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  1. Well, week 2 was a flat tire. Conference at work ate my entire schedule. :/ Here's to week 3.
  2. Thanks! Got week 2 rolling with a run this AM...not long but enough to jump start. We'll try to keep it rolling.
  3. Thanks! I'm viewing the challenge as a goal to meet, so I'm cool with failing week 1. If you never fail, you're not trying, right?
  4. Looks like a great first week -- good momentum!
  5. Hope your week is coming to a good conclusion!
  6. Week One: Earth: My diet was better than usual this week. I didn't cut processed foods out entirely, but decreased their consumption significantly by eating natural foods as a preference. I succeeded on decreasing alcohol (smaller cups work wonders) but failed on ''more water than coffee.' Sort of meh on eating slowly...sometimes yes, sometimes no. I did drink more slowly...but let's call it a fail for the week. More water would have made it a pass. Air: I've been reworking some previously written material, but have added a little bit of new stuff. I'm on page 9 of the revision, and have definitely given at least 15 minutes daily. It's coming along! Fire: Fire dominated this week as I needed to get used to daily running again. I made my 20 mile goal, but it took 5 runs and I made Wednesday a rest day. Running slower ate my time for rowing, so that disappeared this week. It's hard to call it a fail, because the running was good...but I didn't meet my overall goal. Water: I only practiced four days, but managed to get a few 45 minute sessions in, so I made my time. I'm considering this a pass, because it was so much fun and I feel like I made pretty good progress on finger work this week. 2/4 -- air and water win; earth and fire fail. That makes week one a fail overall. Keeping a minimum 3/4 to win, that means I need to win every other week to win the challenge. And now, Halestorm.
  7. Week one down - time for some Halestorm. http://youtu.be/YGchlqCjj8A

  8. Glad to see the guitar in the mix! Music is the language of the soul, yeah? Good luck on the challenge,
  9. Welcome back! It's wonderful to see your spiritual thread woven through the challenge - I look forward to seeing your progress!
  10. I've used Sleepcycle (the whole Argus suite) for a while. It works nicely, though I have to say it's always early in the wake zone for me. That might be a calibration issue or I might just thrash a lot in the wee hours.
  11. Thanks! It was actually a TV show -- on PBS!
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