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  1. Catspaw, I have a girlcrush on you because you spelled y'all correctly.
  2. God, I don't know, but if you ever find out PLEASE SHARE. I've maintained a 50lb weight loss for about a year now and still haven't managed to figure that out. Also, reading all this stuff about people in y'all's lives makes me REALLY glad I lost my weight my last semester of college. I already had a really good network of friends at my school, and they were always super supportive. Like, all the comments were always positive, uplifting, and encouraging, even if I did feel a bit awkward in their awe of me. Even people who I was just acquainted with were always really supportive. The people who I struggle with a lot are my family. Most of the women in my family are obese. I was always being pestered about how I ate, and people would just respond with "oh, I could never do that," and I would just shrug it off. It helped a lot when my (male) cousin went paleo and had similar success, though. My grandmother even asked me once if my fiancee liked me better now that I had lost weight. ...what? Now that I'm out of school and struggling to maintain and stay eating well, I definitely miss that lack of support. People at Agnes were so amazing...
  3. Yeah, mine have done wonders for my knee, too. Years of playing basketball, running, and one ice skating accident while overweight has really screwed it up, and then I pulled the final whammy in Feb 2010. Landed wrong on a double kick and was out for 8 months. UGH. The worst. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting better, AND THEN THE VIBRAMS CAME! And I haven't looked back.
  4. Compulsive over eater here. There's not a whole, whole lot for me to add, but I do have a couple of things. First of all, I've noticed that by going paleo I was completely cutting out the foods I was binging on: chips, french fries, bread-based products. This is because, in addition to my stress-and-emotional eating habits, those foods also raise your dopamine levels, moreso than most foods do. So you eat them and you feel better. This is one of the components of binge eating, at least for me. With paleo foods, I enjoy them, but I don't necessarily get that "food high" like I do with stuff when I binge. It's almost impossible to overeat on paleo. Starchy carbs (particularly wheat and corn) expand your stomach so that when you digest them you're hungrier than before. But paleo foods don't do this. Products with a lot of protein will also make you feel fuller faster. It's also a different kind of full than when you're binging. When you're eating crappy stuff, you get "full" but it's not satisfying, so you keep going. With paleo foods, you get full and become satisfied at the same time. Finally, even if you do eat too much (I am guilty of forcing myself to finish bigger and bigger pieces of steak...yum!), your body uses all of that. This is in contrast to starchy foods, which spike your blood sugar and trigger your body to store fat. So, as a compulsive over eater (cause, are you really "cured" of something like that?), paleo has helped me greatly. Highly recommend.
  5. Sure, but it's highly likely that members of your family are gonna have similar lifestyles to you, also. You didn't randomly manifest that shit. lol
  6. Silvergamma, I've seen your avatar before and it's only now that I know who it is. Epic! Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I think this is pretty common, both for men and women. It's just, kind of a thing. These are just socially acceptable methods that people to tell you that they notice you've lost weight. When I was fitting into a bridesmaid's dress my cousin asked me what my size was, and I said a 6 (which, by the time of her wedding, was too big for me... ><), she said she "hated" me. I just kinda shrugged, as she says she hates me when I have a good hair day. My future sister-in-law, upon seeing me after approx 30 pounds of weight loss, told my fiance "You quit feeding [dracopervicax]." To this I would say two things. 1) In their own way, they're trying to compliment you. Weight loss is really seen as a feat of amazingness in our culture -- something that everyone wants to do but can't. If it's really important to you that they acknowledge your experiences in weight loss, it might be worth it to communicate to them. It might also be worth it to just have little soundbites that you let you. I'm not saying that you shouldn't feel uncomfortable (I did, all the time, when I saw this. I hated my weight being the first thing people talked about when they saw me), but if you'd like to solve the problem, I'd recommend approaching it with that in mind, and that getting defensive is gonna seem really weird to them, particularly when, from their perspective, they were trying to compliment you. And, now, of course I've gone and forgotten the second. I do sympathize. In fact, I wish I had been around here before while I was losing weight, so that I could get some advice from all these awesome people when I was going through it! Remember, though, that this too shall pass. :hug:
  7. I really loathe doing the dishes. I admire your strength in this challenge!!! Maybe sickness can help you really hammer out your sleep goal. If you're sick, your body needs more sleepification to do better. Find something boring to read and let your mind drift off...
  8. I had some OK results with IF, but ultimately I decided it wasn't for me. I hope it works out for you, though! Stress and depression are the mind killers. I'm happy to hear you've come out of it some!
  9. Yeah, man! Spank that credit card debt! Being debt free is the best feeling. Well I can't attest to being TOTALLY debt free, cause I still have my stupid student loans, BUT I recently paid off my credit card, and it was so freeing! That's $50/mo I didn't have to allocate anymore. GET ER DONE!
  10. Nice! How are you liking the vibes? I just walk in mine, but I've put in almost 600 miles on them, now, and they've got holes! I'm about to purchase my second pair.
  11. Nah, bra. You can't do anything to a muscle except make it bigger. Women just don't naturally have the hormone production necessary to bulk up like a guy does. Check out Staci, linked above. Google "crossfit women." Don't google "women weightlifters" cause then you'll get a bunch of ladies on 'roids. Lift heavy! It's good for your health.
  12. If you're looking for motivation, do something you love! Find an activity that you intrinsically enjoy, and then you'll be going out of love for your thing and not just to lose weight!
  13. No danger from me. I grew up in Georgia and I have a pathological attachment to trees. ;-)
  14. I can't say anything that wouldn't be ridiculously redundant. But I sympathize with not knowing what's wrong. ...and I hope you're feeling better.
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