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  1. Gainsdalf: after much consideration i decided to scrap the leg press and just use the squat. I guess i din't do enough research when i jumped right into it. Thanks for taking the time to explain to me. I'm hopping i'll be trong enought to do propper pullups once i become tronger through the lt pulldowns.
  2. mmm, i duno, usually nobody uses the bar on the millitary press at my gym. Ok in all seriousness i'll look arround in the sports section at wal mart.
  3. That's right, i neglected to include ab work.I thought 2 mins jump rope warmup would have been ok, but i should probably ad something stronger. I did look at the ab wheel suggestion and found this alternative using a barbell:
  4. I honestly can't explain that myself. I guess maybe its not my spine then. So votes are in: squats=absolutely essential got it! Also: for those wondering about my bodyfat% it's been awhile since i measured myself so i was just estimating 12-13% it may even be 14% or more.i'll know for sure in a few days.
  5. not sure, but i would say the second option (5x3or 5x5)? speed isin't exactly my concern as much as getting stronger and bigger while having fun. If my new plan helps in making it fun and yet challenging then that's good enough for me. 5x5 always felt like a chore for me at some parts. While other exercises i could do it again and couldn't wait for the next workout.
  6. That's the thing, the program i got is actually meant as a beginer program.Either way its got basic compound exercises, the only thing i'm adding are curls for direct biceps work. I also came across the idea for that program while looking at tips for people with my body type (skinny fat). I'm pretty sure i'll gain at least some decent strenght through it. I did replace pull ups with lat pull downs because i can't do a proper pull up yet. but once i have the strenght i'll switch to old fashioned pull-ups. Do you do barbell rows or some other kind of variation?
  7. so do you suggest adding curls on both workout days? ex: workout A ez bar curls, workout B preacher curls Also how many sets/reps 3x10?
  8. I realize the importance of squats, but leg press or V squat might be safer for me, and besides i could always switch to barbell squats in the future. But nevertheless i will consider your advice. Also: do you have any suggestions for adding arm/bicep work to the program?
  9. Hi El! Good to talk to you again. I'm actually looking for squat alternatives, since my family has a big history of back problems. Plus the last time i did the barbell squat it never felt right unlike the other exercises (i'm not quite sure how to explain it, i tried to shake off the felling thinking this was normal). I later realized it may be because i don't have the spine for it. Another alternative my gym has is the V squat http://i.ytimg.com/vi/JJ4xSbUqo2s/maxresdefault.jpg It does squats but it helps the back. I tried front squats once: bad idea!
  10. I din't know they added that option, thanks for the info! This is my 3rd attempt at fitness. I've fallen a few times but along the way i learned a thing or two. Thanks for the word of confidence.
  11. Hey all! I'm back again after being in limbo for awhile (all about it here:http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/57820-spent-some-time-in-limbo-now-im-back/ ) After doing some research and i'm currently experimenting on designing a new program. I need your input people. Stats: Male 26 ~150 lbs. 5'10" 12-13% BF (?) Body type: Skinnyfat (skinny with little muscle and excess fat) My workout will take place at my local YMCA. My diet will consist of bulking and my goal is to gain size (priority) and some strenght. Before i stopped i did strong lifts, and while it was a good experience i realize now it may not have been the program i needed. You see my goal is not to become super strong or a powerlifter but to gain size and some base strength. Once i have reached my initial goal and gotten some base strength, then i may do stronglifts to get stronger. The workout: (taken from here:http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/the-beginner-weight-training-workout-routine/ ) 3 days/week no more then 45 mins-1hour. Like stromglifts there's 2 workouts A-B alternating in 3 days A: Leg press 3x8-10 Bench press 3x8-10 Rows 3x8-10 note: After consulting my doctor and doing some research decided to replace squats with leg press, i'm well aware squats are a superior exercise as well as being important, but they still work the legs just fine.I can also switch to squats after a few months or work on my stabilizers as well, i would appreciate if you din't try to dissuade me. B: Deadlifts 3x8-10 Lat pulldown 3x8-10 overhead press 3x8-10 Note: the lat pulldowns are because i'm not cable of doing single proper pull-up yet. I m not hove using machines to achieve my goals. Its using too many machines and not doing enough free weights that i find is the real evil. So my workout i fairly compound. Though i find that like strong lifts, it lacks biceps work, a muscle that seriously needs work on me. Doe anyone have any suggestions? Also i apologize if this post is too long or i missed something.
  12. Well i'm back. A little background: bcd rely tho umber i tried doing stronglifts, it worked well for bout 2 month until all of a sudden i fell ill. Maybe it was influenza, because i ended up being ill for bout 3 week in July. And even after i got out of bed i still felt weak and hd jut enough energy for my workplace, the thought of the gym made me sick and then i just became lethargic. Also life caught up with me and i had project i wanted to do,so i decided to put the gym aside until new the new year and do other things instead. Ft forward last week: I had chocking accident at work and had to be taken to the hospital then next day. After my throat was freed the doctor told me i had to cut bcd on dairy and wheat. after checking out of the hospital, i was glad i was ok again, but the thought of cutting (not completely, mind you) not only cheese and ice cream. But there was also the matter of cutting important food like greek yogurt and whey protein, things i was dependent on during my bulking phase. It drove me nuts to think i would have to throw away the only chance i have of getting big! But nobody seemed to take me Seriously! See, until i sat down and explained it to them my parents din't get why i was so upset about. So for the next few days i was depressed thinking "what am i going to do?" My only chance flew out of the window! (or so i thought). Until i remembered this place and the advice i received over time.I also remembered paleo articles and that inspired me to look for other options. I searched and searched for options, I also found out there's lactose free whey protein (a suggestion i got at the hospital from one of the nurse guy's was to look for juice-type lactose free whey). There's even lactose free Greek yogurt. So after doing some research, i'm back on my feet and i feel the motivation i need to get back in the gym. It's going to take some adjusting to my new diet but at least now i have some new guidance. Anybody have any more ideas to pitch? Ps. i'm happy to be healthy again and back to NF
  13. I've been into archery sice i learned how to handle a bow while i was in scouts. I live in the country, so there's plenty of room to shoot, including an abandoned field. I'm just a casual hobby archer, but i like compound bows.If i could i would love to get a medieval english longbow.I'm thinking about making my own bows out of PVC soon.
  14. I think it was mostly the squat deadlift and OHP that was really hard, everything else was fine. I din't try the lat pulldown yet, how much weight would you recommend i start with, something just hard but not too hard to do 12 reps?
  15. I'll rest for a few days, if i'm not better by then a trip to the doc is very likely. how would you suggest i get back on track once i'm better? should i just pick-up the same weight as i did before i got sick?
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