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  1. Nice one Deslok. It is definitely harder than it looks! I started up Energy for the first time thinking there would be no chance I'd have to modify it to make it easier. It humbled me
  2. Week 1 Results Goals: Meditate at least 15 minutes every day. (2 CON and 2 WIS) The book I am learning from is called 'Teach Yourself To Meditate' by Eric Harrison. It recommends that I try a variety of different meditation methods a few times and then identify which one is the best for me. Here is what I did this week: Day 1: Breath meditation. I definitely felt more relaxed at the end, but my mind wandered a lot. Appropriate quote from the book: "If we had as little control over our bodies as we do our minds, we wouldn't make it down a flight of stairs alive". Day 2: Breath meditatio
  3. http://botchedspot.com/comic/ddp-everyday-things/
  4. Hey, I'm doing DDP Yoga as part of my current challenge. I got acquainted with the Diamond Dozen before the challenge started and have done Energy 3 times this week. Going to give Fat Burner a try tomorrow. How long had you been doing it before your space got blocked?
  5. Hey, I'm not sure of the exact nature of your hip injury, but I did this as part of my MobilityWOD challenge yesterday and thought that it might be of use to you. http://www.mobilitywod.com/2010/08/episode-02-dont-go-in-the-pain-cave/
  6. Good goals apike! An 18 month injury must be so demoralising. I'll be sure to check in to this thread with anything useful I learn about hip mobility along my current challenge.
  7. Thanks very much, I'm sure I will. In answer to your question: I'm using a set of calipers and this calculator: http://www.linear-software.com/online.html to measure body fat %. I use the Jackson/Pollock 3 method as it's the most practical to do alone. The calipers are not at all expensive, but I do find that they underestimate body fat by around 1% Thanks Sunmage! I'll admit I had to google vipassana meditation, told you I was a novice! I'm really looking forward to learning to meditate. Thanks apike, I'll be sure to post my experiences regularly.
  8. Right on about moderation! That's what I love about Paleo. I'm glad you're in a happy place and wish you the best of luck with this challenge!
  9. Good luck Haku, I'm sure you'll smash it!
  10. Hello there, Druids. This is my 3rd challenge. I started with building new habits in my 1st and then using these habits to lose body fat with the Adventurers in my 2nd. The reason that I came to the Druids is so that I can start to: Main quest: Build habits that will protect my body and mind from harm. Harm to the body and mind comes in many forms: injury, illness, stress, anxiety, etc. I am not saying that this challenge will completely eliminate these things from my life, but it will give me the tools to prevent them as well as a means to deal with them when they do arise. Success in t
  11. I just thought I'd say hello to the Druids and that I plan to join your ranks when the next challenge starts. I'm looking forward to trying things that I am currently a complete novice at (yoga and meditation) and meeting the Druid family.
  12. End of Week 6 statistics: Height- 6' 3" Weight- 180 lbs Body fat %- 13 Workout a minimum of 5 days every week: Monday- Dodgeball League day Tuesday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Wednesday- DDP Yoga Thursday- Karate training Friday- Interval training (Running) Saturday- Solo Karate training Sunday-None 5/5 Gave DDP Yoga a try as I will be using it a lot in my next challenge. Eat Paleo: 80% Not too bad. I went to a party with my old University friends and had planned in advance to let my nutrition slide by just the right amount. Join a health/fitness related club that I have no previous
  13. 1. Bought myself a Nerd Fitness shirt. Can't wait for it to arrive 2. Firstly, I love the fact that through perseverance, I was able to become really good at a sport (Dodgeball) when previously, I was terrible at every sport I tried. Secondly, I love that I have realised which career path I wish to follow at a young age. Thirdly, I love that I am an optimist, but not to the point of being naive. Happy Valentines Day Mateys!
  14. A nice big Paleo breakfast that I keep coming back to: 1 roughly chopped Romaine lettuce heart Take a tin of mackerel in olive oil Drizzle the oil from the tin over the lettuce Break the mackerel up and add to the lettuce Add a little black pepper. It's awesome if you don't mind a cold breakfast.
  15. End of Week 5 statistics: Height- 6' 3" Weight- 176 lbs Body fat %- 13 Workout a minimum of 5 days every week: Monday- Dodgeball League day Tuesday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Wednesday- Interval training (Running) Thursday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Friday- Interval training (Running) Saturday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Sunday- Interval training (Running) 5/5 Great week for working out as I got one in every day and can now get through 3 BBWW circuits without stopping! Also my team in this new local Dodgeball league did not drop a single game, so that's good too Eat Paleo: 90%
  16. Welcome Matt! Props for owning up to your past mistake and making the decision to change your life. Enjoy the forum dude!
  17. All exercises look good except the calf raises as they only work one muscle group and are not very functional. I'd say you would be better off replacing them with step ups or jumping (tuck jumps or skipping rope). I also agree with adding some pulling movements for your upper body. Best thing you can do is start and see if you can find any flaws through actually doing it (although I totally understand that you want to get it as balanced and efficient as it can be before starting).
  18. I already stretch after every workout but I learned a few new ones from the video in that article.
  19. End of Week 4 statistics: Height- 6' 3" Weight- 175 lbs Body fat %- 14 My fat loss has dropped to a healthy amount per week now (2 lbs). It seemed a bit much losing 8 lbs in my first week! Workout a minimum of 5 days every week: Monday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Tuesday- Interval training (Running) Wednesday- Dodgeball and beginner bodyweight circuits Thursday- Interval training (Running) Friday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Saturday- None Sunday- Interval training (Running) 5/5 Starting to work harder and harder as I can feel myself improving every week. Eat Paleo: 90% Paleo was e
  20. I recommend interval training: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/01/27/kick-your-ass-and-kickstart-your-metabolism-in-20-minutes/ You may find that more fun than just running steadily and it's a more efficient workout! However, you may find that you just don't like any kind of running, which is fine. Don't do the exercise if you don't enjoy it. Find an alternative. Jump rope, walk, get involved in a sport, anything you like. As for your closing point, anyone who is looking to improve their lives belongs on this forum, so don't worry, you belong.
  21. Hey, how is your challenge going? Where in Middle Earth are you? Have you made it to Bree?
  22. Hey, how is it going? Can you do the 30 minutes non-stop yet?
  23. End of Week 3 statistics: Height- 6' 3" Weight- 177 lbs Body fat %- 14 Workout a minimum of 5 days every week: Monday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Tuesday- Interval training (Running) Wednesday- Dodgeball Thursday- Beginner bodyweight circuits Friday- None Saturday- Interval training (Running) Sunday- None 5/5 for workouts and I'll be gradually upping that intensity for the second half of this challenge. Eat Paleo: 95% Paleo again. Seems to be a number that I can maintain pretty well. Join a health/fitness related club that I have no previous experience in: My martial art has been ch
  24. Props for working out in the snow Eddard! We're almost at the halfway point now, keep it up.
  25. I am usually stocked with bags of frozen vegetables and tinned fish for convenience. However, in honour of this mini challenge, I went ahead and made a big jar of marinade/rub that most of my meat for this challenge will now be cooked in or with. Unfortunately, I can't upload photos but the recipe was: 1 part shredded green chillies 2 parts crushed garlic 2 parts crushed ginger 1 part olive oil All mixed together and now no messy food prep every time I want to add a little flavour to something.
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