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  1. Sounds like a “we aren’t getting along with Robert Wilks anymore, so we can’t admit that he may have been right in the past either” i may may be a little jaded, and I was kind of neutral about the IPF v Robert Wilks thing, until the IPF started telling the USAPL to do less drug testing. I know it’s more nuanced than that, but I’m just struggling to find things about the IPF board of directors to actually get behind these days. Further separating yourselves from the rest of the powerlifting community by making your records harder and harder to compare (starting with a ch
  2. Can support vicious. Great book. She’s actually just released a follow up that I’ve been meaning to grab. also, check out her shades of magic trilogy. The first was clearly the best, and apart from the obvious finale setup, number 2 was great too. But the third I probably could have lived without except for the great end and closing of the loop she gave the series. hank green’s debut novel: an absolutely remarkable thing, is great. also, although it’s a slow read, the Farseer chronicles by robin hobb, but you can stop there, you’ll also have to read the live
  3. I can't do one, but it's not for lacking in training my back. It's generally from being a big fat guy...
  4. So it occurred to me that I started filling out my lifts while I was in the gym yesterday, and then when the wheels fell off I failed to finish filling in the spreadsheet. To anyone who’s checked it and seen half of my attempts, I apologize, it is all now fully updated. On to the virtual comp. weigh in went about as I expected, but better than it’s been previously. At 135kg, I’m officially lighter than when I actually competed a couple of years ago, which is new. the lifts weren’t so good. Squat. Warm ups felt great, and first attempt was 2
  5. I tend to eat dinner when I get to work (I start at 1830), have lunch around 0100 or 0200. Then I generally just go to sleep at around 0800. But I'm into intermittent fasting anyway, so this tends to work well for me.
  6. I’m in, but I’m not expecting big thing, still coming back from the months I took off around the baby’s birth. Damn the kid is 8 months in 3 days, I’m not sure I can keep using that excuse for too much longer...
  7. In regard to a calendar system: It works, if you tend to book a lot of things into fixed time blocks. I don't. I'm hoping this improves as I get better at scheduling my time from day to day. In regard to a morning routine: Getting out of bed is hard in the winter time You really do need to be looking forward to something every morning to help get you moving in a timely fashion. As I lost interest in the podcast I was listening to, I lost interest in getting moving early It doesn't work if you don't have an evening routine designed to set you up for an easy ac
  8. Week 4: Monday Track calories: 2438. I'm surprised, It was my wife's birthday, and much cake was eaten... 19/36 points earned. Do cardio: No 12/16 Get My shit together: I did setup a Google calendar and have a look at a few calendar management apps. Found one I'm happy with, started using it. Now I just have to link my calendar with my wifes, and then as life gets more complicated, we'll continue to add layers. 10/11 Do My Morning Routine: 12/19 Do My Evening Routine: 12/19 Schedule 2 hours for project work:
  9. Was going to write an update, but given that we're just a day away from the end of the challenge, decided against it. I'll just update the entire last week at the end. Still ticking along though.
  10. I’ll crush two out of three of the things on my list. The last one, creating a workspace for myself, that’s a rather significant job. So, work to be done...
  11. So, personally, I haven't actually used GreySkull LP. But I can't say as many people who've used it have much bad to say about it. If it fits what you're looking for, give it a go, and see how things pan out. If it turns out you're not getting what you need from it, then give something else a go. That being said, progress is not linear. Each kilo you add to your lifts will take longer and longer to achieve. So if you feel like a program just isn't increasing your strength fast enough for you, it might be your expectations that need an adjustment, not your program.
  12. Week 3 Day 5 Track Calories: 2214 calories. 14/36 Do Cardio: I did it, no points 12/16 Get My Shit Together: Set up a Google calendar to manage my appointments and fixed time bookings Check out fantastical to manage my Google calendar effectively from my iPhone and iPad Start keeping a running to-do list with due dates Check out todoist as an option for managing your to-do list Start keeping notes be
  13. I don't tend to forget them so much as I just start to neglect them (kind of like my to-do list) and then become so overwhelmed with guilt that I stop updating here, and things just tend to start falling into a dark hole and I never get anywhere... You at least keep doing stuff, even if it wasn't what you originally planned. Side note, I did a thing yesterday, so I have actual stuff to update when I get around to it later today.
  14. Week 2 Day 7 Track Calories: 2213 calories. 1 Point earned Weekly Average: 2288 calories. 2 Bonus points earned. Woohoo. 11/36 Do Cardio: Last Shift. This will start happening tomorrow 8/16 Get My Shit Together: Can't wait to not be working for a few weeks. 7/11 Morning Routine: 5/19 Evening Routine: 5/19 Schedule 2 hours for project work: 5/19 41/120 points earned so far. Week 3 Day 1 Track Calories: 2984 calories. What t
  15. Sorry, overslept, for nearly a week.... Update Pending....
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