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  1. So Last challenge went surprisingly well? I did set the bar very low but I still exceeded my expectations. I am going to do much the same this time around with The main focus being on my day to day routines to set the framework for an awesome life. I also want to work in a teensy bit more exercise and art this time around to work towards some long term goals. 1.EXERCISE, DAMNIT Do a full body exercise routine At the gym 1x weekly Push, Pull, Press, Squat, Deadlift, Core, Cardio. I go back to Derby training this week so I’m excited for that, and I figure since my gym is open again and I am paying for it I can go once a week without feeling like I’m overwhelming myself. That’s two days of serious exercise. I can hopefully stick to being somewhat active by just existing the other days. 2. STICK TO A ROUTINE, DAMNIT Do your evening routine at least 5 nights a week. Last challenge I found that if my evening routine fell down the next morning was much rougher. The problem I have with this is my evening routine was mostly things I greatly dislike. Like doing the dishes and brushing my teeth. I have also struggled with Finding a suitable trigger to begin my routine. So I’m going to work on that. I’m going to drop doing the dishes from my routine and trust myself to do them at other times of the day. For now all I want to do is; take meds brush teeth do skincare Go to bed at a reasonable time that’s literally it. 3. WATCH WHAT YOU’RE EATING, DAMNIT Continue eating mindfully, continue working on intuitive eating. this has been working well for me so I’m going to continue doing it. For now I’m working on eating without distraction and honouring my hunger cues. Due to a side effect if my anti-anxiety meds my stomach doesn’t gurgle and I don’t feel hungry but I do get light headed and stop thinking straight. So I just need to be more aware if when I need food and when I no longer need to keep eating. Previously I had been eating mindlessly and not stopping until I was overfull. But when I pay attention to eating I find I don’t need to eat as much. 4. DO SOME ART PRACTICE, DAMNIT A. 30 minute sketch or painting 5/7 days a week B. 1 x weekly learning a new art techniques. my long term life plan involves being a full time artist and paying my bills like that... which doesn’t happen if I don’t practice said art. I have always been one of those “naturally talented” people but that is nothing compared to people who have studied and practiced and have the knowledge of basics of art. I also picked up Procreate recently for my iPad and I’m having a great time playing with that. [Bonus] FINISH A PROJECT, DAMNIT’ work through this list of half finished craft projects that you would like to do. Get as many done as you can. Half finished knitted sweater half finished crochet mittens 1x paid pet painting commission 1x free pet painting commission 1x painting with a set colour scheme 1x crochet wombat macrame coasters I collect half finished projects apparently. I’d like to get some of them done.