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  1. Seattle 2014 Tough Mudder knock out! Pictures in bound soon!

  2. Tacoma area reporting in! Bringing the Lame everyday! What did you guys hav ein mind for the time frame and meet up area?
  3. Been away for a bit too long. Now with me running and slowly getting back into the gym I'm hoping I kick up some dust on here again. Stay strong, Nerds!

  4. Hitting the gym today. First time back in weights in a while. Allons-y!

  5. Su cuy'gar, vode an! Hope you guys have been well while I've been away(however short my absence has been). I ended up missing the start of this six week challenge for a few reasons. Family stuff and moving stuff, no big. So I decided that I would fix up my diet and form up a new workout program I can work with. Lately I've been running a low while my body weight workouts have suffered. I was hoping I could get some assistance in making my workout and diet. What I'm wanting to get out of my workout is functional strength and endurance. I'm also wanting to improve the ascetic appearance o
  6. With a tooth removed all I can do is light pt...this week isn't going to be much of a "gainer".

  7. Hey Guzzi, thanks for swinging in. My thread isn't short, it's just "lengthily challenged". What it lacks in length it makes up for in character!(Yeah? Eh maybe.) But yeah not too much going on here. Kind of glad not many have posted on here right now, I've been pretty lazy when reading things on a computer screen. Guess I'm just tired of staring at one so much, you know. Though, aye, this is my challenge and so far it is going well. How goes your challenge? I have yet to swing by so I shall probably do that in the next little bit. AS FOR YOU UMODIEL! *grips area that was poked and flops t
  8. You tell by the way I walk I'm a Nerd's Nerd, to time to talk! Su cuy'gar, Umodiel. I'm John, the King of Lame, and I would like to welcome you to the REBELLION! *Heavy metal guitar riffs and explosions* (Despite being a few days late.) As a relatively new rebel myself I can't say I can offer too much BUT I can try and if I cannot I can find someone who can. One of the beautiful things about the Rebellion is that there are so many people here that are willing and wanting to assist. This is the most supportive place I've ever found for peopel who are searching to improve their health and fitn
  9. *HEAVY METAL GUITAR RIFFS AND EXPLOSIONS* AWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH~! Welcoming commitee, ASSEMBLE! Su cuy'gar, Qinux. I'm the King of Lame, WELCOME TO THE REBELLION! As a newbie cosplayer and as someone who wants to live healthier(like everyone else on here), I would love to help you (again, like everyone else on here). As you'll see over the course of your time here, Nerd Fitness is unlike any other fitness forum site. The scamps that make up the Rebellion are some of the most supportive and understanding people you'll meet. We have people that have been through every struggle you can t
  10. Su cuy'gar "nerd" vods. Ehehehe...(crickets) ANYWAY! Hey nerds, it's your pal the King of Lame and I was curious if there were any nerds in the area of Tacoma Washington that would want to meet up one weekend and chill, or do random workout-like activities you know. I'm hoping there are some around here and I'm not the only one.(cue A Perfect Circle) If you're in the area, drop a line on here and we can schedule in a way to fit everyone's best chance to meet up!
  11. *HEAVY METAL GUITAR RIFFS AND EXPLOSIONS* AWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH~! Welcoming commitee, ASSEMBLE! Su cuy'gar, Greg! I'm the King of Lame and I'm here to join in on the welcoming of you! Like Guzzi said, this place is ridiculously supportive. Many of us feel that everyone needs support during their struggles of betterment. So we are here to be that life line you call to when you're feeling down about your workout. Or the questions you have about some exercise or workout or random idea about anything, that has popped into your head. (I hope your wife isn't the jealous type becuase we're p
  12. GRAAAAAH! Come on work! End already! I got to run today!

  13. Beatiful day, good grilled lunch, nice amount of water today, and it's my last session of DnD for the next six months. Today should be a good day.

  14. Let's see...do you enjoy swimming? If so that's a great way to spend an active rest day. No impact cardio that helps with a very practical skill! What what! If you do a type of martial art, I recommend doing research and finding something you think would be fun. All that was "duh" information but I flet I should say it anyway. Fighting is fun, tough, and very helpful. You never know when something may happen and you need to defend yourself or others. Getting it in before work is nice, you get to knock out the work and feel pretty good the rest of the day. Though I can't do that, I already get
  15. Pick em up, put em down. Pick em up, put em down. *coughAtthemomentIthinkyouliftmorethanIdocough* I mean...WHAT!? HOW IS THAT EVEN...Beast mode has indeed be initiated! Keep kicking ass and doing that badassery! Stay rebellious, Nerds!
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