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  1. I've been part of a WoT community for over 15 years at this point... I'm old. I have a great serpent ring, like 5 shawls... #BlueAjahRepresent
  2. Those are some great sketches! This comic may be somewhat relevant to your interests: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/155514993361733450/ I think you really have to do as Major has done and just set aside *some* time every day to work at it, even if it's just 15 minutes!
  3. If I'm fresh, I can do about 30-35s. During the tabatas where you only count your lowest number of reps (seconds in this case) I held a few the full 20s, but my shortest was 10s (before moving to straight-armed planks)
  4. Thanks for the input everyone! No, I don't wear a belt while deadlifting. And we did tabata planks yesterday during the workout. It did not go so well. My lower back felt strained during one of the holds. I ended up having to go up to a straight-arm plank, and that helped some. So I think that I need to work on hollow holds (the whole point of the plank work is to strengthen the core to do handstand holds!) and also move up to straight-arm planks till I get those lower abs stronger! Thanks again all!
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me out with some plank/core trouble I seem to be having. Doing planks is super hard for me and I don't know why. I get all tremble-y almost immediately, and for some reason, it hurts my abs. Some background info: - After browsing this forum, I can see we're not too fond of sit-ups, but sometimes they're programmed at my box, so I have to do them. And I'm *really* good at sit-ups (legs in the "butterfly" position). I also have zero trouble with GHD sit-ups. - I also don't have any issues with back extensions. I can hold a Superman for awhile with no problems
  6. Above I said I'd say more about my private riding lesson, and I went and wrote a whole blog post about it! http://lifeupgraded.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/private-riding-lessons/
  7. So my private riding lesson was awesome. And then in my next two group lessons, the other girls didn't show, so I ended up with 3 private lessons in a row! More on that later. Been slacking lately. Tiny cheats here and there when I shouldn't. Didn't do my run last week, being bad about my shoulder exercises. *sigh*
  8. Oh, that's rough! Good luck in finding another lifting buddy!
  9. Oy. So. Last week, I was traveling. I ran my mile on the dreaded treadmill. The next day I went out and ran some hill sprints! I ate well during the week with a couple minor cheats. I really wanted to eat this entire bag of organic chocolate covered coconut pieces that I would get at the SF airport, but they don't sell those anymore! I was heartbroken, but it's really for the best, because I really do eat the entire bag in one sitting. This week, I was doing well (ok, so the week just started). I was eating well and then I went for my run yesterday. Bentley ran out in front of me at
  10. Yeah, that's the big problem with protein powder. It comes in these HUGE tubs, and it's relatively pricey, so if you get one and you don't like the flavor, you're kinda stuck. But that 30g of protein does help! What I was doing was having two eggs (I have this nifty plastic thing that lets me make poached eggs in the microwave) and a protein shake (by supplementing with the eggs, I could get a powder that was maybe lower in protein, but it gave me more options for finding a flavor I liked)
  11. Barm: the book was indeed awesome! Evicious: Thanks for checking up on me! Haven't cheated yet this week! Did my shoulder exercises on Tuesday and Wednesday! PT has cleared me for planks, yoga (as long as it doesn't hurt) and rowing! I even ran again yesterday!
  12. Bah. So. The good: - Did my run for this week on Sunday. Woo! - Scheduled (then had to re-schedule twice!) my private riding lesson for next Friday! The bad: - Friday, cheated a teeny tiny bit. Was making french fries in the oven for my dad, and I tried one small one to make sure they were done - Sunday, I read pretty much all day and kinda forgot to eat. So when I finally finished my book and was ready to eat there wasn't anything to eat (I hadn't gone shopping either, so no "good" snacks in the house) so I ended up eating a big bowl of Lucky Charms (I'm on the "cheat day" plan, which
  13. Congrats on being victorious over the doughnut!
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