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  1. nice challenge... following along
  2. Back to the gym! I skipped ropes and did my own stuff at the heavy bag. Then I have been called for kicking pads. 110 kicks. It took me 2 minutes but I did it! Now I'm trying to persuade my legs to "walk me around" Week 6 Reading: I did not finished all the books, but I started all of them. I finished the technical book, and enjoined so much that I started a course on coursera on the same topic. I submitted my first assignment yesterday evening at 23 pm scoring 135/150. The only one I did not finished is "Modern bushido"... but I have watched all the episode of "Penny dreadful" and half of the 5th season of the "walking dead" while sick... does them count? Writing Wrote a blog post scheduled for tomorrow Meditating Did some Eating Almost good. Training Just one but crashing session
  3. The cut has not healed properly so the doc did not removed the stitches. No training for another week.
  4. Today I'll have stitches removed. Tomorrow I'll be back to gym! I have been to my coach birthday party yesterday. A nice and relaxed evening at the pub. When I was about to leave and saying goodbye my coach introduced me to one of his friend saying "this guy is a great teacher: he always keep a good eye on the newbies". I was astonished. Did not know what to say. He already told me once that I could take the instructor's course but a public display of appreciation like that... out of nowhere.... maybe he was drunk :-) No matter what I'm super happy!
  5. I'm not dead. Writing is going well ( I have posted an article today and have scheduled posting for the next two weeks). Reading going well to: I finished the technical book, 80% of "modern bushido". I also joined a course on cursera.com ( ten weeks program!) on Machine learning. Stitches hurts a bit but next week I'll have them removed and back to training. Eating good. Except for M&Ms. Lot of them.
  6. Thanks for your comment. I think this an interesting twist. First of all for me martial art is a sport. But a combat sport. And my style is striking. To me this is a totally personal view. What you describe is an internal style that has his own place but is a different thing. Like football and soccer. If martial art is a way to find your real self your approach is inside out and mine is "outside in". In your example someone who assault a close friend while drunk is a douchebag and deserve a broken nose. Even with grappling skill you will have hard time controlling a lot heavier opponent and at the end you could have dislocate his shoulder or choked him unconscious ( or worst). I have my own idea of personal defence for women: pepper spray and running.
  7. Had my surgery on Tuesday. Everything ok. No workout for 2 weeks. So I have to rest for other ten days. Trying to focus on the non fitness goals of the challenge.
  8. Week 3 Day 1 Reading: switch back to technical book Writing None. Meditating Just 5 mis Eating Almost good. Training circuit 5 X 10 hand to chest pushups10 squats4 chin ups40 abs crunch
  9. flu got me. And kids too. A wasted week. Week 2 Reading: switch to the fantasy book... I was in need of some diversion Writing None. fever.. headache and eyes burn Meditating Done! Lot of spare time and helped a bit with the headache Eating I eat as I could. Had a lot of tea and soup Training Bit of stretching routine and a walk into the hills on Sunday
  10. Week 1: Day 5 Reading: read just a few pages... sooo tired Writing None Meditating Done! Again Eating 16 blocks evening smoothie was milk + protein powder + banana (gnammy!) Training Push up pyramid 100 (push ups in total) Week 1: Day 6 Reading: I went out for dinner with wife kids and frinds so got home late and no reading Writing ... :-( Meditating Done! Eating 16 blocks.. Except for the French fries I had for dinner I still managed to stay healthy in the zone Training Long walk in the hills Week 1: Day 7 Reading: Had some time in the afternoon so I read a lot... now I'm half done with the technical book so I'm on time on this goal Writing well I managed to put together a super post with a video of the kids in the kickboxing class giving their belt certification in a Japanese jujitsu gym: we were guests in this very unique gym and the jujitsu guys had a fancy performance too. Check it out Meditating Done! a week steak! Eating Lost count of the blocks but should be ok Training 50 push ups 20 chin ups and 5 km run! I went slow ( 5.5 min/km ) and my piriformis game me signals of stresst in the end. But after some specific stretching I was almost all right. Let's hope for the best.
  11. Week 1: Day 4 Reading: I had to pause the book since I found a booklet ( it is still a book right ? ) on bitcoin market... nice read Writing I'm behind schedule ..... Meditating Done! Again Eating 16 blocks.. but not in the right time. Basicay I had a pig style dinner Training 50 pushups 100 row 20 cinups 30 sec plank X 5 dynamic stretching
  12. TNX Phoenix... I'm following Mark's blog for a long time now. He had a good post about calories just a few days ago. Sadly his recipes have super exotic stuff ( at least for the average Italian supermarket) He is also a vibram / barefoot running fan like me so... I always enjoy his posts
  13. Week 1: Day 3 Reading: read some pages from the technical book... my brain hurts Writing I'm behind schedule on this ( already :-( ) I'm gonna trayin to fix it this evening Meditating Done! Eating 16 blocks.. perfect day! Training Still none. I'll do push ups, rows and chin ups this evening.
  14. Thanks rebels! so far the hardest part is to eat just before going to sleep. Instead the lambda calculus needed to determine what to eat is actually fun. My wife started the same diet too so cooking is easier for all the family I found the time to meditate and perform a dynamic starching in the morning to help Piriformis syndrome ant it goes better. But I think I'll wait for kickboxing training Until I can actually see the doctor ( he was on vacation this Monday :-( ) Started reading a book on " Machine learning" yesterday evening. So far so good!
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