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  1. Hey, Thank you for your answer. I'm actually on my way to the gym to try this program for the first time. So far I have only done the work outs I linked to the previous workouts section. I just googled to workouts you mentioned and I'll definetly look into them. Do you do any other workouts or cardio with Stronglifts or do you just stick with that one?
  2. Hello everybody, I'm so glad to have come across this awesome website and community! I'm new to working out and I would gratly appreciate any advice and recommendations you could give me. I have done a lot of research and combined my own workout routine that I think would help me achieve my goals. I wrote a bit more about myself further down. I was thinking of doing a whole body workout routine 3x a week, preferably on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The program would be as follows: Alternate every two weeks: 3 sets of 10 reps / 6 sets of 5 reps 1) Alternate: Squats or Lunges2) Barbell Bench Press3) Deadlifts4) Alternate: Pull ups or Chin Ups5) Butt Lift/Hip Raises6) Dips 7) Dumbbell Shrug8) Alternate: Exercise Ball Pull-In or Sit-Ups What do you think? DO I have everything covered or should I add or change something? (PS: Thank you for taking the time to answer me and help me out! <3) Fitness Goals To lose weight and to gain strengthExercise Preference Body weight, barbells, bar you use for budypump, bar you use for squatsCurrent Physical Stats Gender: FemaleAge: 18Height: 158cmWeight: 58kgTraining History I've done this beginner's workout program with less reps per set for two weeks: http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/conditioning-workout-for-women.html. => I've mostly used 4kg-6kg weights In addition I have started the so called blogilates beginner's workout challenge (I will continue with Day 8 tomorrow): http://www.blogilates.com/calendar/beginners-calendar-for-popsters-just-starting-out , Current Diet Normal; I'm trying to aim for approximately 1500 kcal of healthy food daily, but I've been slipping up on the weekends.Current Resources/Limitations I have access to a gym and I have a fair amount of time available.
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