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  1. The Scouts might know some useful stuff. If they're still one of the groups anyways. Been awhile since I've been here. Sent from my SHV-E210K using Tapatalk
  2. Are you only interested in lifting, or would you consider doing bodyweight exercises as well?
  3. Congrats on the climb man. And that was a good drop. Especially considering the uneven ground.
  4. Hey whatever works, long as you're working right? I'm wondering if it's possible to over arch your back on the upswing when doing the overhead smashes. Mildly concerned about lower back pain. So far nothing, but I'm usually careful.
  5. Hmm what weight are you using? Mine's a lightweight one. Only 6 or 8 lbs. Forgot which.
  6. Your doctor has good suggestions. Though I definitely wouldn't do that weekend convention either XD. I don't think I'd give a pullup a try for awhile. They're pretty intense on the arms and shoulders. Though you said it's mostly pushing that's giving you problems now, I'd err on the safe side. But I'm no medical professional. Wall pushups are excellent for rehabilitation. And lightweight rows may be useful for you as well. I wish I knew of more that would be helpful for you. Most important thing is to keep up your spirit and keep going for it, in a safe and reasonable way given current circum
  7. Restless night and it's been a little while, so I went and did another sledgehammer workout. Kept me warm in 60 degree weather lol. Picked up the shoveling exercise with it. I really like that one. Started doing the swings the proper exercising way, with my hands at the bottom of the handle close together. It does make a difference. There's been a lot more cardio work involved in it than I was expecting. It's a good thing though.
  8. And finished today up with swinging my sword around some. I'm able to put a very large amount of force and speed into the mezano ( middle horizontal) cuts now. And I can do a backswing with the false edge just as fast. The bloodmarks on my hands from the pommel should be testament enough. I still haven't come upon a name yet. Maybe rough hands in Gaelic or something.
  9. I figured. College is crazy. As long as you keep em up is all that really matters. Good luck :3
  10. Hit the gym yesterday. Went at the hanging situps with a vengeance and was pleased to manage 3 sets of 10 with decent form. Little swinging involved. Whoo. The rest I don't really remember. Just did a kind of all around thing. Today I bought a fun new toy. 6 pound sledgehammer. Combine that with my tire punching bag and one on the ground and I've got a fun little melee training spot. It's alot easier to swing than I expected though. Achieved lvl 50 in melee weapons already? All I know is I could destroy stuff with that thing XD
  11. Wish I had rings around here. I've loved doing dips ever since I repurposed that walker I found XD Happy healing.
  12. You could always make that a normal exercise pattern :3 If you have the time anyways.
  13. Sounds like you're doing pretty well then. Werewolves is a fun game when you have enough people. I wish I had a group to play with regularly here. I had more I was gonna say but my mind went blank lol. Back to New Vegas for me for now.
  14. Sounds like he knew exactly what he was talking about. I'm kinda curious about the stuff he assigned you. One thing I learned early on is that stretches are important though. Before and most especially after the workouts. The first day I did a bbww i learned that one XD Cats were inspirational there for me. Hope everything mends well for you man.
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