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  1. I like your measurable goals! And good job realizing quickly that your piano goal was unrealistic and changing it - no need to set yourself up to fail.
  2. Tuesday Rise and Shine: ✔️ - working on baby's sleep, read my devotional on the kindle app Work it out - nope Pump - yup Food tracking - went over on calories thanks to date night drinks but not by much. Turns out that when I was under the other day, it didn't affect my supply at all, so I wonder if I need to adjust my goals. That bridesmaid's dress ain't gonna wear itself. Social Media - I was so good, despite the temptation being SO HIGH. I was stressed out which triggered cravings for both social media and sweets. I caved a little on the sweets, see ^^ but didn't
  3. Thank you!! Right now, I'm reading "How to Study Your Bible: Discover the Life-Changing Approach to God's Word". I want to be able to dive deep into the Bible on my own, so I'm reading this to get a game plan on how to do that, then I think I'm going to start at the beginning Thanks!! ---- So I have an official goal change alert to my Rise and Shine goal. I'm clearly not going to get up at 5 if I'm up from 3-5 with the LR. Then I'm just getting up at 3, which is not sustainable. So the new goal is to work on following through with our sleep
  4. I didn't realize this technically started on Sunday or I would have updated about my weekend. So here's a super update: Saturday Early rising ✖️ Tracking food ✖️ Pumping - eh. It's harder on the weekends to want to pump in between feedings. I got the fancy portable pumps but its still weird for me to hold him while I'm pumping and bending over with them on isn't recommended Workout ✔️ yay! I did a strength workout and a foot mobility workout Social media ✔️ Sunday Early rising ✖️ But I went to church so I'm considering that as bible study
  5. Excellent introspection and re-prioritization. Nice work!
  6. Another rough morning. Little Rebel woke up from 2-3:30 and like 5-6:30 and was ravenously hungry/cranky. Feeding him at this time feels like actual torture but I keep surviving. Then I let him sleep in a bit, woke him up at 830 to eat and he was magically not hungry at all, just kept looking up at me and smiling. Where was this precious temperament in the wee hours of the morning?! Got my pumps in nonetheless, and a 20 minute HIIT workout. Went way over on calories, thanks to a bag of candy the dear husband bought for me. It was a present so I obviously had to ea
  7. Following for your bible reading goals!
  8. I love this goal: simple, tied to a specific action, measurable, etc. GL!
  9. Good attitude! GL with your goals!
  10. My black thumb is envious of your farming abilities
  11. Oooo I'm doing this too! Except in the mornings, hopefully. Let us know what plan you decide on.
  12. Parallel parking is my enemy - what a good dragon to slay during a challenge!
  13. Quick post New Year's Day, pre-official challenge start update: Apparently the little rebel is not going back to his routine now that we're home from traveling. So first we need to implement some sleep training ideas before I can be expected to get up before him. This will get worse before it gets better.... I did manage to get a workout in yesterday though. Foot mobility, back PT, strength, and a four minute HIIT thingy. It felt really good. Calories were pretty good yesterday but I was low on both protein and carbs. Apparently I need some low fat, hi
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