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  1. 218.5 LB this morning Enjoyed tracking detailedly for a bit, it helped learn what can add up. Still finding how I will workout. Work is going well, now during busy time of AEP. The big step for health is finding balance and eating well while mobile.
  2. I am down on weight yesterday and today, I will wait until after the weekend to post weight. We got birthday food today, and d&d tomorrow. Should still be down. I have not been tracking as much recently but staying aware. I may try and get back to tracking next week. Work is starting to pump up AEP is starting next week for Medicare and Open enrollment will soon after for under 65. I had an early (62) retireiry call me from large local employer had a good time helping him plan already getting refferals.
  3. Ate fun food with reasonable control over weekend. Monday read high on scale. Today 222.2 so recovered quick from weekend.
  4. the scale this morning was 222.6! so recovered and then some from Sundays food. also, that is over 10-pound loss from the high 233 weight. I think 233 was a tempory high, but it was still on the scale. Note I started one week before this 5-week challenge... so I am on a 6-week challenge... I have not been entering my food when it is a common day, mostly just for off days to keep in check as much as can. This weekend will be well off: - Friday Sisters prewedding party and food. -Saturday will have party food with 5 guests over most of the day. (plan to keep reasonable with veggie and fruit tray lunch) -Sunday sisters wedding so wedding food...
  5. This finished week, I was doing well and was down to 224.4 Sunday morning. Sunday we ate out, had a birthday, and D&D... so that was an off day. back to 226.x this morning. I think it will go back down quickly will see what it is tomorrow after one clean day. At this point think I will be down to 220 at the end of this challenge now.
  6. Nice diary, looks like most days are green so that is good!
  7. Woot woot. On the Broccoli (that I eat most days) I recommend buying the "florets" then you get just the "trees" and not the stems. That is my preference. The foods I am surprised by calorie density: Cheese, pastas these I keep to a pass or really limit.
  8. Here you see D&D with Taco Bueno Tortilla have a lot of calories and are not filling. 3 party burritos...
  9. Update. Doing well Week back one 3 LB loss, two 2 LB loss Down 5LB 226 this morning. Also seem losing Fat! Home body fat % test 09/13/2019. 229LB. 30% body 09/23/2019. 226LB. 28.6% My nutrition has three focuses Calorie count- current 1500 Macros - about 25-30% protein Food types- minimum sugar, preservatives, unknowns, breads Some one or two days week I eat something fun that slacks on one item on food types, and some times that lowers protein for that day. Sunday is my D&D meetup this week I ate my full 2000 calories with D&D night but that is ok ones a weekish.
  10. I am enjoying logging and watching calories and macros. I know many think it is a burden, for me it feels like part of my RPG or RPLife. It is my resource management.
  11. Eggs are a regular for me and will continue to be while I push on. My pans are not being as antistick as they once were and would like to invest in new what some recommendations. I have used a Copper, one that came with pan set, and Cuisinart All did well/ok and faded over use. I like being able to cook my eggs without adding oil etc.
  12. Mon & Tuesday good, I treated myself with the impossible burger after a work success, after but I adjusted my eating for the day to stay in parameters.
  13. First week passed since reboot. I had a wedding party that I did ok at, think I could have limited my second plate and I need to learn it is ok to waist food more often when I realize I have had enough. Also had a long tabletop game day, this forced off eating. I prepared with light eating before, while there had a filler with a banana. When it came to the main I did eat pizza but I am ok with doing so infrequently at group gatherings. They were medium pizzas I stopped my self at 4 slices (cheese pizza) some may find that a lot, but for me that was control knowing there was still more. Weight update Last week Sunday scale said 233, but Monday 231 think Sunday's may have been more a fluke. This morning 228 LB 3-5 LB drop woot woot over obviously happy with weight drop, more so happy with nutrition. Still learning tricks for me Attached two days eating, very simple and boring mostly, good for me.
  14. Having a partner would really help. I would recommend finding someone even online to check you technique from video if you have to limit bad habits.
  15. I am lacto ovo, eggs have been super cheap. Dried beans and rice are obvious. I dont do much for meals right now, mostly basic food with seasoning
  16. I am vegetarian this topic can expand how ever people like. I eat eggs, veggies, beans.... (these regularly) Right now I use a seasoning from Walmart called "complete" that I like but would like more. I seen adds for "flavor god" they have many and some are fun like "pizza" and all meet certain health requirements. Anyone try these??? (I also use salsa)
  17. I have also started a journal so will see what I share where. BACKGROUND past did TKD for 10 years in that time ran an academy for a few years early 20s lean high endurance weight 160-180 been married 12 years this year After leaving TKD and moving spent 5 years working in an industrial setting RECENT/PRESENT 233 LB 5'11' male Two daughter married Profession insurance odd schedule, no built-in fitness fitness this year, the only consistency is walking I am a vegetarian NINJA DISAPLEN Consistent weight loss through good nutrition get 224LB (today weighed in at 229 LB) Food intake will be tracked daily calorie target (revaluated number every two weeks based on body response and fitness aiming for 500 calorie deficit) current 1500 daily quality food daily veggies calories 20-35% protein Secondary Apocalypse fitness Min 4 15 min+ workouts per week Sword, kicks, punches, simple strength Get gym membership start to plan weight strength (this will be focus later) other Get a foundation for work to be ready going into AEP (Medicare main season OCT 15th-DEC 7th) Preform at gym partner add more events for gym Greenville and add other locations Add 4 more places with events This week was the first week on my reboot, this time I am doing nutrition as primary, and fitness as a secondary. With that in this first 5 week, I am not set much for the fitness, just a little to keep focused on my eating. Hurdles Sisters wedding and accompanying events, keeping at or near on those three days Keeping control minimum cheese, breads/pastas knowing I do not need sugar treats big or small
  18. So far with MON-FRI I am seeing weight loss, expecting to see larger drop early then stabilize over time, aiming for a consistency of about 1LB per week. Fitness Currently I do regular walking I currently have 15-20 min home, random workout kicks Jump rope sword Bodyweight strength stretching/yoga Got new Kinect dancing games doing with girls I may be getting a gym membership soon, will see when and how I fit in. My planing combination of open advice, having fun, openness to schedule flexibility, and guidance from a friend who I consider a non-credited expert Workouts with being pushed around based on work My sister is getting married next month, so we have a few special meals, including a Mexican event tonight (I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD.... ) this will be a mission to not break calorie target with this tonight... and the other special eatings...
  19. I have tried half started to many times DATA male turn 35 OCT Weight 233LB on 09/01/2019 Height 5' 11" Married Two daughters 8 & 11 Profession Sales insurance, schedule varies will be heavy Oct 15-DEC 15 ish I am Lacto-ovo-vegetarian WANTS Brief not fully detailed out, more to come get eating right and consistent for a lifetime with 35 and on lifestyle Loss Fat, cut weight current target under 200 LB long term will be decided in the journey Strength Want both bodyweight strength and weight lifting strength Such as a set of 10 pullups deadlift need to research but 1.5-2X bodyweight Apocalypse ninja skills, get back my reasonable level Martial Arts skills (would like to find a place I like that I can spar) (trained 10 years+ and ran a TKD school) endurance for strength, Sparring (if I can get sparring I am happy with), activities with the family this time: Diet nutrition first phase one focus point is food. Started this week. Focusing on quality foods, regular servings of Veggies Getting enough protein to maintain and grow lean muscle mass, aiming for close to 30% Protein Tracking, at least for a while to really know calories, Macronutrients, and have a record to look back at Current Bench targets 1,500 calories per day to create a deficit, will evaluate every two weeks to keep the deficit to reflect workout and bodies acceptance about 30% protein (flex 5%) each way Largest % Carbs, but coming from mainly from Veggies, Bean, etc (minimum grains) I started Monday so far I feel good no problem with the calorie level What my eating looks like: BREAKFAST 4 eggs 1-2 cups Veggies(Onions pepers blend) Salsa SNACK/LUNCH Banana Whey Protein 30g, with 2 cups Almand milk DINNER Black Beans seasoned one serving of Cheddar Salsa Veggies (such as a bag of broccoli, stirfry veggies, California blend) Greek yogurt Some times leaves 100-300 calorie other Yreka of the weeks: you get calories quick from Bread/pasta and cheese if you don't watch, as I did. This is the big area that got me fat...
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