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  1. Seattle 2014 Tough Mudder knock out! Pictures in bound soon!

  2. Tacoma area reporting in! Bringing the Lame everyday! What did you guys hav ein mind for the time frame and meet up area?
  3. Been away for a bit too long. Now with me running and slowly getting back into the gym I'm hoping I kick up some dust on here again. Stay strong, Nerds!

  4. Hitting the gym today. First time back in weights in a while. Allons-y!

  5. Su cuy'gar, vode an! Hope you guys have been well while I've been away(however short my absence has been). I ended up missing the start of this six week challenge for a few reasons. Family stuff and moving stuff, no big. So I decided that I would fix up my diet and form up a new workout program I can work with. Lately I've been running a low while my body weight workouts have suffered. I was hoping I could get some assistance in making my workout and diet. What I'm wanting to get out of my workout is functional strength and endurance. I'm also wanting to improve the ascetic appearance of my body too. Like a bit bigger arms, more toned midsection and all that. Though I know that will take time so that will come as I keep at it. I'm seriously tired of feeling weak and unmotivated to work out. I seem to have become less motivation since I got back from my deployment and REALLY want to fix that. I'm okay with incorporating some weights into my workout and have been looking up bar workouts like what the BarBros. do. Since I already have a running program I am apart of, that occurs every monday, wednesday, and friday at 1630(4:30 pm), I will just need to build my program with that in mind. What do you guys think should be done? Also, I'm horrible at asking for help with things. I great appreciate the help. Thanks and stay rebellious, nerds.
  6. With a tooth removed all I can do is light pt...this week isn't going to be much of a "gainer".

  7. Hey Guzzi, thanks for swinging in. My thread isn't short, it's just "lengthily challenged". What it lacks in length it makes up for in character!(Yeah? Eh maybe.) But yeah not too much going on here. Kind of glad not many have posted on here right now, I've been pretty lazy when reading things on a computer screen. Guess I'm just tired of staring at one so much, you know. Though, aye, this is my challenge and so far it is going well. How goes your challenge? I have yet to swing by so I shall probably do that in the next little bit. AS FOR YOU UMODIEL! *grips area that was poked and flops to the ground* GAH! NO! Not the poking! ....my...only weakness...aside from ladies and children and animals and...never mind- GAH! MY ONLY WEAKNESS! My challenge goes decently well. Ever since I joined the running club my Commander started I've been running three times a week. Sprints on Monday, Distance on Tuesday, and Intervals on Friday. So I'm currently at a B for my running portion of this challenge. As for my hourly exercise, I have been slacking minutely on it recently. I still do it, just not every hour. My food intake has been pretty good though. I'm surprised I've been doing as well as I have been with it. What about the "radiance" of my challenge stunned you?
  8. You tell by the way I walk I'm a Nerd's Nerd, to time to talk! Su cuy'gar, Umodiel. I'm John, the King of Lame, and I would like to welcome you to the REBELLION! *Heavy metal guitar riffs and explosions* (Despite being a few days late.) As a relatively new rebel myself I can't say I can offer too much BUT I can try and if I cannot I can find someone who can. One of the beautiful things about the Rebellion is that there are so many people here that are willing and wanting to assist. This is the most supportive place I've ever found for peopel who are searching to improve their health and fitness levels. Should you ever have questions about anything, there is someone who can answer. And there are people like me who can try and bring laughs. It's what we do. I can see you already have some thing in mind for what you want to do. You have a good head on your shoulders and you have the drive to get it done. These are all great, especially when you are a beginner on here. I started with a supremely vague idea of how I was going to get to my goal. I'm pleased to see so many new bloods having an idea of what they want and how to get there. A cartwheel in exotic places sounds positively do-able. I'm looking to be able to do handstands in various places I go to, so I hope to see you get to your goal. Should you ever need support or assistance of any kind. Just remember: you're a rebel now. We Rebels have to watch each other's backs. I wish you a difficult yet vastly rewarding journey, Umodiel. Kick some ass! Stay Rebellious, Nerds!
  9. *HEAVY METAL GUITAR RIFFS AND EXPLOSIONS* AWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH~! Welcoming commitee, ASSEMBLE! Su cuy'gar, Qinux. I'm the King of Lame, WELCOME TO THE REBELLION! As a newbie cosplayer and as someone who wants to live healthier(like everyone else on here), I would love to help you (again, like everyone else on here). As you'll see over the course of your time here, Nerd Fitness is unlike any other fitness forum site. The scamps that make up the Rebellion are some of the most supportive and understanding people you'll meet. We have people that have been through every struggle you can think of so the resevior of knowledge at your disposal is pretty vast. If you ever have questions or have trouble with anything(motivation, form, tips and tricks and cheat codes) there is someone on here that can help. We'll do what we can to help out. So now that the official heartfelt introduction is done... Let's talk cosplay! You want to be a historically accurate Cinderella? Alllllrighty then! Do you have an image of reference to how you want to look or is it measurements? What do you plan on doing for your workouts to get to your goal? Did you workout somewhat regularly before? I ask because while a hour isn't a bad amount of time to work out, it can sometimes be a demotivation. Depending on the day you've had and/or the time you have to yourself that day. Also, we have a thing on here: Having the mindset of "diet" means that it's more of a temporary thing. If you want to change things, start small: less soda throughout the week, for example. Little changes make big impacts. As your continue on your road to betterment you can start changing more things. How many? As many as you think you can handle, you're in control of your program. Sammie has a good idea too, trying old foods you didn't like might give you more options for healthy foods. If you like them of course. And take what Sammie said about the wagon and gravity checks and really take it to heart. I have a friend that feels really bad after she slips and beats herself up over it. Don't be like her, be smart and forgive yourself for the slip, but try not to do it again. No punishing yourself. Now with all that I shall bid you adieu. Should you ever have questions or need assitance, I shall do what I can. Good luck and may your journey be difficult and greatly rewarding! Stay rebelious, Nerds!
  10. Su cuy'gar "nerd" vods. Ehehehe...(crickets) ANYWAY! Hey nerds, it's your pal the King of Lame and I was curious if there were any nerds in the area of Tacoma Washington that would want to meet up one weekend and chill, or do random workout-like activities you know. I'm hoping there are some around here and I'm not the only one.(cue A Perfect Circle) If you're in the area, drop a line on here and we can schedule in a way to fit everyone's best chance to meet up!
  11. *HEAVY METAL GUITAR RIFFS AND EXPLOSIONS* AWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH~! Welcoming commitee, ASSEMBLE! Su cuy'gar, Greg! I'm the King of Lame and I'm here to join in on the welcoming of you! Like Guzzi said, this place is ridiculously supportive. Many of us feel that everyone needs support during their struggles of betterment. So we are here to be that life line you call to when you're feeling down about your workout. Or the questions you have about some exercise or workout or random idea about anything, that has popped into your head. (I hope your wife isn't the jealous type becuase we're pretty steller at earning your love) You're in a place of like-minded individuals that have come together to form one of the strongest and smartest(and nerdiest!) forces on the planet. This is the Rebellion and we're here for you. Now with our little pleasentries aside: Guzzi is right yet again. Having the mindset of "diet" means that it's temporary(shout out to Steve for that little nugget). If you want to change things, start small: less soda throughout the week, for example. Little changes make big impacts. As your continue on your road to betterment you can start changing more things. How many? As many as you think you can handle, you're in control of your program. Now, that also aside: What do you like to do for exercises? You mentioned you played sports in high school and college, perhaps playing some sports with friends(when you can) might makes things mroe interesting for you and you can keep it up. I like you goals and wish you a difficult yet worthwhile journey. We're always here for support and information. Never forget that, ner vod. Stay rebellious, Nerds!
  12. GRAAAAAH! Come on work! End already! I got to run today!

  13. Beatiful day, good grilled lunch, nice amount of water today, and it's my last session of DnD for the next six months. Today should be a good day.

  14. Let's see...do you enjoy swimming? If so that's a great way to spend an active rest day. No impact cardio that helps with a very practical skill! What what! If you do a type of martial art, I recommend doing research and finding something you think would be fun. All that was "duh" information but I flet I should say it anyway. Fighting is fun, tough, and very helpful. You never know when something may happen and you need to defend yourself or others. Getting it in before work is nice, you get to knock out the work and feel pretty good the rest of the day. Though I can't do that, I already get up at 0530 to get ready for work. If I got up earlier to work out I'd need to go to bed around 1900 to get up for the workout. This would put a damper on DnD and Movie Night. I'd love to get more people to join me in the climbing, after I try it out I'll see if more people would want to join. Hell if I could get people from here in the local area to go, that would be awesome. Any and all I guess. I plan on enrolling in Edgeworks' calsses so that I know the basics and can eventually teach people myself. I've only climbed once before. And that is a story for a little later.
  15. Thanks, Mevre, great to hear from you. How are things going with your challenge? As for the gym, it does both. The place is called Edgeworks, I'm not going to be the only one making a membership. My bud from work will be too. I think it'll be more enjoyable this way. We'll both have someone to push. I'm looking forward to this. I'm planning on doing more bouldering than rock climbing. Though I will go for height on occasion too. Do you recommend anything for this newbie climber?
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