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  1. What a crap couple of weeks. I copped a head-cold. Bec got very ill and even got tested for the Covid. It came back negative fortunately. But it added extra stress. Now things are settling down shopping wise Theo is getting fewer shifts and hours, his Supermarket chain [Coles] put on more staff just after the peak of the hoarding and now they have more staff than they need. Sigh. At least his direct manager loves him, as does the Assistant Store Manager and two other department managers, so they are trying to give him as many shifts as they can between them. I have be
  2. It is rather strange, I know. It is interesting many reenactors have studied various plagues of the past. Now we are literally living during one. As far as I know we have adapted quickly to the situation. Cancelling live events, and going online. There are a lot of new tutorials springing up on YouTube, others are using the time to update their kit, or develop their personas more.
  3. Feel whatever emotions come your way. Spend some time reveling in the depth of those emotions. Be in the emotion, be that emotion. Then find your center again and be at one with yourself. That is what I did with the grief I experienced with the loss of my heart sister recently. I expressed my grief fully that night, now I am more balanced, centered and can act and move forward again. Do things for selfish reasons, if looking hot in that swim suit is what is motivating you, use it. I think we can in turn be both selfish and selfless when we motivate ourselves to take action. Especi
  4. I am sorry to hear about Oz, may he be welcome in Freyja's Halls.
  5. Quick update, my old computer finally died. Today I am working with my new [refurbished] all in one PC. Damn this sucker is fast and the screen feels huge to me. I had an old 17 inch monitor, that was nearly square shaped. This sucker is a wide screen 22 inch and I love it. For the computer nerds, this is a HP EliteOne 800, with a 4th gen i7 processor and 8 GB RAM. Yes I know it is older tech, but it is still a hell of a lot better than what I was trying to work with. @Chris-Tien Jinn, Lady de Lacy has a beautiful device. I am very lucky to have a local group. We were a part of th
  6. So far this week has been a bit dodgy, tried for a walk earlier this week. Made it to the corner before my knee gave out. Slowly made my way home. Walked a measly 350 metres, it took me 6 minutes. Not a grumble so much as a sadness as walking has become very hard and I enjoy walking so much. Anyway, such is life. This week I have spent a fair bit of time helping Bec, she has been a bit sick so I have helped with shopping and cooking at least one meal a day, usually dinner. Yesterday she went to the hospital struggling to breathe, asthma and cold like symptoms don't go well togethe
  7. We both need to remember anything is better than nothing. You did something, even if it wasn't the full amount you planned. Action is always good.
  8. Sadly it was stolen along with a brand new chainsaw and several other items, from the farm as she was in the process of moving house. Just have to replace things.
  9. Woohoo! Good to see you too, found your latest challenge and following.
  10. Update time. Kodi is home from the vet, with the cone of shame. Poor puppy, he is being such a sooky la-la at the moment lapping up all the extra attention. I spent a fair bit of time at Bec's on Sunday so she could sleep as Kodi was whimpering all night. Yesterday was a downer for me. I couldn't walk much without my stick, knee was way to sore. Resting today as well. I have been seeing a lot of FB posts from friends who are taking the time to enjoy their crafts and hobbies whilst at home. I realised that I can't do any crafting as I lost all my craft equipment when B
  11. Yay for cool workout stuff. The uni work thing sounds like crap. I feel sorry for all my Uni lecturer friends at the moment. I feel extra sorry for my own lecturers, because they have to mark my drivel as well. Staff/Saber training sounds cool, what source are you using for this? I know a lot of re-enactors are posting lots of training videos on YouTube which is awesome. At the end of this there will be lots of fresh training material around. Glad to hear you are managing well.
  12. Morning all, Thanks @DarK_RaideR, it is better to lose the pretty colours than to put up with the strikethroughs. My PC is slowly dying, but hopefully with the upcoming stimulus package I may be able to afford a new one that will be able to function reasonably well. Things have been a bit odd this past week. First with the social isolation and lock downs actually starting for us. We now currently have 4 confirmed cases here in Wagga Wagga. I have been walking every other day. Thursday my Theo started talking about upgrading our camping equipment and creating a bug out crate
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