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  1. Got in about 2 hours of walking today, to and from work. Yesterday was the ass kicker workout, today is walkies. Calories are good for the day, and life is as good as we make it, right?
  2. Part two: During the day I did 150 push-ups! The were spread out all over the day, sets of 30 for the most part. Also did some dips and curls, but my chest is SORE. So, we'll call that a win!
  3. No longer sure what day it is in the challenge! Home chaos hasn't changed, but I'm still on track. Haven't gone nuts and eaten the world yet! Getting an hour of cardio minimum each day, and managed 2 full chin-ups today~
  4. You have to admit the weather got better as the day went on! I hope things improved for you!
  5. I hope your health turns around sooner than later! Also, I have to read my Rogue Squadron books again. I love them! Especially Piggy. Piggy is amazing! If there was ONE EU thing I could have made canon, it would be Rogue Squadron.
  6. I really, sincerely appreciate this. One of the things I read about in every single blog or article written by a sane person about fitness is that you need a support group to succeed. It's amazing how having people that have your back around can help you NOT binge eat your feelings, or help you make that workout actually happen. So, THANK YOU. DAY Twelve: Still no change with Oma, she went from the Active Dying phase to the semi-active dying phase, which means she's still dying, but decided to stick around a while longer. My wife is starting to crack, just a bit, so I'm going to sit with her grandma on Sunday and just let her go OUT. Cardio was my walk to work and back, totalled 6.4 miles in just a little under 2 hours. I'll have finished 3 sets of 30 pushups by the end of the day, and there will be a caloric deficit!
  7. Day Ten! Ended the day at a caloric deficit, walked 1 hour to work. No other workout, the house is chaotic and I need to find a way to get that done!
  8. DAY EIGHT! I've managed to spend the weekend in crisis management mode without derailing the eating plan, so YAY ME! Still no sugar or refined foods. Got in 60 push-ups in between meetings with the at-home nursing staff. Tomorrow, we're opening the restaurant back up, but I think everything is going to work out okay.
  9. Today she called me Glen, and asked when I go elk hunting. That kind of got me laughing! At least it was in English. The German rambling can get frightening!
  10. DAY SEVEN: Trainwreck! I am an optomist. Really. Bear with me on that. Friday afternoon, we got a panicked call from my wife's aunt. My wife's grandmother, who we have been taking care of for the past 9 years, was non-responsive on the floor. We came home, called a hospice nurse, and basically sat vigil, waiting for the worst. It looked like a stroke, and as she is 92, it's not like we're waiting on a miracle or anything. Yesterday, she was up, milling around, asking questions, and had no idea what happened, but she's not right in the head, either. So we have a disoriented, week, and bewildered elder wandering the house. We are essentially grounded while we work out her hospice plan. I WANT TO EAT ALL THE FOOD. So far, I'm staying tough. Clean food. Lots of veggies. I'm going to try and get in a workout later that isn't chip curls into my mouth. I want to scream at something. Maybe I'll go scream at something. Yeah, that's a good plan!
  11. I think if I wear a fancy suit? You brought the awesome!
  12. DAY FOUR: Whhhhheeeeeeze! Day two of Elements! It was the bear. It was harder than the first day, mostly because I was actually sore from day one. My bear walk was more of a goofy hobble, but it was FUN! Also got in a 6 mile, 99 minute walk with 30# in the pack, which, in hind site, might have been over-reaching. But it was FUN! Ended the day with a caloric deficit, and only watched the Rogue One trailer about a thousand times. Almost done with a Warmachine figure, I'll post pics when it's done!
  13. I CAN'T WAIT! But, I am a glutton for punishment! I figured $75 for a 7 week course is worth it, but I also had a good week of tips! So far, I'm really loving it! The warmup alone is amazing!
  14. DAY THREE: Oh, why? WHY??? Ended the day with a caloric deficit, YAY! Also, walked over 7 miles! YAAAAY!!! And then? I signed up for the GMB Elements class! Yaaa...rgh??? Oh, man. I have been working out pretty steadily for 4 months now. I thought I was in pretty good shape. I WAS WRONG. The warm ups are amazing. Learning the Bear, Monkeys, and Froggers was INSANE, and my legs and shoulders are made of goo right now. Seriously amazing stuff. I want to do more, IT WAS FUN AS HELL, but I am a man made of jello shots right now. TEN OUT OF STARS.
  15. DAY TWO: Ended the day with a caloric deficit, and walked 5.2 miles in a little over an hour. Also tried a wall stand, which I was able to do, so I'm going to start working those into my workout routine!
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