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  1. [The Most Loathed] learns....slowly

    Solid training. Have fun in Seattle!
  2. Be strong, get strong battle log

    TUESDAY, 24 APRIL Jump squats Back squats 5 sets of clusters (5 singles with 15 seconds’ rest in between) with 55kg Despite being slow on the jump squats, I then was fast on these back squats, and deep too. They felt pretty easy, which was nice. This phase of strength training has all felt pretty easy - progress made without needing to kill my self. Back squats were supersetted with 3 banded chin ups (5 sets) - second smallest band for one set then smallest band. PB here - I think my previous best was the odd single with this thin band. Trainer did then point out that if I hadn’t put weight on, I’d have a chin up already... grumble grumble. 3 sets of 6/6 Russian step ups with 30kg, 6 ring rows (feet elevated for first 3 then as horizontal as I could get without them elevated), 18 hip extensions. I am now pretty CNS tired. I’m not going to do any aerial and will have a relaxing evening instead - suddenly really feel in need of a holiday.
  3. A sweat and sore flavour

    Sounds like a rough theatre time, with the sheer volume of performances and then the sad news. Sorry to hear of the pain you’re suffering too. The basil should be coming soon now! That is an impressive hammock routine. They do really give it some momentum, interesting to see.
  4. lucky fire dragon DON'T PANIC

    Ahh, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong...
  5. So how was climbing without climbing? Sorry work is not going great. How’s the looking around for alternatives going?
  6. A sweat and sore flavour

    I missed all of this and need to run now, but here and will catch up and be back following shortly!
  7. Maybe take it off but on the proviso that you choose something concrete to do as an alternative, be it some kind of adulting, socialising, stress relieving, or rehab/physio stuff? Then you get proper rest without feeling as though you’re just giving up? That is impressive before work work, and you have been pretty busy on the climbing recently, so perhaps you do need a bit of a rest to allow you to tackle stuff fresh again. And give your shoulder a chance to heal too. That in turn could help your feelings of struggle? How’s work been since the surveillance left?
  8. Be strong, get strong battle log

    SATURDAY, 21 APRIL Intermediate pole - some reverse grabs with an attempt to go into a back hook from them (kind of managed it once then forgot how). Some butterflies, cross ankle releases (better but not quite), martinis. Stretchy class - splits Beginners pole - back hooks, front hooks, brace climbs, some tuck things whose name I don’t remember
  9. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Yes. The giraffe thing was my invention, when trying to describe what I meant!
  10. Be strong, get strong battle log

    No idea, really. I wasn’t told anything I hadn’t been told to do before. Maybe I was just prepared more for the discomfort and have got a bit stronger that I can come up out of it more easily so was less scared of taking my hands off? Don’t know!
  11. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Put your foot in the sling, then each hand takes hold of material on the opposite side and pulls across towards it, so the material covers your knee. Then step up, both hands on one side and bring the body through, use the unwrapped foot to push the fabric down towards the ankle, then bring the body through and twist the hips to turn and come up so it’s almost as if you’re riding a giraffe and holding onto its neck with one foot out behind you. Then repeat the rolls as many times as you like. (If that makes any sense - I tried to find a google image but couldn’t.)
  12. Don't Panic Just Pole - April 17 to May 20

    Guys, I failed again with this challenge... I got to practise the back hook in my beginners class yesterday, but when I then tried surreptitiously to add on the reverse grab and the rest, I got stopped and asked to do a front hook/back hook combo to be filmed as part of the class record, and when I tried again I kept getting interrupted/stared at some more. Basically trying to do a sequence around class time is not really working... I did consider staying on after class but by then I’d done three classes back to back and given the hot weather, I was pretty much exhausted. Really sorry for messing up your sequencing; hopefully one of you can just pick it up again this week from where it was left off. I’ll try to jump in again if I manage to find some quiet space, but don’t expect me. I would thank you for giving me the impetus to practice my back hook though - I’d never been able to get it before but did so yesterday.
  13. lucky fire dragon DON'T PANIC

    I need to read this properly, but just to say quickly that I only just got that reverse grab. I spent forever just practising it from a chair spin. Also, though I can do that (well, did it this week; we’ll see if I can replicate today), you look so much more controlled and deliberate in your moves than I feel at the moment.
  14. Don't Panic Just Pole - April 17 to May 20

    Thanks! Not sure I’ll be able to emulate how serene you make all that look!
  15. Sloth is a MAMIL*

    Glad to hear you’re feeling chipper. That’s what all that hanging loose in lycra will do to you, I imagine.