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  1. My Monday weigh-ins for the past 6 weeks: 146.8, 146.6, 146.8, 146.6, 146.2, 146.4 I kid you not...0.6 lb variation over the entire period (counting only Mondays). Guess my body is loving this set point 🙂 I should be able to get back to regular levels of cardio soon, and I think that might help.
  2. I never did re-cap last week. I've divided this challenge into 3 sets of 2-week challenges, and the 2nd one ended on Sunday. I was supposed to (1) Walk or run every day, (2) 3 strength workouts per week with one of them being a P90X workout, (3) 2 yoga per week (4) Work through 20 pages in a coding book (5) read 50 pages in my Spanish book. I did the walking, coding and Spanish. For the strength work, I basically did it, but the P90X DVDI meant to do was having trouble playing. I substituted a different video of equivalent difficulty, so that one's fine. For yoga, I missed a day (because I had to drive pretty far to get the vaccine). I did 2 classes that week, but one of them was my Saturday zoom class, and I didn't really have that in mind when I set the goal. So if I don't count the yoga, but do count the weights, that gives me 62/64 points. ----- For my final 2 weeks I'm simplifying a little: 1. 3 Strength workouts per week 2. Walk, run or bike every day 3. 50 pages Spanish book 4. Paint or draw something each week No points or rewards this time...the bike was already a huge splurge.
  3. ooooh I didn't know that. I think I would HATE it if I were a participant. But as a spectator on your thread, it's kind of fun 😉
  4. I may be just projecting, but why are we all so decrepit all of a sudden?? Hope your body pulls itself together and tomorrow is a much better day! Good job salvaging today with a change of scenery.
  5. No fun when you have the wrong shoes! Good that your back settled down after a while.
  6. Have done a couple of the "non-bike" peloton classes over the past couple of days and I mostly like them. Did a good strength class on Sunday (sore all over today) and a short yoga class today. I used to go into "the big city" every now and then to take a "hip hop yoga"class for fun [ok yoga purists won't be impressed, but it had some creative sequences and made me happy]. I've tried unsuccessfully to find something similar online over our past year-of-covid. The peloton yoga class had a similar vibe. It's just vinyasa/flow yoga with fun music. I also went for a 3-mile run today. I'm going to take 2 days off from running before trying another.
  7. Sounded like a good vacation! What's involved in the level 6 boss battle?
  8. If there were an award for "consistency," I think I would get it. My Monday weigh-ins have ranged between 146.8 and 146.2. I mostly joined the challenge because I was afraid of gaining while taking a (forced) break from running. So in that sense, it's going well... but I really do want to lose a few pounds. It's clearly not happening very fast with my current method. Going to count calories this week, and see if I can get a solid drop. I'm also going to be able to exercise more in the coming weeks, so I think I could be in a reasonably good position.
  9. That's lame. You are supposed to be able to do a race under your own power. Sometimes you can't, but you should be grateful to the people who are helping you bail out of a bad situation, not grouchy. One time I volunteered at an aid station of a trail ultra. One guy's drop bag wasn't there. I didn't know why...I didn't know where it was. I understood that he was really upset, but he was a complete ass about it. I offered to give him my personal headlamp and then he started grouching about not having his jacket. I finally just walked away and let someone else deal with him. I'm still mad at that jerk 2 years later. I can't imagine multiplying that interaction by 100. You are an angel.
  10. Not exactly. I'm not sure that specifically would help. It more like swelling and soreness toward the top of the foot. But I should probably be doing more massage, especially ice massage. Thanks for the suggestion! -------- I have the custom orthotic now and I *think* it helps. But it's not magic. I finally got fed up with not being able to work out hard, so I caved and ordered a Peloton. It shows up next week and I'm pretty excited about it. My brother (who lives several states away from me) has one and loves it. He said we could do some workouts together, which would be really nice. I do think I'll be able to start running soon-ish, but it seems like I'll have to keep my miles low for a while. AND I'm really bad at summer (hot weather) running. Back when I was working with a coach, he was always suggesting I mix in biking during the summer, but I didn't have a real bike. I think it will be good for me. It was a big splurge, but I have saved a lot of money over the past year.
  11. Great to hear that you are starting in person aikido again!
  12. Dang! I had missed a bunch of your posts. Not sure what the deal is, but I'm having a hard time keeping track of people with the new uni-guild format. Sorry you had so much chaos to deal with, and on top of everything, I feel like I have to apologize for my people... This is terrible.
  13. Just washed the shower curtain today (I'm counting for this challenge anything I do that's in addition to normal daily/weekly chores). I also found this really interesting post of suggestions for kitchen organizing. I've been interested in finding one of those pot lid organizers for a while. I really don't like my current set-up for pots and pans. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-weekly-mini-projects-kitchen?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  14. Hah! You can do it though. I'm exactly the same again this week. I was down ~1.5 lbs a few days ago though, so I'm at least bouncing around lower numbers.
  15. Thanks Jules! I decided on the 2-week chunks because I'm just not excited enough about any of my goals to commit to them for 5 weeks. This set-up seems to be working ok. I'm frustrated about my foot. I've run a total of 4 miles in the past 3+ weeks, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Walking seems to irritate it. I'm not sure what to do...I don't particularly enjoy walking for fitness, but I feel like I should be doing something....not sure if I should just keep on with what I'm doing or dial it back more. I get my permanent orthotic on Tuesday, so maybe that will somehow help. I could also go back to anti-inflammatories and/or icing. I don't know. Gonna give it another week or two before making any big changes. Week 2 re-cap 1. Strength training: Yup...two dumbbell workouts and one P90X workout. I liked the P90X video, so I'm happy to keep that in the rotation for a while. 2. Back-focused yoga routine 2x: Yup. My back has been kind of cranky the past few days, so I need to make sure to keep this up, and probably add some daily mobility stuff. Why am I getting so decrepit??! 3. Saturday morning yoga unless I have a good reason not to: I'm gonna call "good reason not to". I went for a walk at a beach park with my BFF. I did some extra exercise on Sunday to try to make up for it (got through half of another new-to-me P90X video...stopped this one halfway through because I had already done a lot of new moves and was nervous about overdoing it). 3b....actually just remembered I replaced this goal with working through 10 pages of my "R" book....which I did! 4. Walk or run outside every day: Yep. It was frankly disappointing. Ran 3 miles on Tuesday and was feeling pretty happy. Tried for another 3 miles on Thursday, but the over-the-counter orthotic was giving me problems (the arch was hitting against my heel) and I was afraid of making things worse. Stopped after a mile, turned around and walked home. This injury sucks. I know it could be a lot worse, but that's kind of what's suckiest about it. It doesn't hurt all that much, it just keeps me from doing what I want to do. 5. Read Love in the Time of Cholera: Yeah...I had some catching up to do tonight, but I made it through 25 pages for the week. ...Goal for Week 3 is pretty much to do the same thing. Will do more back rehab work. I guess I'll also see if the tires in my old clunker of a bike will still hold air. I kind of dislike biking, but maybe that would be easier on my foot than walking.
  16. Hope you find some more peace this week!
  17. Threw out various things including some old CDs, a t-shirt, unmatched socks, socks that I find annoying for one reason or another, extra parts to a standing desk. Cleaned the bottom shelf of the fridge. Cleared out a set of shelves and re-painted the shelves...partly because they needed it, and partly because it meant I could use up and throw out a half-empty can of paint. Yesterday a friend came over and brought 4 nice glasses that she doesn't use anymore...so yeah, gained 4 things. But I partly balanced it out by giving her two unused cosmetic items that I didn't want.
  18. Whole30 salad looks good! What's the ring fit? Is that something electronic or are you talking about an actual piece of jewelery (getting married?) ------------- I've been down about 1.5 lbs for the past few days. Hoping to lock this in for the week 🙂
  19. Cleaned out my scary spidery shed this morning (threw out a couple things, pulled out my patio furniture, tidied up overall). This is one of my less favorite spring jobs, but it's done now.
  20. More cleaning and decluttering today. Cleaned up some mail and cards. Also got rid of a bunch of old stuff at work.
  21. I weigh essentially the same again today, but not worried....I just got the new scale. It was reading almost a full pound lower yesterday. The numbers on my old scale didn't move very much ever (it had some kind of weird smoothing filter, I think), so I need to get used to the fluctuations of this one. BUT now that I have a working scale, it's time to really focus on this goal.
  22. Agree with Harriet! I loved reading about the things your bought at the fair. Also your Easter dinner sounded wonderful.
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