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  1. I'm tentatively sticking my toes back in the NF pool. Haven't caught up at all, but you are looking good in that bike gear shot!
  2. I've tried to send you a PM but it won't work. Just to say I'm thinking of you (only just saw this all today). I'm glad you've reached out and got yourself some support through all of this.
  3. I love the organisation in your approach! Also, butter wouldn’t melt in that mouth...
  4. So in awe of your ability to do L sits :-)
  5. I spoke to someone at my studio who works for the offending delivery company (poor thing, she must get this all the time), and she said they get paid for deliveries actually made, so it makes no sense.
  6. WEDNESDAY, 9 MAY All the aerial: - pole silks - chair spin type thing and plank with feet up the pole and leaning back - trapeze - two arm and one arm hangs - silks - foot lock to stand and hold with wrists wrapped and pushing arms out to bring feet off the floor (I could do this from the ground but not from a stand as it was so sore on the wrists) - Chinese pole - climb and angel hangs Intermediate pole - my god this was a terrible class for me - I couldn’t do anything. We were meant to be doing a crucifix and then lots of different handstands and I managed an invert and that was it (couldn’t take my hands off or move them at all)
  7. Ha ha, I was going to tag you but clearly didn’t need to! Not mine, they’re in the gym. I need my husband to sell his broken car to free up space in the garage so I can make it a home gym I actually enjoy working out in before I buy myself any more toys!
  8. Argh deliveries are the worst. I had one a few months ago where I heard a card drop through the letterbox telling me I was out and the parcel had therefore not been delivered (I was obviously there and they’d not rung our very loud doorbell). The guy was still outside but chose not to see me as I ran out, waving crazily at him to stop. That’s annoying about the meeting too. Pointless time drains get to me more and more - I have things to do!
  9. Cat: hey, you’re making a video and didn’t tell me? I want to be in it! Ooh, soft stuff, let me just go and make myself comfortable. Ah yes, nice and soft, mmmmm. Oi, you, you seem to be leaning towards me, hey careful there, I’m here! No, no, don’t crush me, argh I’m going to have to run! Made it! What on earth do you think you were doing there, trying to kill me? Huff...
  10. TUESDAY, 8 MAY Jump squats 3 sets of 5 - same speed as last week despite having slept incredibly badly Segmented deadlifts (pause below knee, above knee, below hip) 5 with 60kg, 3x5 with 65kg Block deadlifts (bar just below knee) 3 with 75kg, 3x3 with 80kg 3 x 30 second hold planks with hands in rings 3 x 12/12 pallof press 3 x 30 second hold paralette tuck holds
  11. Interesting. Yes, the teachers I have tend to be very good in knowing people. There is more obvious grading in pole skills. In aerial it’s less obvious what the progression is, ie what skills you should have before moving up to other ones. It would clearly be better if I could repeat skills etc on my own, but as mentioned above, open sessions are really limited. The one to one sessions are very effective though, even though it’s getting to a point now where they get booked up months in advance.
  12. Agree it’s difficult with classes. This sounds like a good attempt though. There are open sessions but they’re not convenient - early afternoons on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As it’s a good half hour each way, I can’t do that during a lunchtime break, say.
  13. Sunflower behaviour is quite common in the UK too, though climate change and all that has meant this weekend has involved a lot of hiding from the sun.
  14. He’s racing in Italy at the end of the summer. (I’ve just been told - my parents have organised a holiday to go out and see him. I’ve not been invited, and there’s no recognition that I might even have expected to have been. Love families.)
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