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  1. Hey Guys, I just started a bit of weightlifting and working on pull-ups/chin ups. Even though I''m not lifting too heavy yet, I'm already seeing callouses form. My friend who is "training" me suggested that I get gloves, but I'm not sure what kind I should buy and I don't want to spend a ton of money on something that won't work for me. I'm a female with very small hands and I'm afraid some of the gloves that have a lot of padding would interfere with my grip. I also don't want to go too expensive, preferably under $20. However, if the gloves are literally the best thing since sliced bread
  2. Thank you! That does clear things up!
  3. I keep hearing conflicting information about how many reps someone should do. I'm trying to a get a strong but lean figure and I thought I read in an article somewhere on here for weight training that you should do high weight low rep for that. However, everyone I talk to/see on the internet suggests that doing that would give me "bulky muscle". Can anyone help clear this up for me?
  4. 2nd Week Update -Workouts: - Monday: treadmill interval training -- 221 calories, 2.06 miles, 25:07 minutes - Wednesday: first weight training class -- just worked on machines, began a beginner's salsa class that was in the evening for 1 hr and 1/2 - food: - I'm sticking to only one serving of grain a day pretty well, I sometimes slipped up this week. - homework: - completed every hw assignment
  5. Homework's going well! I'm kinda cheating the system a little bit, because one class doesn't actually collect the hw so if I have too much going on I put it off till I have time to do it. But, as long as I do every assignment I consider the goal fulfilled.
  6. First Week Update -since this week was crazy food situation wise with moving and the lack of food, I'm not counting it towards the total 6 weeks. -Workouts on Tuesday and Saturday Tuesday: 333 cal. 3.09 miles, 34:00 minutes -I received the Starting Strength book and read up on how the program works and how to properly do a squat
  7. First mini-challenge -thinking back on my last challenge, the reason I only got a B was because some things I would just forget about or I would be so busy I'd push off a workout. -Looking at my old goals, I know they're a little too high so I'm deciding to change 2 of them. 1. the workout 3 times a week: this would be ideal however, realistically with school and other things going on in my life, I might let the third workout slip. So I'm going to change it to 2 times a week 2. cut out grains: the last week has been interesting food-wise. I was at home partially and then I was movin
  8. Hey everyone thanks for commenting! 1. I'm keeping my main goal vague on purpose. The main goal is basically to complete the missions. I don't have the time right now to fully devote to tracking %bf and stuff like that. It's more about how I feel about myself and less about the stats. It's good to see when I'm improving but I see that by increasing time, speed, or distance on the treadmill and increasing weights with lifts. I also do not have a caliper. I am taking measurements though. I don't want to set a goal for those however because I'm not sure how my body will react to the weight lif
  9. Hi! Your goals look a handful but I believe you can do it! Especially with your desire to really get your sleep on track! With you taking your ipad to bed, I do the same, but it might be better if you could get your hands on a physical book that's not a screen. I've read a lot of articles that talk about the light from screens keeping people awake and making it harder to fall asleep. here's a short little snippet that gives a little more scientific explanation. http://thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/135041-study-gadgets-disrupt-sleep
  10. Your goals look awesome! Good luck this challenge! And, good outlook for moving forward! We all sometimes go a little too far in indulging. As long as you get back in the game, that's what matters!
  11. @Jill Beat: Yea, I definitely relate to that! Organized exercise is usually what get's my butt off the couch to start with. My cardio fitness class last semester is what got me more motivated and thinking about really trying to dive into fitness, and then I stumbled upon this site. Thanks for the advice! I'm trying to not be so stressed this semester and I'm planning on taking only 12 credits so that's why I want to really do well in the classes I'm taking. @TennisGeek: That's good to hear that you could tell the difference by cutting out wheat/beans. I used to be a big bean eater because
  12. Hey Everyone! So this will be my 2nd challenge. I'm an undergrad studying at university looking to get a B.S. in biomedical engineering. I originally thought I was going to go to med school and then the difficulty of classes (and the amount of time it takes) hit, so right now I'm exploring options and looking into internships. Anyways with fitness, I've really been thinking about getting into weight training and the more I read about it the more excited I am to get into it. I'm not that sure on how to start, but luckily my school offers a weight training gym class and I'm taking t
  13. Holiday Update! Week 2 aka week before second official challenge! Monday, 30th: tried the advanced bodyweight circuit workout. Wow, that was difficult on the arms. I also had to make do with inverted body weight rows instead of pull ups and chin ups because I don't have a bar. I also just left out the dips because I didn't have anything available in my basement to do it. Also, only did one cycle since I was short on time and had to be somewhere. Friday, January 3rd: went to he gym today, did some interval hill training on the treadmill. I went up to 6.5 mi/hr and it was difficult but I
  14. Holiday Update! Week 1: Tuesday, 24th: Christmas Eve---worked out with my mom at the gym and got a month membership for my break. Ran about half a mile and did an ending sprint. Did some squats and arm work and then began to feel faint so I had to cut the workout short. This used to happen a lot to me in high school because of a combination of low blood sugar/low blood pressure. I think I just didn't eat enough before the workout. Friday, 27th: worked out at they gym again today. Did interval hill training on the treadmill. When I was running, I went 6 mi/hr which is really fast for m
  15. Summary of challenge, basically copied from my thread. I started late so this is really only four weeks. For the roleplaying, I'm giving myself 1 point for WIS for completing my life goal of finishing the novel, and 1 point for STR for completing my 15 push-ups goal. I could give myself partial points for my other goals, but I don't want to bother with fractions plus I feel like I haven't really *earned* those points. Excited for the next challenge! I'll begin my journey by joining the adventurer's guild.
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