eat anything not a plate. This forced me to take the time to get a plate/fork and really think before I just walked by mindlessly grabbing things. I do admit I submitted to a slice of pie. It was yummy, I enjoyed it and surprisingly had no desire to have more. Hopefully that's a good sign. I had my snacks at work (energy bites, homemade protein bars, almonds,trail mix and turkey jerky) and did really well not being tempted by the junk at work. At home I was tempted by cupcakes that Lil Fox had made. Had one in my hand a couple times but managed to put them back. So hard when it is right in my face. Lil Fox plays Volleyball for her HS and she wants to hunker down for the off season and get better muscle and cut down on her goodies. I told her all the cupcakes she has been making is not helping. She knew I was right so me and her are going to have a talk today about what she can do. She is in great shape but I know she would feel better if she cut out the junk food and take out that she eats. I can't seem to get My Sun and Stars away from the Dark Side but maybe I can get Lil Fox over and make that much more of an impression on him and Snort Fish. Weight has gone up and down all week. No loss. I have been REALLY pushing my workouts and feel really good about them. I hope next week shows some loss. I need to break this Level. I can feel it bumming me out and messing with my attitude. Great advise. I do log my food. I look back a lot to see what foods made me feel good and what really messed with me. I just have a hard time with that temporary feel good that leads to guilt versus the long term feel good. I am getting better. I need to get into the habit of logging the food BEFORE I eat it. Then I have to take the time to think about it before I just engulf then log after it is too late. Life Quest!! Sun & Stars and I sat dawn and really talked about our finances. I have a regular income but our farm is VERY up and down. Some months we have money we can put away and then the next we have to put so much into it we have to dive into what we had put away. We have straitened some bills out and have made some goals to put money away regardless of what we want. Christmas is going to be hard. I have been in the mindset for so long that I want to wait until December to even think about Christmas but maybe it is time for me to get myself into another mindset of planning ahead. Getting things year round to spread out the spending. Our income is just too unpredictable to count on. Putting the excess away rather then spending on those things we think we need. I think if we can sacrifice for a few months we can get ourselves back on top. This will be challenging. Any advise is always welcome! Here's to another good week.
  4. Thanks so much! This will be a learning experience for sure! Mine too! My co-workers make fun of my "rabbit food" all the time.. I just smile knowing that I am making good choices for myself. Excellent choices. I had not thought about the cocoa. I LOVE SWEET POTATOS! You are very right about the healthy causes more healthy eating. Just like you it is usually eating out with friends or my oldest making cupcakes and wanting me to try one. Family gatherings and such. I am trying to understand the triggers to avoid them. Progress Nov. 24th I managed to get all the junk out of the house last Monday and well.... Love ended up putting it all back in. I will just have to avoid them. My desk is junk food free. I talked co-workers into putting the candy drawer into the front office rather than out by our desks. I went and got my ingredients to make my energy bites and protein bars. Hopefully will be able to make them Monday. Water is going really well. Drinking around 8 to 12oz a day. On the life quest... still in the process Also posting measurements and weight. Weight 177.5 Waist 32 Hips 38.5 Chest 38 R Arm 12 L Arm 12 R Thigh 25 L Thigh 24.5 B Fat % 26.03 For Arm 11.5 Calves 16.5 Shoulders 43 Wrist 6.25 This next week I need to buckle down on getting my homemade snacks done and getting my life quest in check.
  5. ME BEFORE I had been athletic all through school. I was involved w/ team sports & loved going to the gym with my dad. After recovering from the birth I went back to the gym but my dad was no longer able to go with me. I tried to remember what to do but got bored and lost interest. I gained and gained and after my second child I was well on my way to the 270lb that was my highest weight. I did not work out, I didn't even like to go for walks, I could not keep up with my kids, I was having back problems, I couldn't lean over to shave or put on socks, I was upset and sad about how I looked. I felt ugly and no matter how I changed my hair or makeup or where I shopped for clothing I knew the real reason that I was so disappointed with how I looked was because of my weight. I had to change but I was SO lost. WHAT I TRIED FIRST After trying to eat better on my own and diet with what ever fad diet was popping up in my email box I would loose about 20-30lb only to gain it right back because I did not know how to continue. A dear friend from High School started posting on Facebook about the runs he was doing. He was getting faster and faster and going farther and farther. I finely told him he was doing amazing. He said he had to because he had let his body go too far and that he was now facing diabetes, a fatty liver and that if he did not loose weight and start eating healthy, his doctor would be forced to put him on medication. He is the same age as me. I had not had medical issues as far as that goes but I knew I would be there soon. I asked him what he was doing and along with the running he was eating healthier and doing a program called Insanity. I had not heard of it and wanted him to tell me more. I made a pact with myself to make a change in July '12 to become healthy. I started with my food. Food is by far and has always been my bigest challeng. It was hard to understand how the calorie intake worked so I did tons of searching and lots of reading and comparing. I am still ever learning on this front. WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR I needed direction, something to tell me what to do. When my friend started talking about how he was doing Insanity I looked into it. I was like OH NO! There is no way I could do that! I started looking around at some of the other programs that BeachBody had.. I needed something to get me moving. Something to make me excited to get up in the morning. I stumbled over Turbo Fire and thought ok.... Maybe I could do that. I started Martial Arts classes after my youngest daughter started. I had done Tae Kwon Do in High School and loved it. My current dojo teaches Tae Kwon Do, Shotoka, TMA, self-defense, freestyle, weapons, mix martial arts and gymnastics. Learning Martial Arts has been highly beneficial in not only my fitness but in my disciplined as well. When I finished TF I needed something new and fun. I had started Martial Arts Classes and really wanted something like that. Combat was PERFECT!! After that I decided I was ready for Insanity! Shaun T and me did not always get along. Many colorful words where spewed between gritted teeth BUT I LOVE my results!! Strong!! I am now doing Shaun T's HipHopAbs. TOTALLY different Shaun T!! ;} I am loving the dancing so much I have started doing Zumba with my SIL! My body has changed SO much! I am turning my body into one I am SO proud of. I see muscle tone and I feel strong. I love that my core is becoming stronger. I used to have so many back problems and now I have not had back pain in months. In July '13 I was at a 85lb loss and felt amazing but knew I had farther to go. I am elated by the fact I can actually do full push ups on my toes. When I started I could not even do one on my toes. I can almost do a full set now and plan to be able to do even more. I worked hard to finely do my first unassisted pull-up recently!! My MA teacher loves that unlike many of the students in his classes I am able to keep up with the Cardio burn classes without any problem. Not only physical changes but mental as well. In Sept '13 I did a C25K program and ran my first 5K. I am much more confident of myself and feel powerful in everything I do. I have amazing energy now and am so encouraged to continue my weigh loss and get FIT and HEALTHY! With every day I push myself harder and I find myself doing things I never thought I would. So much has changed! Everything I do has been effected by my new lifestyle. I LOVE being fit. I LOVE the feeling I have when I finish a workout. I LOVE the way I look and how Love looks at me! I feel amazing, strong and confident!. I love all the compliments I get. I LOVE talking to people about the changes, and I get so excited when they want to know about how I am doing it I LOVE that I can go play volleyball with my oldest, go to martial arts classes with my youngest and have more power and energy to play with my hubby ;} I have power in me that I never knew was there and I LOVE how good that makes me feel. I am so excited that friends around me and my sis in law has decided to start getting fit as well and I love to help them reach their goals. And I am just starting! PROBLEM NOW I have now leveled out over the last 2 months. I am strait up ADDICTED to working out. I love getting up early and giving it my all. Unfortunately I started having issues with my eating habits. I felt like I could allow myself a few little extras here and there but learned that that led to cravings that led to eating without thinking. I started to pick up bad habits that just would not do. I NEED TO BREAK THOUGH TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! I am hoping that with the challenges in this forum that I can keep myself accountable to get to my goals. The more friends I have pushing me I think the better I will be able to keep myself from giving into the evil temptation.
  6. I love this concept! Put it down in “ink†where the whole world can see. I love the accountability! Main Goal: VIXENSDEMON VOWS NOT TO CHEAT I have made too much progress in the last year+ to be regressing into bad habits! I have now lost 95lb and have built an amazing muscular body that I am really proud of but I still have a long ways to go. I find when I allot myself a little cheat meal or snack it turns into a whole day. By then I feel depressed and upset that I let it go so far so I eat more. BAD BAD VIXEN! It seems harsh but over the last year I have learned what my slips & epic fails are caused by and it is always from a "It will be ok this once". It creates a craving for more that I give into w/o thinking about it. SO! Knowing I feel so much better when I just do not allow myself the slip in the first place so it does not turn into a food slide. Steps to reach my main goal: Get rid of all junk food in the house and office. Make healthy alternatives that I can have handy at home and work. Introduce more Primal meals. Drink more water so I don't feel “hungry†Feel empowered I am making the choice not to eat those things NOT DEPRIVED! WHY??? Loose the last 30-40lb I have come TOO far to regress into bad habits now!! Life Goal: MAKE A FAMILY BUDGET! (THE CONTINUAL QUEST FOR MOST) Get a good banking program and see what we have been spending our money on. Sit down with Love and go over what we find/ideas to help control spending. Put it on paper just like these quests so we STICK to them! I'm a few weeks late but have been doing my best the last few weeks to do this and so far so good. I hope I can stick with it and any useful help would be much appreciated. This is my first Challenge in this forum so I hope it goes well. Thanks so much for the opportunity to put this out there and make me feel more accountable.
  7. Not yet. I am working on it now. Should have it up later tonight. Hope it is ok if I am going along without having it up yet?? Also should I put it under Monks or under Level 1 as it is my first.
  8. So I guess this isn't a challenge anymore but I had to try. .... Yea.... Fun.... But stuck it out while I Shampooed and conditioned. Sure makes you want to do it fast! Yea for water conservation. ;}
  9. Jumping in to the group and the challenge and the whole forum a lil late here but I'm up for the challenge. Already took my shower after my workout this morning so it's on for tomorrow. I remember when me and Love moved in together and didn't have money for the heating..... Cold showers.... on purpose now ;}
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