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  1. Well, week 2 was a flat tire. Conference at work ate my entire schedule. :/ Here's to week 3.
  2. Thanks! Got week 2 rolling with a run this AM...not long but enough to jump start. We'll try to keep it rolling.
  3. Thanks! I'm viewing the challenge as a goal to meet, so I'm cool with failing week 1. If you never fail, you're not trying, right?
  4. Looks like a great first week -- good momentum!
  5. Hope your week is coming to a good conclusion!
  6. Week One: Earth: My diet was better than usual this week. I didn't cut processed foods out entirely, but decreased their consumption significantly by eating natural foods as a preference. I succeeded on decreasing alcohol (smaller cups work wonders) but failed on ''more water than coffee.' Sort of meh on eating slowly...sometimes yes, sometimes no. I did drink more slowly...but let's call it a fail for the week. More water would have made it a pass. Air: I've been reworking some previously written material, but have added a little bit of new stuff. I'm on page 9 of the revision, and have definitely given at least 15 minutes daily. It's coming along! Fire: Fire dominated this week as I needed to get used to daily running again. I made my 20 mile goal, but it took 5 runs and I made Wednesday a rest day. Running slower ate my time for rowing, so that disappeared this week. It's hard to call it a fail, because the running was good...but I didn't meet my overall goal. Water: I only practiced four days, but managed to get a few 45 minute sessions in, so I made my time. I'm considering this a pass, because it was so much fun and I feel like I made pretty good progress on finger work this week. 2/4 -- air and water win; earth and fire fail. That makes week one a fail overall. Keeping a minimum 3/4 to win, that means I need to win every other week to win the challenge. And now, Halestorm.
  7. Week one down - time for some Halestorm. http://youtu.be/YGchlqCjj8A

  8. Glad to see the guitar in the mix! Music is the language of the soul, yeah? Good luck on the challenge,
  9. Welcome back! It's wonderful to see your spiritual thread woven through the challenge - I look forward to seeing your progress!
  10. I've used Sleepcycle (the whole Argus suite) for a while. It works nicely, though I have to say it's always early in the wake zone for me. That might be a calibration issue or I might just thrash a lot in the wee hours.
  11. Thanks! It was actually a TV show -- on PBS!
  12. Thanks! It has worked pretty well for me at work. I think the actual method says use 30 minute blocks, but since my goal is only 15 minutes I figure it can be modified. There are certain tasks that the method fits better than others -- writing, for instance. I can't do it all the time, because it works best when I can close the door, put on classical music and really dig in. The office is too social to do that more than 3 or 4 times per day. That said, the first half hour for email and a few sessions of working on professional papers has enabled me to consistently block off other times for meetings and exercise. I like it, but I only follow it loosely.
  13. Yes! Scales are stupid. You aren't buying meat at the grocery store, after all, and as a measure of overall health that number is virtually useless. I have an accompanying rant on heart rate monitors. I also have a writing goal this challenge. Seems several of us do. Good luck on this one. Peace in the new year!
  14. Greetings, all! Main goal is eating better. Secondary triad: running more, playing more music, writing consistently. Maybe consistency is the central theme of all the secondaries...
  15. Ok, I'll admit all the flashing moved me along quickly, but I did see writing! Also one of my daily goals...literary guild rules.
  16. Sunmage -- good stuff! I resonate with much of what you write, and it's always good to see you in the forum. LOVE the idea of actually unplugging the TV - simple but powerful. Also interested in your procrastination techniques...I use the task list and pomodoro method these days. Somehow, breaking big projects down to 15-minute blocks helps me 'just do it.' All the best!
  17. Greeting, friends. This challenge sees me returning to an older ethic of diet and exercise while continuing to cultivate musical skills. In many ways, it represents a return to the things that surrounded me in childhood -- music, imagination, natural exercise and my grandmother's garden. Like one or two others, I've chosen to also renew an interest in the elements to frame the work: Earth: Body. Focus on Nutrition Following the best advice I've ever seen via 'In Defense of Food' - eat (real) food, not too much, mostly plants - my goals are: 1. Plant-based food in every meal, eaten first. 2. Smaller portions, eaten slowly. Slowly. Not like a starving warthog. 3. More water, less caffeine and alcohol. One large Nalgene per day of water; smaller cups for caffeine and alcohol. Air: Mind. Focus on Imagination For MANY years, a friend and I have threatened to unleash a fantasy novel upon the hordes of nerdy readers we love so dearly. This year, we agreed to a structure: 1. One page or 15 minutes per day. Make-ups are allowed, since not every day is conducive to writing, but the norm should be one 15-minute writing block (using pomodoro method). Fire: Action. Focus on Fitness This April, 11 of my friends and I will tackle Ragnar SoCal. I'm leg 4 (5k, 10k, 10k), which is well within my comfort zone. Still, we need to prepare and I need to do some two-a-days eventually. Also, I've discovered a love of the ergometer (aka rowing machine). Also also, I accepted a 1000 mile challenge for the year and a 'streaking' paradigm of 20-mile weeks. So... 1. Run 20 miles per week in any configuration, at least 4 runs per week. No make-ups. 2. Row at least twice a week for 30 minutes. Water: Heart. Focus on Music I've been learning bass guitar for several challenges now, and will just continue: 1. Two lessons per week on Scott's Bass Academy, 2. 15 minutes of practice every day. Again, make-ups are permitted. So there's my outline. I have accountability for every goal except music, but that one is the easiest to want to do. With the new format, I'm hoping to step up/tweak/continue on the next couple of challenges as well. Points: no. Pass/fail per week. Reward: um....not sure. I'll think on this one.
  18. I'm structuring my challenge the same way -- glad to see that we're thinking the same way in terms of the categories . Best on the challenge!
  19. If my pants no longer fit, I don't have to wear pants. Right?

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  20. Week 1: Body Ran 4x Hydration was meh Carbs were utterly forgotten Mind Completed weekly bass lesson Practiced daily 2 Chapters of book one on Contemplative prayer Spirit No yoga at all Meditation several times...probably a dozen over the week. Not a bad week, though my desire to stick to it religiously is pretty low.
  21. Thanks, Elk! There is something magical about being out in the early hours. Wouldn't trade it! As to the bass, music is the language of the soul, right? I think there's a lot we can learn about harmony, attunement, elevation...plus just the transport of a good tune. I think everyone should make music, however they can! Subbed your challenge - looks like a lot of fun!
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