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  1. Assassin level up

    It’s my style too... Interesting to hear other ways. Your cat disrupting your balance then running away, its work done! Did you have to learn Persian as a foreign language?
  2. Be strong, get strong battle log

    I’m not convinced iron’s the problem this time but I figured there’s no harm taking the supplement which is around a third of the DRI and I’ve used before. No cravings for dirt!
  3. Be strong, get strong battle log

    I did have a proper deload over Christmas. However, I’ve been sensible to an extent this week and I have not done any aerial at all this. Having got dizzy and then dropped my hot lunch (chilli thing in a Tupperware box) all over myself before I got to eat it today (and burnt my leg a little in the process, not to mention the mess I made and had to clear up), I think I may well cancel tomorrow’s planned pole too. Not happy about it but I basically spent yesterday in bed (with laptop intermittently) and not really feeling refreshed today. Meant to be buying iron today and have forgotten so far - may see if I can do so on my way back to the train tonight - I’ve had this tiredness before and it’s been linked to that. Never this bad from exercise before though - usually a day of rest is enough. Thankfully I’ve managed to get my brain to engage somewhat today, though have had enough now. Apparently the task I’ve been given three days to do (alongside other stuff), others have been known to demand two clear weeks to do! So I’m not too worried about having not got much done yesterday as I’m still going to hit the completely arbitrary deadline. Bit down about everything now but it’s the end of a day in the office - hopefully the morning will make things look better.
  4. Be strong, get strong battle log

    WEDNESDAY, 17 JANUARY I tried to do my deadlift session at home and it kind of went wrong. A. Jump squats - 3 sets of 4 B. Weighted jump squats - 3 sets of 4 with 2x10kg dumbbells C. Sumo deadlifts - 4,4,4,3,3 with 67.5,70,60,60,60kg I couldn’t get my back neutral. I struggle in the bottom position. The idea was to switch to sumo to help my back position but in fact I think I find it harder. I texted my trainer with a video and he told my to take the weight down (which I’d already done anyway). No lasting damage to my back as I stopped immediately but we’re going to work on it on Monday. D. I skipped the heavy rack pulls because of the above and just did the 4 sets of 4 band assisted pull ups. My shoulders didn’t like me still from Monday so I didn’t want to push it and used the thickest band so really it was just groving the pattern. E. Bicep curls - alternating between supinated, hammer and probate grip for 4 sets of 9. Bit disappointing. I’m so tired at the moment, a kind of not well tired, like you get when recovering from a general anaesthetic. My brain’s not working for work purposes, which is unfortunate as I’ve got quite a bit of heavy thinking stuff on. I went out with a friend last night (not late) and hoped that that would help, but whilst it was really nice, I’ve still woken up tired. I did order a dress for a wedding I’ve got coming up though - found a great shop that cuts stuff to fit women who have a chest but aren’t otherwise large, but they have so many different sizing combinations I had to try them all on to figure out which worked for me before ordering the dress online, which they don’t stock in stores! Hoping that after all that it fits ok when it arrives! But generally it felt so good to have stuff that was made for me - with sports wear in particular I’m getting cross recently with sites that proclaim they stock clothes for all sizes and you look at them and see they’re just not going to work for you.
  5. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Yes, there is research on it. Example here https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/breakingmuscle.com/amp/fitness/introductory-guide-to-velocity-based-training. Apparently my (slow) speed doesn’t quite fit in to predictions, though the research does talk about variations among people, of course. Eg I did the last rep of my 3 squats at 67kg at 0.2m/s, which is slower than would be predicted, and I seem generally to slow down at weights way off my max but have no trouble lifting them - I just move slow! It’s all just data, but interesting to geek out on!
  6. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Hi, good to have you. No, I’m in a high kneel position, trying to be as directly underneath the bar as possible, then pulling down trying to keep the shoulders back and not allowing them to round. I’m feeling some shoulder (anterior deltoid I think) DOMS, but unsure whether that’s from this exercise or the TRX rows.
  7. [Mad Hatter] Many shiny, such log!

    It’s always the everyday stuff that’s dangerous, not the hanging upside down or lifting heavy stuff. And I know I’ve not slept enough when I go to make a coffee or tea and end up pouring boiling water onto the work surface. Hope your week improves!
  8. [The Most Loathed] thinks for himself

    That is some organised plan for the next fortnight you have there! And Amsterdam does seem to have come round quickly.
  9. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Beast Mode

    I have a mental block with steak too. In fact the only meat I can consistently cook well is anything I throw in the slow cooker. My husband acted a little too delighted with the meat I roasted the other day (ie was surprised that for once meat in the oven came out ok).
  10. Assassin level up

    Ha, we’re all being very adult round here at the moment! Happy belated birthday btw! Those pastries did indeed look delicious! Oh and my series 5 of Spiral just arrived!
  11. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Ha ha, I do moan a bit... oops. Anyway, thanks for the reminder! I do remember as I was stuck for AGES (ie about 3.5 years) not being able to go above 4–kg in the back squat most of the time and it never feeling comfortable. So I think I’m kind of justified in my moaning as it has been a very long haul! The trainer I’ve had since spring last year has been excellent in getting me over that plateau - it was all about building strength/stability in the hole. I’ve had a few wobbles since but generally it’s been a fairly steady upwards progression. He’s recently had me using a band to measure the velocity in m/s of my movement when squatting and doing unloaded and light squats to practise moving more quickly, and that seems to have worked in making me move faster (even if apparently I move slower than the parameters say one ought to!) and I guess it’s also helped in pushing the weights up.
  12. KB Girl's journey to worlds 2018

    I did a bit of this before Christmas - kept picking a drawer and tidying/organising etc. Sadly they don’t stay tidy for long...
  13. [Mad Hatter] Many shiny, such log!

    Me too! I got upset then went to see Coco (along with half my street it seemed...)
  14. Be strong, get strong battle log

    MONDAY, 15 JANUARY Personal training session A. Jumping squats - 3 sets of 4 B. Chain squats - 4,4,4,3,3 with 59,64,64,66.5,67.5kg Again the chains were not really on the floor so I more or less had the full weight all the time. So given that my previous 1RM was 65kg, I think we can call this a PB. C1. Split squats - 5/5,5/5,4/4,4/4 with 55,57.5,60,62.5kg Again with a bit of assistance (using squat rack pins for balance plus some push up). C2. TRX rows 4 sets of 5 Very nearly horizontal. Tried with feet elevated but that’s still a bit too much. D1. Supinated cable pulldowns - 4 sets of 5 with 65.6kg Hard but so close to bodyweight! D2. Glute ham raises alternated with back extensions - 4 sets of 5 Plan is now to take tomorrow off then deadlift Wednesday. Then Thursday hoop and aerial yoga, which are generally not as intense, before Saturday double pole.
  15. [The Most Loathed] thinks for himself

    Really sorry to hear about Bernie, and the difficult end she had. Glad you’re now home and able to spend some time together quietly.