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  1. Xena

    Xena's fall re-set

    Thanks!! Thanks, and right back atcha 🙂 Thanks! I felt lucky to have the opportunity. Dialing back the mileage for a while. Making sure to get in all my strength training. Being better about foam rolling. And paying more attention to diet. That's the challenge part of R&R...but I usually associate R&R with something more fun. It's already feeling a little boring. All of those notifications are optional. You can try them or turn them off. And it's up to you whether to let specific people follow you. I was a little reluctant (in case I had a meltdown on the course), but it was fun. Thanks! I feel so happy to have this one. YES!! Thanks! I've done some short easy runs yesterday and today. Yesterday I also did one of the "quick strength" workouts. They have gotten a lot harder. I'm starting to think the book is pretty good but that people with some strength training base should skip the first 2 weeks of the program or maybe double up the sets. It's presented as a progression, but the jump is huge. The first couple weeks are really easy, and there's no way that after doing those few workouts you would "progress" enough to be ready for the longer, harder ones. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I've been taking Spanish classes once a week via zoom. Much like the strength program, they have also been getting much harder. Today we reviewed the preterite tense for regular and irregular verbs. That's a lot of rusty old knowledge to dig out all at once. I more-or-less remember it but haven't spoken most of those words out loud in decades. I've mostly be practicing by reading novels or listening to podcasts.
  2. "The Bridge" would be where the action happens, but that sounds weird out of context. The "Ready Room" (I'm getting that one from Star Trek") also seems weird.
  3. I'll try writing something in a bit. I haven't even given myself a name yet... I'm lurking around trying to find my next meal.
  4. Less cleaning and more running is clearly the solution. But don't tell Mrs. Sloth I said that...
  5. Congrats on the 10K! Lots faster than I could do these days 🙂 I don't think that was oversharing at all. I've only had something like sleep paralysis twice, and it was really scary.
  6. I would add: Don't get yelled at for making a mess or breaking something in your own damned house [with the obvious downside that you have to deal with the problem, but I think still a win overall] Get to stay in the pool during "adult swim" The bat cave? Command central?
  7. The continuous staffing changes are understandably rough on you. Does your company have any thoughts on trying to do something to improve retention? I could imagine some types of jobs designed for high turnover (e.g., entry level lab tech jobs that recent college graduates might do for a year or two before moving on to grad school), but I'm thinking that working to improve retention could be financially lucrative for them (make everyone more productive etc).
  8. I clicked on the quiche link...I never knew the difference between a quiche and a frittata before! I may try that recipe 🙂
  9. I love your haircut! I tried to do something similar a few months ago, but my stylist didn't really believe I wanted it as short and as asymmetric as I said I did. I never quite got it where I wanted it, and now I've grown it all the way out. I completely applaud you for getting it the way you wanted it.
  10. Ok, it's not funny. But if cauliflower is out to get you, life really is being mean. Fortunately cutting down on cauliflower is relatively painless. Hope the symptoms clear up soon. Doing some cat squishing as we speak.
  11. Xena

    Sylvaa - Just

    I hope the sciatica settles down soon.
  12. I never heard of temptation bundling before, but the concept makes sense. Hope you find something that works well for you.
  13. Xena

    Jean fires up 2021

    Wow great job on conquering 2020!