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  1. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    I seem to have missed about four pages since I was last here! I’d add my two penneth re reading just to make sure he enjoys it: so read to him stuff at his emotional level that he enjoys, which should encourage him to learn to read it himself. And to let him not read what he doesn’t enjoy. I’m sure he’ll catch up really quickly, and he’ll be super well set with fluency in two languages. I’m a bit bored with chilli at the moment - is that heretical? Maybe if I get more inspiration from here I’ll find the love again...
  2. Mad Hatter's tea party

    Oh I know this feeling so well! I love days when I actually relax and feel good about it, but I’m far more frequently completely burnt out yet still unable to turn off!
  3. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Oh and on the talking about Tuesday’s teacher, because of the performer just joining for her first class, there was no chance to grab the owner in private. And then I made such a mess of things that I felt it was all my fault I couldn’t keep up in hoop class etc. Basically it wasn’t the day to have a rational conversation!
  4. Be strong, get strong battle log

    THURSDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 1 hour hoop - just four of us, one gymnast, one staff member, one seasoned performer and me. Which ended up meaning that I kept up to begin with but then my muscles got so fatigued I could no longer pull myself into anything and felt bad with everyone else being so much better and so on. We did side straddle to mount, which I’m getting better at controlling (requires you to pull loads though your arms so you don’t flail about). Then into a Delilah and a candlestick, which requires pushing up through the hips/glutes so your hips don’t sag down. So far so good. Then pulling up with monkey arms into sitting. This is where it was fine the first time but then I just lost all strength. We were meant to go from sitting into some move where you unhook one leg then swing the hoop round with one arm so you’re just holding on with one arm and you’re doing like a hoop warrior pose. Then from that back into the pole to do what I think is known as a side star. I just looked a mess! 40 minutes aerial yoga - after being exhausted by the above, I started feeling really sick in this class, my shoulders felt tight and horrible, and I was feeling a bit upset too. So I left early, saying I wasn’t feeling well. Which was true if a bit of a cop out. Today my back feels tired, my hip hurts, and I just feel a bit beat up. Weird as I haven’t done my regular weights stuff this week. Anyway, I’ve got quite a bit of hard work work to get done (broken the back of it this morning) but otherwise I’m just taking it easy today - well, bar the 2 hours of dog walks! I’m going to do a bit of relaxing yoga later on and just chill this evening. My book on sleep is meant to come later today too, so there’s some good bedtime reading in store.
  5. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Yes, I’ve experienced that balancing thing too, and generally pairing up gets awkward. I did act as base for someone 10kg heavier than me and it was fine, but she couldn’t support me! They just all need to get stronger! Last night I paired with a performer for the “mock fight” warm up - she was so strong that for once I could actually use all my force, which was fun! And the talking didn’t happen... more below.
  6. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Yes, I was surprised when I went to the US 18 months ago that when we went to a clothes shop, my husband (who’s around 6’3” and not as skinny as he used to be ;-)) got a shirt but nothing was remotely near my size. Same with trainers - he went somewhere specifically to get some in his size (UK13) and there was nothing that would fit my UK8/9. And yes, I think I’m average for the Netherlands at 172cm. I had a half Dutch best friend when I was little (who’s now around 6’4”) and was in a class at school with the year above my age (due to weird calendar reasons - wouldn’t have happened had I been born 3.5 hours later) so never thought I was tall. I’m by no means huge but being to the right of the bell curve does cause some problems, both practical and psychological! I need a tall and muscular real life role model too!
  7. Mad Hatter's tea party

    Tuesday at work sounds like a well-deserved chill after chaos - you need times like this so not lame at all.
  8. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Husband’s quote when he saw Saturday’s video: “they could at least have paired you with someone your size”. I think he meant height but there was no point going down that rabbit hole. I know rationally that I don’t want to buy into the whole women shouldn’t take up much space thing, but yeah, it pushes a lot of buttons. I could avoid the teacher but that’d mean missing three hoop classes a month. There is someone else training up to be a hoop teacher so I guess some kind of timetable addition might be on the cards, but equally it might mean the new one will just replace the owner’s hoop classes, which I like. I’m thinking I’ll persevere for the time being - trying to think what it is I’m doing to make it like this. Saying that, the other newish person in the class yesterday (the one who’s not as strong as me so struggles with the mounts but can then get into the tricks better than I can) looked as though she was about to cry at one point when the teacher rushed through an explanation, saying “oh you all know how to do x”.
  9. Be strong, get strong battle log

    It was hard stretching, not relaxing stretching, along the lines you’ve spoken about before, I think? In any case I definitely want to do some relaxing stretching on my own too, just as the stress and other relief it provides is, I think, a necessary part of what a good programme looks like for me.
  10. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Yeah, I’m improving fast with squats at the moment but not THAT fast! 60-something kg squats are generally more solid, even on off days, so there is a subjective improvement, even if it’s not showing up on the numbers yet. I also think the day immediately after deload week is generally not the time to jump up either.
  11. Be strong, get strong battle log

    MONDAY, 13 NOVEMBER I was meant to have a personal training session but he cancelled on me last minute. It completely threw me off. (I am getting an additional session for free to make up for this.). I then tried to do the squat workout he wrote that I’d missed when I started the deload week early, but I couldn’t. I did two sets of 3 with 60kg then a single at 62.5kg. I was meant to do a triple then doubles with 65 and 67.5kg. It was always going to be tricky as my PB was (and remains) 62.5kg but I ended up feeling disappointed and defeated. TUESDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 45 minutes stretchy class - focus on how to use good technique when stretching and engaging muscles etc. As such the class was a bit slow, but these fundamentals are probably fundamental and good to remember! 1 hour hoop - another routine, involving some spinning and then going up in a side straddle to stag and Mexican. I hadn’t done Mexican before so I got the teacher (my least favourite) to watch what I wasn’t getting and she fobbed me off with a “you’re not strong enough, you need strong glutes and quads for this one”. My glutes and quads are not really my limiting factors so I didn’t buy this and I did manage to do the move in the end, getting the friendly American in the class, who knows her stuff, to watch if I was doing it right. She said I was and then helpfully gave me the tip of turning my grip around to overhand as she said it would give me more scope to bend into the shape. The class also had 7 of us in it but only 3 hoops put up - spot the problem. I was the odd one out aka I didn’t sprint to a hoop and push others out of the way so had to be vocal and remind the teacher constantly that we needed to have three runs through each time, not just two. All in all I’m still a bit grumpy!
  12. Mad Hatter's tea party

    8.30, wow, no wonder your body is confused. Sounds like you’ve got a plan to try though. I’m about to buy the new book on sleep by Matthew Walker - it’s been advertised everywhere here and from the interviews he’s done, it sounds pretty interesting.
  13. Mad Hatter's tea party

    I stayed in Germany on the Wallonia border a couple of years ago and was surprised that it was all German one side and all French the other. I was a good English tourist and spoke their languages though ;-). We actually stayed in a Dutch hotel where most stuff was written/said in Dutch only - I just about managed to guide my husband round the buffet but had no idea what was being said on a little tractor tour we were taken on after dinner at the middle of which everyone drank some purple liquid - ranks as one of the weirdest experiences of my life! I miss expat friend circles.
  14. Mad Hatter's tea party

    I've just stumbled upon you here! I'm so happy for you that you had a nice post-climbing session with your friends! And good news that the injury won't prevent handstand practice :-).