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  1. Weight - 190 Waist - 36" Iv got a long way to go it seems! Still, progress is progress, despite a bit of a shitty week (one am maccies run and then pizza and parties 3 nights in a row). Roll on summer though! I'm going on holiday at the end of July with some friends I haven't seen in a few months and it would be to look as different as possible to surprise them
  2. Found some old progress pics I'd forgotten about, you can definitely see it! I was just being stupid
  3. Weekly update Weight - 191 Waist - 36.25 Well the pounds keep coming off but i'm seeing little to no difference in bodyfat%. Maybe i'm being over-analytical, maybe now that i'm down to about 20% my progress is gonna be slower than it has been. Who knows. I'll just stick at it and see what happens. Best of luck to everyone else still participating!
  4. Well, the end of week one, progress is alright I guess, seem to be losing some pounds but not budging on waist size. I guess well see where it goes in a few weeks. Weight - 193lbs Waist - 36" I need to lose some mental pounds more than physical ones, Iv lost a good 35lbs and sometimes I feel like nothing's changed.
  5. Aw cool, if you could put it in adventurers that would ace
  6. Thanks for the info! I guess I should be with the adventurers No matter progress is still progress regardless of where I put it
  7. I thought that only happened if you finished a challenge?
  8. Hello Challengers! This is my second challenge, and having learnt a lot from my last one, this time my goal is simpler, more concise and altogether less arbitrary. By the end of this 6 weeks, I want to have visible abs, and that means sub 15% body-fat. That's how I will judge my success or failure- can I see my abs? Yes or no answer. I think that's a lot easier to judge than wether I reached a bunch of random numbers I know It's a vein, self absorbed goal, but it's a goal nonetheless. My starting stats: Weight - 197 Height - 5.10" Body fat % - 16.5 As a side note, iv been using a formula to figure out my body fat %, i know for a fact it isn't entirely accurate but it is consistent. I may not be 16.5% but i have definitely lost at least 6 percent from where I was before. Best of luck everyone!
  9. Well, I'm happy with the progress but this is chalked up as a fail. Following the learning curve, I need to set better targets next time- my lifts were NEVER gonna go up like that on a cut. Still, 17 pounds and several chunks of bodyfat is nothing to be sniffed at. Let's see how the next one goes thanks to everyone who took an interest this time round!
  10. 199 and 36.5 waist tallies in at 18 again, crisis averted
  11. Bit of a wierd one this week, bittersweet- Weight- 199 lbs Waist- 37.25 Bf%- 20% (?) This is the first time iv weighed in at under 200 lbs in about 8 years! But somehow my bodyfat% has increased and I feel bigger than ever- I'm sure it's just a combination of my temporary blip on my bodies behalf and poor self image, but still, it's wierd. Hope everyone's last week is a fruitful one
  12. Oh dear, bit of a rubbish week- iv been touring and tour diets consist mostly of motorway services food and snacks. Currently feeling half a stones worth of bloat! After a few days of readjusting Ill see what the real damage, hopefully in time for monday. Any tips on how to get back on track? Negative momentum is a really shitty thing, one of my biggest weaknesses!
  13. Posting a bit early since today is the only day I can get a standardised weigh-in- Weight- 201lbs Waist - 36.25" BF% - 17 Looking at it, I think my start goals were a tad unrealistic. Iv gained little strength, which obviously is gonna happen on a cut, so my main lifts haven't really increased- seeing as that was one of my big goals this 6 week challenge will chalk up as a fail- however! That's only on paper as I'm thrilled with my progress
  14. Thanks I turn my hand to most things, I'm a session guitarist, or at the very least, an aspiring one Stats for this week- Weight - 204 Waist - 37" BF - 18% Gotta love steady progress! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Sorry for the late update, last term of college and all that, works hectic as hell but iv managed to keep eating clean, just about! On a negative note, iv developed RSI in my right elbow which is a really huge pain in the arse, both for lifting and for my career (I'm a musician)- so as far as lifts are concerned, I'm not expecting huge gains, I'm dropping that aspect of my challenge and focusing solely on the cut. On a positive note- Weight - 206 Waist- 37.75 BF- 19% Progress! Best of luck to everyone!
  16. End of week 1 Weight - 207lbs Bf% - 20% Waist - 38.25" Arms - 15.5" Bit of a rubbish week but still some progress - it's Easter so there was a few parties / days out to be had, and the gyms been closed for 4 days, hence the lack of lift measurements. Best of luck to everyone for the next few weeks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. I just learned some facts right there. Thanks dude!
  18. I love the smell of Deadlifts in the morning

  19. Day One- Stats as of today: Weight - 208 lbs Waist - 39" Arms - 14.75" Bench - 55Kg Squat - 60Kg DL - 130Kg Thought for the day: Waist measurements are wierd. A quick google search revealed that you measure around your navel - strikes me as odd since you don't wear trousers up to your belly button (unless you're Simon Cowell). Measured in at 39", even though I tried on some 34" jeans the other day and they were baggy. Strange.
  20. Nothing impressive I'm afraid, iv had a two year hiatus and iv only been back lifting for 6 weeks Bench - 55Kg Squat - 60Kg (expecting big gains here, swapped from smith machine to squat rack and had to start from scratch in terms of weight) Deadlifts - 120Kg
  21. I'm creating this thread in anticipation of Monday's start date. My goal is this: To look better and to be considerably stronger before my gym membership runs out- namely, June 1st. Since I may not be in a position to renew it, it is important to me to achieve as much as is possible by then! Since this goal isn't terribly specific, here are my sub-goals:- 1. Increase my main compound lifts- Ideally I would like to get my bench up to 80Kg, Deadlifts to 160kg, and squats to 100KG. 2. Lose at least 1inch from my waist and add at least 1/4 inch to my arms (baby steps, I know) 3. Have no more than one cheat meal per week. I will judge myself by- 1. How much my lifts increase by. 2. Body Measurements- arm size, waist size, etc. 3. Quality of diet. As of Monday I will post weights and measurements, and update weekly. Best of luck to everyone else on their journey!
  22. Cheers guys, two solid answers there, thanks for the support
  23. Hey guys and gals, I'm looking to return to fitness- the problem is I'm sort of in a halfway place between wanting to build muscle and lose fat. Long story short, I used to be a regular lifter, ran out of money, quit the gym. A few months ago, about a year after I quit, I decided to start being healthy again, lost about 3 stone and in the process a lot of muscle mass. I can't afford a gym membership just yet but I do have access to some weights- not enough to build muscle but enough to make a bit of progress, but I'm just wondering whether to carry on trying to lose weight + body fat and conserve whatever muscle I have left, or whether to hold out 6 weeks or so for a gym membership and bulk, then lose weight in the future? Fairly convoluted explanation in hindsight, and I know ultimately it's up to me, but if anyone's been in this situation, or has any advice, it'd be much appreciated. Cheers
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