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  1. Xena

    Sloth: The Man with the Hammer

    glad you had a good ride with your BIL. Pisses me off that you had to think about wearing that jersey. There's so much complicated stuff to figure out in the world. Not deliberately acting like an ass is pretty simple. So in case you ever need to ask for help from the local snake handling house of worship, I think we could keep this post as a character reference.
  2. Xena

    Ladylydia: Still Breathing

    That's freaking annoying, but hopefully will get better soon. Not sure how you feel about chiropractors, but in my experience they can sometimes give a lot of relief for neck pain (I had a pinched nerve and the relief was immediate).
  3. Xena

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    Don't worry about it too much this week. Just eat things that your system tolerates well. Otherwise fiddle with diet in a couple weeks.
  4. Xena

    NeverThatBored :: Any Way You Want It

    Meal prep rampage is awesome! 19 pushups in one set is pretty impressive to me!
  5. Xena

    Xena vs. the Dog Days of Summer

    Thanks for your support on this @Maigahane @Tanktimus the Encourager @Stribs In case you couldn't guess, the exiting conclusion: I did it all today and it was just fine. Today: Two miles easy jog. It felt kind of gross though because it's gotten humid again. I'm guessing tomorrow's hard five miler is gonna be interesting.
  6. Xena

    Stribs' Stellar Summer Self-Care Superpalooza

    Thanks Stribs! The recipe looks good! Kind of similar to stuff I tend to make with black beans, but the step of throwing it under the broiler should give it some added deliciousness :-)
  7. Xena

    EricMN's Jedi Training - Passion, yet serenity

    Love all the pictures! Regarding your question, I was thinking it's a Jedi talent of some sort, but given the undeniable similarities, I guess it could go either way.
  8. Xena

    Echo level up: consistency II

    The description of your conversation with your mom is really interesting. I don't have any suggestions for you, but it sounds like a lot of great self-awareness. I can see so many of my own personality quirks as having come from my parents. I'm not really sure how much I can change them, but at least it helps to recognize the landscape so you can make the most of it.
  9. Xena

    Stribs' Stellar Summer Self-Care Superpalooza

    Your posts about how your husband helps you rescue various dishes, usually with some changes in spices are honestly my favorites.They are really sweet. These are all good! The other thing that helps me is setting a timer and forcing myself to sit down and work for 25 minutes. No distractions, just do as much as you can in 25 minutes. It seems less daunting than working until I'm done with something, and it usually really is enough time to make some kind of progress. I'm a huge fan of this method, so sorry if I've preached it here before.
  10. Xena

    The UnChallenge: Tanktimus Continues

    Great job passing your certification test! So helpful to have a doctor you trust, or a good first impression so you can build a relationship. Really hope the new meds help. Doing cardio regularly again will be good for you in many ways, but breathing is a pretty useful prereq.
  11. Xena

    jstanlick goes along with Ranger Brain

    Two big wins! It was really smart of you to challenge yourself on the race course a week ahead of time. And so cool that your son did so well!
  12. Xena

    Xena vs. the Dog Days of Summer

    Did a 5K yesterday. It's one of two that I tend to do in the summer. I don't train specifically for them and just do the best I can. I'm happy with my performance this time. It's a tricky course with a downhill first mile followed by mostly uphill the rest of the way. I managed to avoid self-destructing, which is a huge victory. I used the HR monitor to help me with pacing. It felt almost like cheating, but I enjoyed the race much more than I normally do. Today I did 10.5 miles on a very sandy beach trail. It was recon for a group run we'll do later in the month (I was running with a friend who knows the trail better than I do). It beat me up a little (blisters, chafing, and from the sandy footing some weird sore muscles), but it was fun. We went really early. I got home, showered, shoveled down some food (not exactly mindful eating, but I thoroughly enjoyed every bite), and settled down for a big nap. The weather was even cool enough that the kitty came over for a snuggle. Pretty awesome Sunday morning. I brought home a ton of work this weekend, and did a little of it yesterday. Was stressing out over how to get the rest of it done. Decided f-that, it can wait until Monday. I need a weekend. I'll get back to it tomorrow. Week 1 wrap-up 1. Run 133 miles (5 week goal). Just over again this week, bringing me a little over 56. On pace with this. Next weekend is a little bit of a wild card because I'll be going up to Vermont to volunteer at a trail ultra. Planning to get my own run in on Sunday morning, but sometimes it's tricky to figure out a long run in an unfamiliar place. There will obviously be a lot of other runners around who I can ask for suggestions. 2. Cook 5 vegetarian meals (5 week goal). Yep 2/5 done with the lentil stew this week. Have a baked tofu dish planned for next. I usually fry tofu, so this will be new for me. 3. Mobility 4x/week. Yep 4x this week. I'm starting to narrow down the Deskbound exercises that seem most useful to me, so I'm going to streamline my list a little. 4. Sushi list (7 sort of random tasks) Still only 2/7 all the way done, but have made more progress on a couple others.
  13. Xena

    That's right, baby, Fonzico's back!

    That sounds reasonable. The tricky part is sharing the rations with the hubbie :-)
  14. Xena

    Mediaguy99 Rangers Off Into the Sunset

    Looking forward to hearing about your weekend!
  15. Xena

    Echo level up: consistency II

    Hah! "don't quite get their heels down" is an understatement for some of us :-) FWIW, I thought you gave good advice. I would just say getting the hips back is more important than getting the heels down. This is pretty helpful. Shows what happens if the weight is too far forward http://www.lovelifesurf.com/common-yoga-mistakes/