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  1. I have psoriasis! I had it on my scalp, but it actually cleared quite a bit, and was TONS more comfortable without hair. Just sayin'!
  2. Um... obviously, I'm the odd man out here, but shaving my head was the most liberating thing I've ever done. I don't regret it - I LOVE it. I think it's worth trying. It will always grow back!
  3. I did an 8-day juice fast, and it was really neat (for my skin [i have psoriasis] not weight loss). Very eye-opening about the relationship I had with food. Anyway, I definitely recommend trying it. The first two days were pretty easy, but by day 3, I think your body goes into detox (cleaning out anything bad from your system) and you feel pretty crappy. Well, I felt pretty crappy, and that was the explanation I got from all of my reading. The rest of the days went ok. Day 4, after the bad, I actually felt pretty good and had energy to spare. I've been thinking that I'll probably do it
  4. Sorry if I just sent you the same message a thousand times. I have no idea what I'm doing. @_@

  5. LOL Man, you got me! Any ideas on your strength training? Have you figured anything out yet? At our size, we really need to be able to kick some ass. Someone could just carry us off, for realz. O_O
  6. Hello! I joined here about two years ago, but quit coming, so I'm kind of new back. Trying to figure out what to do with myself! So, I have to ask: How tall are you? Because I'm super-short, too. Like, not quite 4 feet 9 inches short. LOL The fierceness must just be part of the package, because I have that going on, too. You have to when you're little!
  7. I guess that's what I have to do. Who knows what it will be, but I'll start looking! That's so weird that someone had to tell you that you seemed happy. LOL But I can understand. I guess it's just not something you expected to feel. I would like to try some new things, but there are not a lot of interesting things going on around here, that I know of. Also, money is another problem. As goofy as it sounds, when I was a wee kid, my mom made me take tap and ballet lessons. Oh, and I loved it, until you put me on stage, then I cried the whole time. LOL Wish I could afford to take tap
  8. I think not having a specific goal last time kind of killed it for me. I was doing like, endless loops of the beginner bodyweight exercise video, and it was not fun for me. I was just doing it and doing it, adding more and more reps and stuff, and I was like, "I don't even like this. WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT MORE?!" So I quit. You are correct that I totally set myself up for failure. I'm kind of stuck at home (I really wish I could join the Y, but I don't have the funds). I think I'd be ok in a group, but not one on one. I'm definitely a night owl, but I thought you weren't supposed to wo
  9. Not that I am ever going to have that issue, but how does it affect breastfeeding? Can you still produce milk? Just curious!
  10. Oh my. That all sounds so complicated. I think the scariest part is getting started, which is where I'm stuck. So here's a question, for everyone: Once you started working out, do you love it? Or is it just another thing you have to do? I hear so many people say that they enjoy it, but either I was doing it wrong, or something else was up, because I never did.
  11. Stupidly enough, I'm pretty sure I'm at 115 right now from drinking sweet tea. Six + months of sweet tea. LOL When I get stressed, I go on caffeine benders, but then I get hooked, and I don't like unsweet tea, so... All I can say, is at least it's not soda or alcohol. I've got myself off of sweet tea, though, and I'm back on mostly just water. That was a big step in the right direction. Since the rest of my diet isn't too bad, I'm sure that I will slowly lose most of that fat. But I definitely would like to build some muscle. I'm on a tight budget, so I can't join a gym or buy a ton
  12. I need to get motivated. That's why I'm lurking around here. LOL I'm almost 4 feet, 9 inches, and I weigh 115 right now (which is 15 more than I need to be carrying, in flab, in anyway). I've really just let myself go, and I see the fat creeping on. I feel like I should just nip it in the bud! NIP IT! But I don't really feel like it, to be quite honest. I mean, a year or so back (maybe almost 2), I was doing Steve's body weight exercises for beginners. I HATED the squat part, but the rest was alright. I probably quit after 3 weeks. I can't do the workout video thing. I feel totally
  13. Blu


    I had my kid 12 years ago, and got my Mirena put in 4 years ago. The procedure wasn't bad (it did hurt a little bit, but seriously nothing major - like a pinch), I drove myself home, and went to my first Ren Fair the next day, where I walked around for a good 6 - 8 hours. No problems at all! I spotted for a couple of days, and haven't had spotting or a period since. I'm DEFINITELY getting another when it's time to have this one replaced. What Spezzy said about the hormones not affecting you the same because they are localized is one of the major reasons I chose the Mirena. I'm weird abo
  14. Spezzy, you rocked my face off when I read your story. But the more I see from you around here, I can't help but think that you are just awesome sauce. For realz. Not saying that you wouldn't be a good parent if / when you decided, but you seem to really have that independent, "I do what I want" thing kicking, and I love it.
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