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  1. Ohmigosh it is the end of week 3 I have just jogged 2 times in these 3 weeks Sleep: not enough, but I did do my best Poo: not really a problem there Pee: I have a big problem with drinking at work. And because I work 34 hour calls sometimes I really got to work on this. I'm setting an alarm to remind myself to drink. Every 2 hours. As for exercise, I will really try harder. It would be better for the coming three weeks since I will be having less calls, I hope!
  2. W1d2 Exercise: exempted. Post call Sleep: exempted. Call the day before. Interrupted sleep of 1.5 hour that night Pee: not too bad Poop: yes. A bit of diarrhea... W1d3 Exercise: 3.9km jog in 30min. Sleep: 10:05pm (post call) Pee: uh.... A total of 3 times the whole day? Okay this is a fail. Poop: nuh uh. But I did eat plenty of veg tonight. Overnight call again tmr! Not feeling so happy!
  3. I tried karate before and liked it. Too bad the schedules didn't fit with my work and stuff and I had to drop it. Great goals! You'll feel great when you conquered your fear and attended that first class!
  4. W1D1 Exercise: exempted. On call today. Sleep: yes. (Counting this on the day before, 4 Jan night) Pee: did try to drink more water, check Poop: check Aren't we supposed to poop every day? [emoji14] I thought so.
  5. After falling silent for a long 6 months, I have decided to rejoin this community and get my daily habits back in shape. I joined my first challenge exactly one year ago, had a pretty good three to four challenges, but when things got pretty much on track I was too lazy to keep tracking. Then I started a new job as a house elf which has really crazy hours. Up until around September I was holding it together. But after a few months I am getting really quite tired. My exercise motivation basically just dwindled to negative digits. Seriously. I wait for the lift even for one flight of stairs. Added to this I had some relationship problems with my boyfriend, probably related to how stressed I was in my job. So I had a pretty depressing November and December, and I am feeling quite unfit. I am not trying to gain or lose weight, but I need to have better general health. Main goal: healthy habits to be fitted in crazy hours 1. Exercise - at least 20 min of exercise every day, unless it is call day or post call day with less than 4 hours of sleep - badminton on Sundays whenever I don't need to work on the weekend 2. Sleep - Sleep before 10:30 on workdays 3. Pee and poop - Drink enough to pee at least once during work days - order extra veg at the canteen - poop once a day, except during call days Life goal: work on resume Oh yeah, working on quitting the life of a house elf... Let's do this. I'll try to leave a note daily, even if it is just to mark down that it is a call day and I had non stop working.
  6. Congrats on your new son! It will get better, hang in there!
  7. I succeeded in doing 5x5 empty bar bench presses with admittedly poor wobbly form. It's difficult to have a good form just yet because my body hasn't yet understood what it is supposed to do. So I guess your advice would be to go on with working with the empty bar. Should I add weight next time as stronglifts suggest or should I keep on doing the same thing? Thanks for the help!
  8. I'm a 28 years old petite girl of 5'1 and 104lbs, (I lost 8 pounds since Nov), and I've been around nerd fitness since Nov last year. I've had good improvements with bodyweight exercises. I started with the the angry birds workout with desk incline push ups, bodyweight inverted rows, 30s planks, bodyweight squats and lunges and since then progressed to (almost) pull ups on a good day, full push ups of 5-10 and weighted squats with backpack/ Bulgarian split squats etc. I was feeling good about myself and snatched at an opportunity to join a gym for a trial period of 2 months. I figured that I could try out stronglifts as I have heard so many good things about it. And today's the first day at the gym. It is your typical mediocre gym where there were lots of stuff (pool, lots of treadmills - maybe 30!- with personal tv's included but 1 old rowing machine only, large weight machine area with a small area for free weights hidden at the back). The lady doing the obligatory orientation tour didn't even lead me to the free weights area, saying that the area was for guys. I rowed on the rowing machine for 5 minutes and did 30 bodyweight squats as warm up and fearfully stepped into the guy zone. Thankfully though there was a power rack and a bench press set up with Olympic bar, so I did my first workout of 5x5 squats. A gym goer helped me set up the power rack for my squats and all was well. I've always been okay with squats so squatting with the empty bar was fine. Then came the second exercise - bench press. It was hard and I was wobbly even with the empty bar! A trainer stopped me mid set and said I wasn't doing it right (okay he had a point about hten grip width - I was holding the bar with my hands too close together). And then he said that wobbly means it is dangerous for me to do it. He promptly recommended the Smith machine. I refused immediately. He was very disapproving and my confidence was shot. I did my 5x5 bench presses with the empty bar and left without the barbell row. I did 20 x 20lb bent over dumbbell row instead. Okay. Sorry for the long rambling post. Here's my problem. Am I ready for stronglifts if I can barely handle the empty Olympic bar on the bench press (and presumably barbell row and OHP)? If not, what should I do instead? Thanks for reading, and I'd love advice from anyone!
  9. House hunting! I'm doing that too! It's so annoying yet so exciting in some sense! A whole new chapter in life indeed!
  10. Oops sorry, pressed post accidentally and the edit button doesn't seem to work on tapatalk - Your work sounds crazy! Not eating for 24 hours? You must keep some healthy snacks handy, like nuts or stuff in your pockets! Take care xx
  11. Wow. Your work sounds tough
  12. Great challenge! I love hiking/mountain walking too! It's reinvigorating.
  13. Continued - I'll be in Korea till Saturday. So I'll probably be back to catch up on threads later this week. I won't be doing regular exercise this week probably except from my weekly badminton, but I'll sure do lots of walking!
  14. Muay thai... I didn't go. I had a dental appointment right before the muay thai because I wanted to get a simple check and scaling, but this new dentist told me that I had caries in my wisdom tooth. She convinced me to get it pulled out that day. Bad decision. I couldn't go to muay thai, I was worried sick about possible infections as I am going on a trip out of the country, and the extraction which was supposed to take 10-30 minutes went on for 2 hours! It was a nightmare. So far though, post extraction, there are no signs of infection and although I do feel a bit of pain, it's bearable. I've held off exercise since Thursday though. I've been in Seoul, Korea since Saturday. It's been fabulous so far.
  15. That sounds scary, good luck CA! You are incredibly brave!================ I may have gone overboard in my challenge to be brave and got my wisdom tooth pulled out.. it was traumatic... took a long time with an unsuccessful extraction of the fragment of the root that refused to dislodge, and finally the dental surgeon gave up on that and sew me back up. Feeling really pissed at myself for being persuaded by the dentist that it was going to be simple - I have a trip to go to in two days and it will be so complicated if complication develops. The dentist told me it was going to be simple judging from the x ray, and I'd be normal in two days. Seriously doubting that as the extraction turned out to be so complicated. Sighhhhhh. Grrrr. So angry. I should have believed myself and said no. I have always had bad luck with dentists.
  16. *pokes head into thread* How are things going? Still kicking ass?
  17. Congrats! You made it! Enjoy your evening!
  18. All caught up! Your push up work is awesome! You're hitting your goals really hard, way to go!
  19. Double post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBRnoPimqe8
  20. Week 5 W5D1: 12/5/2014 (Monday) Rest day - hurting a bit after the intensive yoga on Sunday W5D2: 13/5/2014 (Tuesday) 1 hour Hatha yoga class, lots of warrior poses and plank poses, quite a bit of leg work, little arm work ... so I did 3x10 push ups after the class W5D3: 14/5/2014 (Wed) Real road running - 2.5km, 17min, @6:48/km That was slow. I blame the weather. It's really humid and I couldn't sweat. Was overheating and I decided to run 2.5k instead of the 4 I was aiming for. The dog was panting a lot and refusing to run, too. W5D4: 15/5/2014 (Thur) I haven't done this yet, but I'm booked for my first Muay Thai class trial! Yayy!
  21. Week 4 update and summary W4D4: 8/5/2014 (Thursday)My birthday! Wooo --- excuse for not working out!Had a really nice dinner with my boyfriend and my friends -- their treat! W4D5: 9/5/2014 (Friday)3 sets bodyweightSquats - 20 BW squats (warm up), 10 squats holding dog (9kg), 15 squats holding stability ball, 15 rear foot elevated split squats each legHamstring curls on ball - 15, 15, 15Inverted rows - 12, 12Push ups - 10, 10, 10Plank - 60s, 35s, 45s W4D6: 10/5/2014 (Sat)Treadmill run @30 min total, 27 min runningDistance covered 4.6kmSpeed 10km/hr * W4D7: 11/5/2014 (Sun)Badminton 3 hours with the groupAerial yoga 1 hour -- it was really tough after the badminton! I was quite tired! W4 summaryExercise frequency: CHECK! 5 daysExercise variety: CHECK! Badminton, running, yoga, bodyweightExercise strength: CHECK! 3 bodyweight strength workoutsDriving: NONE!!! I am so going to fail this this challenge. With the nonstop raining all day, the floor is wet and gives my dad an excuse not to let me practice... Adventurer's mini: not attempted (eating is not what I want to change right now)RPG mini: Alas, not attempted either -- I did try to make soy milk ice cream but that was a big fail. I think about what foods had more protein while taking my meals that week though.
  22. It is really awesome! It's demanding and exhilarating. We don't realize how much we rely on the ground until we are actually hanging! It was absolutely scary to let go of the ground and just hang freely, especially while doing strength demanding poses! The reward for facing this fear though, is a giant sense of achievement! Thanks! Bad ass is a great compliment for a gal like me! I can't wait either!! It is!! Guys can do aerial yoga too, btw. I had a guy in my last class. Aerial is kind of demanding on the back. There are a lot of poses that hyperextends the back, as the silk would rest on the pelvis/ lower lumbar spine. If you do try it out, make sure you do communicate with the teacher about any possible injuries that you may have. But it'll be fun! You'll do poses that you never thought possible. And the stretching exercises are quite good too, with the help of the silk.
  23. Okay, I've put off posting and writing a backstory for my RPG character. I'm not good at writing and am a bit of a perfectionist so posting imperfect passages frighten me a little. So here goes... Moomin looks around at the group he was with -- each and every person has brought different talents to the group. And even when he revealed so little about himself and showed such reluctance in joining this group, they have accepted him into the group with welcoming arms and even provided healing for him when he needed it. He, the only registered healer, has been totally useless in his healing capacities when faced with magics like this. The only useful thing he has done was to kill a lot of Draugrs when they attacked. And that used skills from his street rat days, the life that he had sworn to leave forever. His first memories were of the old beggar-chief who took him under his wing when he was seven years old. Everything before was quite blurred. He'd been told that he had been a street beggar from when he was a young child and was always hungry, until the old beggar-chief took a liking to him and took him in. The old beggar-chief was a union leader of sorts in the rough world of beggars. He was the one settling disputes about earnings and land rights. And of course, when words could not do the job, he was an expert in fighting. As the little street-beggar under his wing, he picked up ways to fight smart. Of all the skills, it had been the Rain of a Thousand Petals that had benefited him the most. With the Rain of a Thousand Petals, he could throw up to 20 sewing needles/darts at the same time and if he put poison on the darts, he could mortally injure up to 20 targets at the same time. Moomin shook his head, remembering his old mentor's disdain for poison. The old man thought fighting was not for killing, but for giving someone a lesson, something to think about. The old man was kind. Moomin thought with a sudden realization. When Moomin was 17, he met a healer who promised to teach him his trade if he could do a few dirty jobs for him, and once he left he never looked back to his old life. It was strange to think of the old man after so many years. He was kind and with his fighting skills, he could have done much better than be a beggar. He could have been a bodyguard for the rich and live in luxury. Moomin pondered why. He wondered how the old man is now. On the non role playing in real life side, I will be having my dental today -- not scary, but unpleasant and it had been put off for a while!
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