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  1. If he's actually hungry and not just craving just because he's used to eating more agrarian, then he should eat more. There are days, especially days where I'm strength training, where I find myself very ravenous. I just listen to my body and eat when I know I'm hungry, and now craving. I'm slowly moving from 5 to 4 meals per day (3 main large and 1 post workout, usually 24-30 g protein + 2-4 cups of veg for a main meal), and I find that if I eat enough during my main meals, ignore my usual meal times and eat intuitively I'm always satisfied and able to ignore cravings. It takes some trial
  2. The Clymb is a flash sale site like groupon or Beyond the Rack for sports related merch. Anything from hiking equipment, to camping gear, to heart rate monitors, to swim, dive, surf wear has been on sale.
  3. YESTERDAY Heavy Weight Training - 3 circuits, weight dependent on movement, 10-12 reps eachSumo SquatRowCurtsy LungeFrench PressSingle Leg DeadliftLateral Raise (6-8 reps)30 second PlankJump Rope 1 minTODAY 15 min HIIT
  4. Intervals w/ Working Recovery - Done 30 Min Yoga Session - Done Trying to keep it to 3 main meals and one snack today. After dinner, if I get hungry, I'm going to bed.
  5. Heavy Weight Circuit - 15 lbs in each hand, 12 reps each, 3 circuits SquatsBent Over RowStep Ups w/ KneeOverhead PressSplit SquatChest PressOpposite Arm Leg ExtensionJump Rope 1 min100 Push Up Challenge Day 2 6 good form push ups - 60 sec rest8 good form push ups - 60 sec rest6 good form push ups - 60 sec rest6 good form push ups - 60 sec restat least 7 good form push ups - could only manage 7Didn't do my Nike training club circuits today. I feel like I'm over training, so I'm aiming for working out once a day. I get some good cardio during my weight circuit, with so many lower body exerci
  6. Water packed tuna with tomatoes. I keep a jar of trail mix with almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas and coconut flakes. Hard eggs or scrambled eggs w/ some veggies. I keep my freezer backed with frozen veg and fruit for snack emergencies. Frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are awesome snacks.
  7. I'm the same way about nature~ I'm certain it's out to get me. Being allergic to grass is just, I don't know, I don't understand why my body hates me. ANYWAY. I spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews and when I want to do active type things with them without exposing myself to the outdoors, I always turn it into a game. As long as you're super enthused, they will be to I've found. I can get away with about a half hour of calisthenics if I tell them I'm training to be a superhero. I do the same thing with arty stuff, reading, etc. To be honest, I'm just an over grown child who ha
  8. Pft I never thought of that. That would be a really good idea if it wasn't so hot and oppressively humid outside by 5 am every morning. But that's definitely something I'll keep in mind for the future!
  9. Intervals w/ Working Recovery - Done 30 Min Yoga Session - Done Still sore from yesterday, but still managed all of my recovery endurance reps, which I don't think I've ever done before, so that's cool. Out of Whey protein, decided to go with egg this time since I'm trying to cut as much milk product out as I can for the month in an attempt to be friends with my body, it hating the stuff and all. It's also a few calories and carbs lower, and only sweetened with sucralose instead of acesalfame k. All I can hope is that it tastes as good as the whey, because that stuff is addictive.
  10. Oh gosh I wish I was in Italy right now. Roma especially, so much pre-season football to be watching right now! I totally want to start doing pull ups, but we don't have a bar here in my apartment gym and my doors don't accommodate a pull up bar. And I love that you've accepted your body shape. That's something I know a lot of people can't get over - not being able to change your genes, etc. Anyway, welcome to the rebellion before I talk your ears (or eyeballs I guess) off!
  11. I've actually gone to the doctor for my middle of the night insomnia. I stop drinking well before bed time to cut out the chances of waking up to go to the bathroom. No tv, no computer in bed. I keep my room cool so I don't wake up from being too hot. I block all lights, including the display on the dvr/dvd/etc. If it takes longer than 20 mins to go back to sleep, I get up, walk around. If I'm hungry, I eat something small (I absolutely cannot sleep if I'm hungry). If I'm still up, I purposely try not to go back to sleep and that usually works if all else fails. Trying to force yourself
  12. It's been months since I played WoW (school getting in the way and such). And I'm just as verbose when I delurk, yay wordiness twins. AND. And. I also have set a tattoo goal for myself when I hit my body fat goal, I'm not sure what (I'm thinking the Jedi Code, or the Capitoline Wolf right now). Anyway, welcome and I hope the comm can keep you motivated toward your goals!
  13. I think it's personal preference. I like to do my weight strength training before I do my cardio simply because my cardio will tire me out and I wont be able to lift as heavy as I could. I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make if you're just doing body weight resistance. It might just be something you want to try both ways to see how you feel and figure out your preference.
  14. Heavy Weight Circuit - done 3x no rest; 18lbs in each hand Front Lunge w/ Glute Lift - 12 repsModified Push Ups - 12 repsDeadlift - 12 reps - work on formSingle Arm Dumbbell Row - 12 reps each sideHip Raises - 12 repsChest Fly - 12 repsJump Rope - 1 minPlank - 30 sec100 Push Up Challenge Day 1 6 good form push ups - rest 60 sec6 good form push ups - rest 60 sec4 good form push ups - rest 60 sec4 good form push ups - rest 60 secmax (at least 5) - did 6 before muscle failureNike Training Club Get Lean - Fighter Fit 30 min Interval Tried my first fast today. Didn't want to do anything too lon
  15. I've gotten a lot of my Paleo recipes and general ideas from nom nom Paleo. She's also just a hilarious read.
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