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  1. Xena

    Terra finds her inner Foodie! Its Remy!!!

    I knew it would be obvious as soon as I asked. I went into the hole of thinking it was an acronym for some restaurant chain. Oops. So glad your husband got to go to the seminar. Unexpected budgeting doesn't sound very fun, but you can do it!
  2. Xena

    WinterWalker - Restart

    Don't worry about the weight. Mine can fluctuate by that much from one day to the next. Keep doing what you are doing, and give it a little more time. And yes, after hard exercise (like a race) my weight does go up. Sounds like you had a super solid week. Great work!
  3. Xena

    WinterWalker - Restart

    That's awesome. You'll have a fun time for sure then. You have the perfect attitude for it :-)
  4. Xena

    [The Books of Vries] Carry On

    I think that's easy to do as a busy mom. Sounds like a great zero week, and hopefully you will be back to full health soon!
  5. Xena

    Echocheanic calms down

    This is a useful realization. It lets you try to work with the demands of your body rather than fighting it. Good work!
  6. Xena

    Thom adapts, changes and grows

    The hair is fun! The new detail to the life coaching goal looks really solid and attainable. You've got this!
  7. Xena

    Kestrel: Joy In The Morning

    I hadn't heard this idea, and it seems cool. During long races, sometimes I try thinking about a different person who inspires me each mile. That's helped me to keep going at times. Great job on your 5K!
  8. Xena

    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

    I'm with you on Queer Eye (I learned about the re-boot through @deftona 's challenge a while back). I've watched 2 episodes so far, and they are even better than I hoped they would be. The only thing I don't particularly love is when Jonathan curls up his mustache...but of course he can do whatever the heck he wants with his own mustache.
  9. Xena

    NeverThatBored: My Roommate is...Myself??

    I think you can still do it. Even use email if that makes it less uncomfortable. You can say exactly what you told us, that you really to support the dojo as a spectator but don't feel comfortable participating yet.
  10. Xena

    Yasha and the badass buzz cut

    So cool! What a great photo!
  11. Xena

    Sloth's Power to Weight Ratio

    I order a snakebite every chance I get. I had no idea of the reputation... Maybe snakebite resistance is one of my super powers.... [wanders off pretending not to believe in recently revealed superpower]
  12. Xena

    GoodDoug: 80's training montage

    Thanks for posting the Rocky montage @Elastigirl (the quad close-ups are awesome, but wow he really sucks at butterfly). Good luck in Week 1! Stocking up on good groceries is a great start.
  13. Xena

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Love the suede shirt, and axe throwing sounds awesome!
  14. Xena

    Terra finds her inner Foodie! Its Remy!!!

    What's ABQ? Happy birthday to Titanium Mickey! Sorry your husband couldn't make it to the seminar. Hope you guys find something nice to do :-)