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  1. This sounds fun, and it sounds like some fun is much needed. I feel your pain on this one. Hope it is fixed soon. Huddle under the blankets and keep the cat close.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. The century might be out, but do what you can to have a fast and full recovery. Icing etc. You've got a lot of us cheering for Team Bike...we need that knee at 100%.
  3. More than halfway through January. Good job!
  4. I love this description. I can tangibly feel your excitement about the sport. The searching for words helps show that it's a deep and complex thought. This kind of passion and thoughtfulness is one of the things I love best about NF.
  5. I feel you on this. It seems like every time I try to "cheat" and skip to the last page of a thread after some time away, I have missed something major in that person's life and then need to go back and read anyway.
  6. See...if Dax cared more about science, she would have been the one asking these questions! Yeah. That's makes sense. You probably feel like that because you are living at work these days. Guess Spring Break won't come soon enough.
  7. You have really good ideas of focusing on the morning priorities (trying to resist the urge to keep adding things or "leveling up") and maybe setting a timer for the computer. You are totally right that the computer can suck up a lot of time.
  8. Yesterday I made some good progress on pull-ups. I'm finally strong enough to do several negatives, so a did some...and woke up feeling it today (in a good way). It sounds weird, but I had to get strong enough in order to do a hard workout. Today started with a really solid long run (16 miles). I get nervous before long runs, but this one went smoothly. I've gotten all my planned runs this week (41 miles total), and have kept up my "winter warrior" streak. The second part of the day was mostly just work. I have a big deadline in about 10 days and had to dig into it har
  9. Sometimes they are indeed. Every day is a new day and a new change. And sometimes people underestimate the effort the do put in. It seems like you have some good momentum, so don't judge yourself too harshly. Hmmm, that's an interesting question. I'm not sure I've experienced that int he same way you are describing. I've felt unanchored before when I'm away from familiar surroundings or I have a lot of uncertainty going forward. I guess I try to create pockets of familiarity for myself. Small places or routines that feel comfortable. Could something as simple as making yo
  10. I had a surprisingly nice evening. Normally (pre-covid) there is a 5-mile run in town every Friday at 5:30. Since covid, people just run whenever they want during the day, but many (by which I mean fewer than 10 people) tend to do it late afternoon before sunset. Today I ran it around the same time as some others, and at the end we hung out in the parking lot for a bit and had a beer. It felt sort of like old times.
  11. It seems like it should mean something more fun like a Central American dance party (but of course that's a biased view of what would be fun) Good for you getting it done. The nice things about walks like that sometimes is that it can feel really cheerful and cosy to come back inside. Oh dear Marcus, spending too much time in the Latin disco, I think.
  12. Great idea on shortening the sessions to something more sustainable for your back right now.
  13. p.s. Something not awesome about this: I've now had 10 people in my house. Probably half of them wearing proper masks, a quarter wearing bandannas, and the others not wearing masks at least some of the time. I'll probably be fine, but it's a lottery. I'm not fully quarantining myself (will still run outside and go to the grocery store every 10-15 days), but I'm taking myself out of my friend's covid bubble for 2 weeks.
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