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  1. Nice one Deslok. It is definitely harder than it looks! I started up Energy for the first time thinking there would be no chance I'd have to modify it to make it easier. It humbled me
  2. Week 1 Results Goals: Meditate at least 15 minutes every day. (2 CON and 2 WIS) The book I am learning from is called 'Teach Yourself To Meditate' by Eric Harrison. It recommends that I try a variety of different meditation methods a few times and then identify which one is the best for me. Here is what I did this week: Day 1: Breath meditation. I definitely felt more relaxed at the end, but my mind wandered a lot. Appropriate quote from the book: "If we had as little control over our bodies as we do our minds, we wouldn't make it down a flight of stairs alive". Day 2: Breath meditatio
  3. http://botchedspot.com/comic/ddp-everyday-things/
  4. Hey, I'm doing DDP Yoga as part of my current challenge. I got acquainted with the Diamond Dozen before the challenge started and have done Energy 3 times this week. Going to give Fat Burner a try tomorrow. How long had you been doing it before your space got blocked?
  5. Hey, I'm not sure of the exact nature of your hip injury, but I did this as part of my MobilityWOD challenge yesterday and thought that it might be of use to you. http://www.mobilitywod.com/2010/08/episode-02-dont-go-in-the-pain-cave/
  6. Good goals apike! An 18 month injury must be so demoralising. I'll be sure to check in to this thread with anything useful I learn about hip mobility along my current challenge.
  7. Thanks very much, I'm sure I will. In answer to your question: I'm using a set of calipers and this calculator: http://www.linear-software.com/online.html to measure body fat %. I use the Jackson/Pollock 3 method as it's the most practical to do alone. The calipers are not at all expensive, but I do find that they underestimate body fat by around 1% Thanks Sunmage! I'll admit I had to google vipassana meditation, told you I was a novice! I'm really looking forward to learning to meditate. Thanks apike, I'll be sure to post my experiences regularly.
  8. Right on about moderation! That's what I love about Paleo. I'm glad you're in a happy place and wish you the best of luck with this challenge!
  9. Good luck Haku, I'm sure you'll smash it!
  10. Hello there, Druids. This is my 3rd challenge. I started with building new habits in my 1st and then using these habits to lose body fat with the Adventurers in my 2nd. The reason that I came to the Druids is so that I can start to: Main quest: Build habits that will protect my body and mind from harm. Harm to the body and mind comes in many forms: injury, illness, stress, anxiety, etc. I am not saying that this challenge will completely eliminate these things from my life, but it will give me the tools to prevent them as well as a means to deal with them when they do arise. Success in t
  11. I just thought I'd say hello to the Druids and that I plan to join your ranks when the next challenge starts. I'm looking forward to trying things that I am currently a complete novice at (yoga and meditation) and meeting the Druid family.
  12. End of Week 6 statistics: Height- 6' 3" Weight- 180 lbs Body fat %- 13 Workout a minimum of 5 days every week: Monday- Dodgeball League day Tuesday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Wednesday- DDP Yoga Thursday- Karate training Friday- Interval training (Running) Saturday- Solo Karate training Sunday-None 5/5 Gave DDP Yoga a try as I will be using it a lot in my next challenge. Eat Paleo: 80% Not too bad. I went to a party with my old University friends and had planned in advance to let my nutrition slide by just the right amount. Join a health/fitness related club that I have no previous
  13. 1. Bought myself a Nerd Fitness shirt. Can't wait for it to arrive 2. Firstly, I love the fact that through perseverance, I was able to become really good at a sport (Dodgeball) when previously, I was terrible at every sport I tried. Secondly, I love that I have realised which career path I wish to follow at a young age. Thirdly, I love that I am an optimist, but not to the point of being naive. Happy Valentines Day Mateys!
  14. A nice big Paleo breakfast that I keep coming back to: 1 roughly chopped Romaine lettuce heart Take a tin of mackerel in olive oil Drizzle the oil from the tin over the lettuce Break the mackerel up and add to the lettuce Add a little black pepper. It's awesome if you don't mind a cold breakfast.
  15. End of Week 5 statistics: Height- 6' 3" Weight- 176 lbs Body fat %- 13 Workout a minimum of 5 days every week: Monday- Dodgeball League day Tuesday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Wednesday- Interval training (Running) Thursday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Friday- Interval training (Running) Saturday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Sunday- Interval training (Running) 5/5 Great week for working out as I got one in every day and can now get through 3 BBWW circuits without stopping! Also my team in this new local Dodgeball league did not drop a single game, so that's good too Eat Paleo: 90%
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