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    Hey people, I have been doing stuff. Like so: - went to two (2) MMA classes this week - rode my bike 5 miles to work two (2) times* - lifted weights only once on Thursday (shoulders and calves) but I'm going again tomorrow - no soda! - ok, a little bit of soda, but it was only like one can of coke, I swear *full disclosure: this was my first time riding a bike in like 10 years. On Monday I got to about ten blocks away from work before I had to stop 'cause I was totally gonna puke, and because my bike (which I had gotten used for cheap) needed a few minor tweaks that I didn't realize until I ro
  2. Could've been better, but not too bad. I didn't keep my schedule too well, but uh, I got a bike, so I'm doing that now. Of course I tried to ride to work for the first time and almost collapsed with ten blocks to go so I think I need to work at, uh, not doing that. Weight: is fine! about 7 pounds and change to go. B+ Motivation: C- for the first part of the week, B for the weekend. Eating less pizza: Yeah that's a solid F there. The flesh is weak. Reruns of Buffy: Thank you to all you gaywads and lezbos at the Logo network for making this possible. A. I'm taking them down a notch from A+ be
  3. jtc

    jtc vs the world

    Yeeeah I've been pretty bad this week. I haven't gone to the gym because I've been working a little late and have been feeling lazy. But I'm going to an MMA class tomorrow...
  4. I'd get distracted by a shiny thing after about 30. on topic: squats with weights--*thumbs up*. (you're welcome!)
  5. jtc

    jtc vs the world

    I had a whole bunch of pizza today. Ah well. The flesh is weak. Other than that though - not too many calories, plus I had a whole cup of spinach, woohoo. I went to the gym yesterday and I'm going again tomorrow, and maybe Friday if I'm feeling up for it. Yesterday was arms day: warmup: dips 3 sets x 10 reps, parallel grip pullups 3 sets x 10 dumbbell overhead triceps extension: 50 lb x14 50 lb x14 60 lb x10 60 lb x 9 50 lb x11 seated barbell preacher curl: 55 lb x 12 65 lb x 10 75 lb x 8 85 lb x 5 45 lb x 16 rope triceps pulldown: 35 lb x 14 40 lb x 14 50 lb x
  6. --Ways I am a nerd-- 1. the amount of time I have spent organizing this list. 2. video games. Some of my earliest memories were of playing Super Mario at my grandma's house. Right now I play a ton of Wii, but I've also done most of the Final Fantasy games (except the most recent one, and the online ones.) 3. I'm into a little sci fi (well I mean I've watched most of the Star Wars movies a whole bunch of times, and yes I am still unhappy they canceled Firefly). No I have not watched BSG but I know I'm supposed to, okay? Also, I love me some MST3K, but I've only gotten into it over the last fe
  7. Hi all! I'm in, because it's summertime and life is good, because self improvement is a good thing, because setting new goals is what winners do and stuff, And because I'm going on a beach vacation in two months and would like to look really awesome with my shirt off. Goals as follows: 1) cut down seriously on junk food, particularly soda. actually eat vegetables sometimes. 2) actually bench press over 200lb, just once. stick with my gym schedule. 3) get to my goal weight of 160, about 8 or 9 pounds left to drop. I'm not going to sweat this quite so much since I'm doing a lot of weight lif
  8. jtc


    did rocky-style 1-arm pushups, twice, with each arm. barely. ok really it was more like i fell on my face four times, but the point is, i pushed it the hell back up. then i went out and had a bunch of beer which is the other thing i'm happy about.
  9. I guess that's kinda true to a certain extent, but I reeeeeally doubt it's that applicable to like 99% of people, since this would seem to require both an extremely low body fat %, as well as serious overdevelopment of the muscles themselves. Think of like hardcore day-glo orange bodybuilder dudes. It would take a LOT of work to get to that point, enough that I'm inclined to think it doesn't really happen too much in people who aren't actively making that happen. For everyone else, if you're lean enough to be able to see your abs at all, you probably have a pretty darn flat stomach and should
  10. Why thanks. I'm working on trying them weighted now. Uh, HARD. And thanks again everyone for the kind welcome.
  11. Most bodyfat measurements are wildly unreliable and can vary quite a lot based on what time of day you do it or how long ago you've eaten. Taking measurements of yourself is useful enough but don't put more stock into an inaccurate formula than it's worth.
  12. Well, that's cool then. Neutral grip pullups are such an awesome arm workout.
  13. For those of you who are Macolytes (I just came up with that! ha!), the iFitness iPhone app is a friggin' godsend. Because I would rather stab myself in the crotch than do cardio I mainly use it for tracking my lifting workouts (and it's really useful for this, it's got tons of exercises in the database complete with instructions and, often, video). Best of all you can email yourself a spreadsheet or PDF of any workouts you've entered into your log. Totally and completely recommended.
  14. I'm gifted in lots of ways.
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