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  1. I'll be another to plug boric acid capsules. Definitely wear pantyliners throughout treatment, but it's crazy effective.
  2. It's taken me a pretty big conscious effort, but I pretty much don't think about nipping out anymore. I kind of forced myself to desensitize because I stopped wearing bras to work for a while. That was nerve-wracking.
  3. Camp Nerd Fitness was incredible. I'll write more later. My body is doing well. I have some thoughts about how I want to plan out my progression, but I'll wait until I'm on a real keyboard to expand on that.
  4. I think this one mostly boils down to genetics unless there's some kind of hormonal imbalance at play.
  5. I think that whole "society and patriarchy" bit comes into play when it's not just comparison, it's comparison that makes you feel bad. It's one thing to think "She's not like me" and it's another to think "She's not like me and she looks better than me." THAT is something we learn. I try to be really conscious of my internal judgements. One thing that has a had a huge impact on how I view body weight and physical ability in other people is my chronic injuries. I don't take the stairs because it HURTS to take the stairs. So fuck you very much, Mr. Felt Compelled to Comment on Lazy People Taking the Escalator, some of us need the assistance. And even if I didn't, who fucking cares? It's not any of my business why someone takes the stairs, the escalator, or the elevator. I just try to re-direct my thoughts into good will. "I hope that person is having a good day." "I hope that person is enjoying that cheeseburger." I don't care if it's their cheat day or their regular, everyday burger for dinner. I've also tried to stop using qualifiers for my body state. I'm not in the "worst" shape of my life so far... I just am. I am just existing in this body. Would I like to look/feel differently? Yes, absolutely, but that's not within my realm of capability right now. So I'm choosing contentment and patience and shoving it down my own throat until it doesn't feel like effort.
  6. Got the new PT prescription, initial evaluation next week. I am struggling on the food front. Breakfast is mostly green smoothies because that's all that appeals to me so early in the morning, but they aren't filling. Lunch has been a mix of sandwiches, wraps, and buying something in the caf. I wish eating just cherries or grapes could fill me up because that sounds great!
  7. Still really enjoying my new job, but exhausted all the time! We're getting into a busy time of year too (back to school) so it's only going to get busier for the next month+. I hope I am not a pile of exhaustion for Camp Nerd Fitness. I am trying to get a new prescription for my wrists, specifically for PT and not OT (what it's for now). The facility near work only does PT. I'm doing my best on my own, but there's a lot of fluctuation throughout the week between good days and bad days and re-aggravating things.
  8. I've heard the Thinx underwear works for incontinence (not just periods). Might be something to try for running?
  9. My new job is pretty good, so much going on that it's been hard to process how I feel about it really! My forearms & wrists took a hit from my commute via public transportation. Swinging around on the bars in the bus/train is really really bad for them. My legs aren't happy either from walking/trying to stand on swaying platforms. I will be trying two things: wearing my wrist braces for the commute (might as well see what it does) and bringing a cane. I hope the cane will alert people to my need for a seat :\ My OT said that I may be facing carpal tunnel surgery at some point. I need to find a new one since there's a facility right across the street from work now and that will be a lot more convenient. In the meantime, all I can do is keep up with my nerve flossing movements, specific stretches, and rest.
  10. Funny that I wrote in here so long ago (February and March) and now I'm possibly facing carpal tunnel surgery and may have mild compartment syndrome in my calves. I think if anyone gets tendinitis or a sprain due to hyperlaxity, they should go to physical therapy/occupational therapy for as long as it takes to stabilize things. Then go to an experienced personal trainer to get specific instruction for their chosen workout program. The alternative is probably recurring injuries for the rest of your active life and trust me, after just 6 months of this, I am fed up with it.
  11. I hustled a little too much to get to a pokestop yesterday and now my legs hurt. This game may be dangerous for me haha
  12. OT session today hurt a bit, my hands are slightly tingly. We did ultrasound around my elbows (the fleshy sides). We should start some really light strengthening exercises next week. Yesterday was crazy busy and I didn't have time to swim. As soon as the threat of rain passes over the next few days, I'll be in that pool!
  13. Got some new exercises at PT, one with a band and the other is single-leg standing calf raises. I took an epsom salt bath yesterday AM and it felt great. If I have time, I'll try to take more of those to get the blood flowing.
  14. Haha that PT is like "dude you really f'ed your shit up" or "will you shut up I'm trying to massage your ankle"
  15. The PT said I might have mild exertional compartment syndrome. It seems to fit, especially since my left foot has been going numb lately. I thought it was from my lower back flaring up again. There's not a lot of info about PT being very effective for compartment syndrome, so I'm really worried that surgery and a long recovery will be in my future. I honestly think I would have waited on getting a new job if I'd known about this. Kind of mad that my doctor didn't pick up on it. I scheduled two chiropractor appts for next week, since I'll have lots of free time. The graston technique is recommended for stuff like this, so I might as well get as gently aggressive as I can while I still have time haha. I hope my orthotics are done soon! I'll have to make time to go and get them http://twinboro.com/body/ankle/conditions/anterior-compartment-syndrome-nj.html
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