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    Arcanis advances to the second round.

    Final Report! Not the best week, but in the end, progress is progress. This challenge was hard, harder than my usual; and, although I stumbled, I ultimately grew. This is a positive outcome despite "bad" grades throughout. Track Your Macros!: Pass. I tracked most of the week, and stayed mostly on track. This week I actually found a meal replacement shake that was close to the macros I wanted: Soylent. And, I found a protein bar that was pretty good too: Perfect Bar. I'd keep an eye out for these if you are in a pinch for nutrition but only have access to a CVS. The lessons I learned over the course of the challenge have really helped me post some "warning" flags in my mind for social situations and eating out to help keep my diet in check. Good progress where I thought improvement wouldn't be too likely. Weekly Alcohol Budget: C. Again, cutting it close. As I've said before, it might not seem this way, but I've actually made progress in getting my drinking under control. Being mindful of my drinks when I'm drinking, planning for parties ahead of time, being conscious of my social calendar, and strategizing how much drinking I want to do throughout the week is all improvement. I may not be grading myself moving forward, but I think these habits will stick. The Heavy Log: C. Upper body: high reps/ low weights at home. Still sore! With Muay Thai 2x this week, I'm not ashamed of how much exercise I did generally, but I think next time I'm going to try and do strength training on the same days I train martial arts. I can use the momentum from training to keep me going. Daily Work: B. My affirmation for the week was "I welcome love and support into my life. It flows freely through me and into others." Kept up with reciting it in the mornings and evenings, though I had two mornings I was distracted and forgot. I am happy to say that this practice has seared the affirmations into my memory, and I plan on saying the whole series going forward. This has been the greatest success in establishing a sustainable habit. Thanks everyone for the continued support and I hope to see y'all next challenge.
  2. Arcanis

    Arcanis advances to the second round.

    Sad to report, this week was mostly a bust. The good thing is that I was mindful in my failure and deliberately chose to take a break this week. The bad thing is I made that choice instead of the healthy one. Track Your Macros!: Pass. The weekend was a bit of a blur, but the week made plainly clear one thing: I ate plenty of protein, but it couldn't keep up with my alcohol consumption. I need to drink less, plain and simple. Weekly Alcohol Budget: Fail. I didn't make my health a priority; instead I made the most out of a series of parties to drink with friends before I relocate for my new job. Maybe it is justified, maybe it isn't, but I need to better balance the two. I can always find an excuse to party, and I shouldn't always make it. The Heavy Log: Fail. I kept up with my Muay Thai training but I didn't train with weights. The fact that the gym at work was closed shouldn't derail my discipline. I need to be more adaptable. Daily Work: B. My affirmation for the week was "Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and indwell me." I recited it everyday, but I missed two evenings. Not bad. This coming week is the last one, and I hope I can make up for this week and finish strong. I think I need to throw in some motivational rewards for success. Any ideas?