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  1. Holy hamstrings Batman! Where did those come from?

    1. DrFeelgood


      They were hiding at the bottom of the squat rack. ;)

  2. So I might have left the spoon IN the blender when I made my protein shake this morning. Not my finest moment. Mom, IOU one spoon.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Istrix


      Try spinach for iron instead of cutlery?

    3. insanity


      Will it blend?

    4. Deslok


      I once left mu finger in an immersion blender when making mayo. Needless to say I don't make mayo anymore.

  3. Hey kids! Guess what time it is? It's squat o'clock!

    1. Jothra


      It is always squat o'clock, except for when it is not squat o'clock.

    2. BopGun


      Squat:00 is a nice time to be, but I thought it could be bench:30 on occasion, too... :)

    3. Nianne


      Roger that!

  4. Although she is saying you look "skinny", she might just be referring to a change in mood, posture and/or demeanour. A lot of people notice more subtle changes like those, but often cannot pinpoint exactly what the change is, so they go for more general praises.
  5. I finally benched the bar today! 3 sets, 10 reps each.

    1. The Bog Of Eternal Bench

      The Bog Of Eternal Bench

      Congrats! I just got there too and although it seems small, I feel so accomplished!

    2. katamac


      I just had a fangasm at your incredibly witty name XD

    3. The Bog Of Eternal Bench
  6. Oshawa, the armpit of Ontario, reporting in.
  7. Breakfast for dinner, is there anything better?

    1. Jothra


      If there's one thing I learned from the movie version of The Outsiders, it's that the ultimate breakfast is chocolate cake and beer.

    2. FamilyBeer


      Better than breakfast for dinner? Yes, having someone make it for you.

  8. Why hello high school jeans, it's been a while ;)

  9. You don't need to be pretty, because you are beautiful. Despite what you may think, those guys that you like might be looking for a girl just like you. The assumptions you are making about the girls these boys like is based off of social stereotyping. Self-confidence is the sexiest thing you can have Dates can be anything you want! There is no reason why a dinner out should be considered more or less of a date than going to Walmart and having nerf sword fights (my personal favourite). If there is something you enjoy doing, or a place you like being, that can be your jumping off point for a
  10. kicked my own butt in a workout and applied to my dream program (special effects prosthetics!!) Everything's coming up Milhouse ;)

  11. If at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

  12. I cut out coffee and I don't miss it, except for keeping my hands warm while I wait for the bus. I found myself pretty much living off the stuff, drinking 2-3 large double-doubles (2 cream, 2 sugar, Canadian-style) a day just to keep myself conscious enough to get through classes. It's funny, because I never actually even liked coffee, I just drank it because that's what art students do. I have so much more energy now, and am finding it way easier to sleep at night, which is keeping my mental state in a much better place. This week I have been trying ease myself into drinking green tea, which
  13. I think I might have over-geeked It's from the movie Labyrinth (Jim Henson, 1986). That movie got me through some tough times after I moved away from home, I think I've seen it over 200 times. David Bowie, glitter and goblins, Oh my! Thank you all for such a warm welcome. For now I think my biggest challenge is going to be surviving the holidays at home. I come from a Scottish/Newfoundlander family, so naturally the house is brimming with sugary shortbreads and most meals are some variation of meat-potatoes-carrots. I tried to do some cooking and made a paleo version of a family favourite,
  14. fight pkmn item > read My name is Katie, and I'm a nerdaholic. My Inspiration After moving away from home three years ago so I could pursue my dream and go to art school (Woo! Arts!) I find myself dreading coming home. Everyone talks about "turning into your parents", and as much as I love them, it makes me terrified. My father has ruined his body through years of hard labour and poor eating. at 50, he pushes himself too hard and suffers badly for it. My mother is obese and pre-diabetic at 52. She spent the better part of my childhood yo-yo dieting, but after an injury a few years
  15. Hi David! Welcome to the Rebellion! I am totally down for this discussion, as it is something very near and dear to me (whether I want it to be or not). As someone who has spent the last 8 years on various anti-depressants and anxiety medications, I was always really hesitant to take the plunge and begin to exercise and change my diet. I guess it was half teenage rebellion and half not knowing where to start. If this is something you are interested in, start small and work your way up. Simply by changing my diet to 80% Paleo, cutting out coffee and starting to take the time to listen to
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