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  1. Loving the extreme motivation of the election campaign donation!
  2. Even though there were some problems/difficulties with the conversation, I think it is nice that you were willing to put in an effort to talk with B's mom and potentially to help her during her recovery.
  3. Yesterday's highlight was getting to the gym and doing a strength workout for the first time in ages. It felt great and I'm a perfect level of sore today. I'm so happy to have done some legit upper body work. Today I meant to do a long run, but ended up working a lot toward a work deadline. Among other things I met up with a colleague at a coffee shop and put in ~3 hours on a joint project. He knew I was planning to run afterward. I had been thinking to do ~16 miles after our meeting, but the meeting went much longer than planned. I would have bagged it entirely, but luckily, just as I was leaving he said "have a good run." That shifted my mindset, so I managed to get in 4 miles. Tomorrow is a holiday, so I'm just going to shift my run one day. Focused flexibility: Missed yesterday but did it today SMTWRFS ...Made up my missed day with bonus points. That makes me 7/28 so far (and still planning to do tonight) Drink water. So far so go. still need to drink a little more today. Run 150 miles [6 weeks]. Only 21 miles this week because of missed long run. Brings me to 73.4/150 so far. Will catch up tomorrow. Clean the bathrooms. Did a big "Mari Kondo" of downstairs bathroom cabinet and some associated cleaning. Still some odds and ends to do upstairs and lots of cleaning downstairs.
  4. Xena

    Scout's Honor

    The gym is about 1 mile from my house. I have definitely dashed in to use the bathroom (urgently!) on my way back from a run a few times. Hope your gut calms down.
  5. Kind of like this? (loudly and with exclamation points)
  6. It's hard to do when you really are maxed out, but to the extent that you can fit it in, it does help. Best of luck in your decision too. Although it sounds stressful, it sound like a nice option to be able to consider.
  7. Remember, you specified ahead of time that you weren't ready to deal with diet and weight yet. So maybe don't beat yourself up about it. If you like, spend some time thinking about what changes you might want to make in that department over the next couple of weeks or (maybe better) during the next challenge. Sometimes we are victims of a constant shifting baseline of goals that makes it hard to enjoy our actual accomplishments.
  8. That aspect of your job sounds super frustrating. Glad there are good parts too!
  9. Yesterday I did 2 more rounds of "Defying Gravity" (hitting my goal of 3 cycles this week). I worked a little more on my hang and plank goals. Yesterday I got 36s dead hang and ~12 seconds hang in chinup postion (chin above bar). Today I blew the dead hang out of the water with 2:20! (passing my 2 min goal) Yesterday 1:12 plank. Today 1:30 plank. Today I was at a friend's house and we had some good "peer pressure feats of strength" while watching the KC-Titans game. The Week 3 challenge posted below (and at the start of the thread)
  10. Focused flexibility: Missed yesterday but did it today SMTWRF ...can make up the missed day with bonus points. Need to do some strength training tomorrow. Drink water. Did this. Run 150 miles [6 weeks]. Planned day off today. Tomorrow will be really cold, so I'm going to push my long run to Sunday. Clean the bathrooms. Washed the bath mat Sushi list: Met with the flooring contractor. Tomorrow plan: Go to the gym. Do some cleaning downstairs bathroom. Do something on the sushi list.
  11. Hope the family drama is settled down and everything works out as well as possible
  12. Love that your are thoroughly supervised by your animals 🙂
  13. ^^^ This. Yeah...I'm thinking of a different kind of unreasonable. Write your challenge when you feel crappy, but don't try to evaluate yourself then, or at least don't put too much stock in it.