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  1. This week has gone very well since the modification. I have not done any "exercise" but homework has been overwhelming. This week: - ate to plan, focusing on protein - kept up with homework - had my 1 cheat meal last night - had a wonderful game night - have a exercise program from my coach for next week. It includes 3 strength workouts and a goal of 10K on the concept 2 rower accumulative over the week. Rowing will be done as 500m sprints until I reach 10K. Week 1: 1) Lo-Carb Meals- XXX 2) Rowing- 3) Weights- Since I got my FitBit set up on Jan 26th I have lost 4.4 pounds. That is about 1 pound per week on average. Of course it really didn't work out that way...loosing weeks and non losing weeks.
  2. Okay y'all wonderful people... Challenge modification: WAS: Tracking in MFP - tracking is not hard but is not a task I like to do. We need to make it a habit. Track daily! IS: Stick to a low-carb plan, 30g of carbs is the target. Tracking is optional. Yesterday was class after teaching. So it was a rush for dinner then a short brain break then off to school...which is an hour away. Then my teacher freaked out about a mouse in the room so stopped class an hour in. We should have been there another hour. LOL. Today is a true day 1 for me. I ate mostly protein for breakfast although it was fatty. Lunch is a yogurt and venison jerky. I will have a kind mini bar for snack later. Dinner is salsa chicken and maybe beans.
  3. I think for food I need to stock some quick grab or quick cook items. Right now I have falling back on cereal, frozen waffles, and pepperoni and salami sandwiches. Some of this is okay others a little too fatty. I think if I keep some eggs, turkey sausage, frozen waffles, and leaner lunch meat in the house I can make it through dinners without messing up too badly. Yogurt is always a good go to snack. Tonight is school otherwise I would absolutely do some yoga. Tomorrow is a big probably will do. Diabetes is so hard to explain. My overall health, my weight, and my mood all benefit from good blood sugar control. Control is measured by a hA1C. Good is defined as 7% or lower. Okay is 7.3% or lower. Anything higher needs fixing. Above 8% is poor control. I have not been tested in a while but I am betting I am around 7.8% or so. I have been below 7% at one time. I can control my sugars almost completely with diet control. A low carb diet does wonders for me. I can't go no-carb because my doctor advises against it, but I can do low carb. In fact I felt pretty good on low-carb. Maybe I will do that. Focus on proteins as the bulk of my food with 20-30g of carbs in my meals.
  4. They seem to come and go. I may have a bunch over a couple weeks but then not have one for a month or so. My husband knows to not touch me when I am in the middle of one. If he tries to wake me it just makes the events of the dream worse. I have to fight it out on my own. They suck, makes me sleepy the next day. Your other questions are good ones. -My diabetes is not under control. There are long term side effects that I may end up with if I don't get it controlled. Currently my hair has thinned out a ton due to the high blood sugars. It is a good thing I have/had thick hair. -Batch cooking in the past was sort of a catch22. If food is prepped in the fridge I tend to eat it. But I hate spending hours in the kitchen getting it all done. Frozen meals are easy, quick go tos but they are not always the healthiest option. Fresh prepared meal services are suppose to be good, but we just can't afford it right now. So I need to keep thinking about the best way to eat on track...within calories and macros. -Winter just sucks for exercise for me. My lifting equipment is in the garage where it is cold. I like to go for a walk, but again, I hate the cold. So that leaves me with doing things inside. Which I have workout tapes and such, but none seem fun. I think I get some winter-blues issues. Not enough sunlight. Maybe I need to do some yoga at night, or some stretching.
  5. I honestly don't know. I am my biggest obstacle. I need to break free of my own chains....defy the gravity I am tying myself down with. Some times I don't know how to help myself, and don't know what sort of help I need. My brain is so full with my school work that it doesn't want to think about anything else. So my brain is sort of throwing a tantrum. As a result... I let myself run out of my glucose monitoring supplies and now have to wait for the supplier to get my order together My diabetes is a huge mess and I know I need to fix it but yet turning a blind eye seems easier I spend too much time sitting but I'm tired I should be batch cooking but don't Okay off the rant...I am not sure anyone can really help. It is all on me I think. I had one of my night-terror things last night so didn't sleep much. My husband said he could clearly make out that I was talking in my sleep says "please help me" Lets just say it started off with me fighting with an octopus at some sort of fighting school. Then I had to get dressed in some traditional oriental outfit, then find my sword. We went outside and found a classmate dead. I woke up briefly only to fall asleep and find I was returning to earth but some alien force had followed us and was attacking. I got out my blaster to help in the fight. The parking lots around the shopping centers were flooded, so I escaped ridding a goose. But I found the area I escaped to was also flooded and the buildings had been destroyed. I again joined the battle but had to first figure out who the bad guys were. Yup...then it was time to get up for work.
  6. I quit tracking after like 2 days At first suggestion of eating out I give in...and eat something overly fatty and high in carbs And I have not gotten any exercise despite having a ton of ways to do something. Those are candles before I trimmed the wicks. Thank you.
  7. I am so sorry guys...I totally flaked out. Zero week was a wash out. And Week 1 started yesterday, but it was a holiday and I didn't do anything. So here is the zero week tally: ZERO WEEK: (X= a completion point) 1) Food Tracking- XX 2) Rowing- 3) Weights- For week 1 I know I need to fight myself and fight through all the bad behaviors. I did do some crafting yesterday. This is the first time I have been able to do any in a long time. It was fun...and they are going to be gifts for my gaming friends. I have also been in tough with my coach about a home workout plan. So hopefully that will start soon.
  8. The Week Thus far... ZERO WEEK: (X= a completion point) 1) Food Tracking- XX 2) Rowing- 3) Weights- I ate like garbage yesterday, and did not track. Today I started off bad but I will recover. Tuesday was okay though. Tuesday night was school and Wednesday I recovered from being exhausted from school. So no exercise yet. Still time to get in 3 sessions.
  9. I have not tried a home program designed by my coaches before. I have used fitness DVDs in the past with some success. I have tried many nutrition plans. The most recent is the Healthy Steps Nutrition coaching from the box I attend. It is basically the plate method...1/2 plate healthy low starch veggies, 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 starches. Currently I am not focusing on anything but calorie count. I do look at my macronutrients daily to make sure they are not getting too out of wack. My rough macro goal is 40%carbs/30%protein/30%fat. But they are not a high priority. My calorie goal is 1500 as a max.
  10. That gravity is no joke. It is weighing me down making life a chore. Struggle city in training today... ZERO WEEK: (X= a completion point) 1) Food Tracking- X 2) Rowing- 3) Weights- I made dinner and I didn't like how it smelled (honey chipotle chicken stir-fry from a meal kit) so I refused to eat and made a second dinner. I ate air fried chicken wings instead. I met with one of the CrossFit coaches from my Box about a plan that I can afford and will do. We are discussing a custom home program 3x per week. Something I can do on my own at home when I have time. We will see if we can get this going. In the meantime I will continue with my training as written. I want food....cake, and a jar of almond butter, and a large pizza, and maybe some nachos. Oooooo...brownies with hot fudge and vanilla ice cream.
  11. My decorations I put up inside the house are still up. I decided to not put them away. I like them too much. My skeletons wore Santa hats for Christmas.
  12. Greetings, welcome to my hangout. My name is "Roxanne Spaulding", but you can call me "Freefall". Here is where I do my training. I am always trying to learn new skills and improve upon my originals. I have what is called Gravitikinesis. That means I can alter the affects of gravity. The problem is that it takes a lot of concentration to use. My hope is that with practice I can use my skills with less focus....with more ease. Your help and guidance with my training will be greatly appreciated. Lets establish a training plan. Beginning stats: Sunday Morning 200.2lbs. Pants size 14 (US). I will take photos tonight. Ultimate Goal: To lean down. Gain control of my eating and Diabetes. The Plan: 1) Reduce Gravity: Gravity can feel heavy, like it is weighing us down. Making tasks more difficult. So let me work on removing gravity to get make things easier. Tracking in MFP - tracking is not hard but is not a task I like to do. We need to make it a habit. Track daily! Row Row Row - Using my rower is not something I am good about doing. Gravity is weighing me down again. So I will work hard to get in some sprints 3 times per Week. 2) Now to increase gravity: Let me make things heavy. Lifting weights can get heavy....that good lets get them heavier. 3 times per week. As an aside: I will watch my steps on my FitBit. I would like to gradually increase my steps from my current average of 5-6K. I am on FitBit as Roxanne W. if you would like to be friends. Well. I think that does it. Plan in place. Nothing fancy but it should do the trick. Are you ready to alter gravity?
  13. Hello. I'm RoxyFreefall. I was previously rmkwilson. I come and go from NF, but I am back to try to regain some control. I was in the ranger guild but it was suggested I try this one instead. My Nerdy Things: I Tabletop game almost every Friday night. We are currently playing Dead Lands. I also started a new character in Paths of Exile yesterday. I am in to art, gaming, Legos, and Halloweeen.
  14. I need someone who is going to be there for me when I need to gripe about the meal plan...cause I will eventually. I need a cheering crown when I accomplish something I am proud of. I need a listening ear when I'm stressed. What I don't want is to be ignored or forgotten (this has happened before). Tracking paired with fitness works but can be a real struggle. My diabetes makes it a little harder to lose weight. I struggle with not giving into cravings and overeating at a meal. currently my only performance related goal is to just get myself moving. I would like to spend a few minutes every other day on my rower and to lift my barbell 3 times per week. But I have to make sure I am keeping up with homework. Hi Sloth. Thank you. How is the family? Hi Rookie. The only decent one I have found to like in my size are 60. I have to wait for them to go on sale. Horrible. I would love to know how this is working for you. Hello. I totally agree. I just left the Mexican restaurant where I ate 3 and a half enchiladas with chips and a margarita, and topped it off with a Reese's PB cup.
  15. Thanks Tank. I think I may use it other places too. And I may look up that book on my Kindle App. I can read it on my Samsung tablet when I have down time.
  16. Hello All, My Name is RoxyFreefall (Roxy for short) I have used a number of programs to help me with my eating and fitness. All work...when used. Sticking with a program that I don't get bored with or overwhelmed by is my real issue. I need support and find that I don't typically get it. I have used... Sparkpeople MyFitnessPal WeightWatchers NerdFitness (joined in 2013, 36 challenges, my last one was May 2018) Healthy Steps Nutrition all just for nutrition help. For fitness... Gold's Gym Apex Fitness TurboJam (at home dvds) Zumba (at home dvds) Walking CrossFit Crossfit Barbell Club Honestly my fitness is not the real issue, it's food. I love lifting weights and just need to get back into the habit. The problem is I truly believe that I should be able to find a balance between the food I love and the foods I need to eat. Denying myself the foods I love will only backfire and cause a binging session. I need supporters that are willing to pester and kick my ass from here to healthy. Now a short blurb about my current life.. -Married, 1 child, a Master's student (earning a degree in teaching), a full time substitute teacher, homeowner, and pet owner. -40 years old -Started Crossfit (my current-ish fitness membership) 3 years ago. When I started I wanted to shed fat and was 175 pounds. I am now 3 years in and I am at 202 pounds. But much much stronger. I deadlift 225 and backsquat 150. I couldn't even get close when I started. I no longer go to CrossFit Wods because I don't care for the competitive nature and some of the movements. (Why do I want to do wall balls and burpees). Our box had a barbell club that I loved, but the coach has no time for it and canceled back in November. Now I'm sad and haven't picked up my barbell at home. -I need to lose 40 pounds of fat. I carry it fairly evenly but my waist is bigger than ever right now. I also am struggling to find any of my bras that fit. So that is the long and short of it. @Tanktimus the Encourager talked me into coming back. Here is to hoping I can get some help.
  17. https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/109212-roxys-healthy-steps/
  18. Quick wrap up since I've been away. 1) Went to Lake of the Ozarks for a week. Fishing, boating, relaxing, and visiting family. It was fantastic and I was sad to leave. The trip was much needed 2) Food was horrible, and no exercising got done. 3) My interview was canceled. They decided to hire from within or so they claim 4) One of my applications to the NGA has made it to a review process. That is good, means it made it past the computer automated screening. But the government is slow so it will take time to see if anything comes of this. 5) I'm back to it....Batch cooked yesterday. Ready to study with my practice test program. Ready to get back to the gym. I will attempt to get a new challenge together in the next few days.
  19. Thanks @Tanktimus the Encourager Thursday, Day 24: Food was not good yesterday and I did not get to CF, but I did study briefly before dinner. I also got to the chiropractor and got set up for my Summer Shred that starts Saturday. So things got done. Also trying to get organized for our trip Sunday...not getting to far on this one though. LOL Oh well I have Saturday for that. The Challenge Goals= 1) Food Tracking and Calorie Watching Passing days= 12 2) CrossFit Passing days= 4 3) Education Passing days= 17 Studied before dinner Side Goals: 1) Practice my spanish and polish 3 times per week. I use duolingo to learn, it has a couple of apps so there is no excuse Passing days= 0 2) Use the home gym once per week. Passing days= 1 3) Use the bicycle or run once per week. Passing days= 0
  20. Wednesday, Day 23: It was a good day over all. Got an interview scheduled for when I get back from The Ozarks. Fingers crossed I get a job offer. It will be a Configuration Management (CM) position. Hopefully the pay is not too low. I can't afford much of a pay cut. The Challenge Goals= 1) Food Tracking and Calorie Watching Passing days= 12 Okay, I did eat some PB M&Ms but everything has been good. 2) CrossFit Passing days= 4 3) Education Passing days= 16 Studied during dinner Side Goals: 1) Practice my spanish and polish 3 times per week. I use duolingo to learn, it has a couple of apps so there is no excuse Passing days= 0 2) Use the home gym once per week. Passing days= 1 3) Use the bicycle or run once per week. Passing days= 0
  21. Thanks Jon. I guess I should have listened to my husband last night. He said almost the exact same thing. LOL But He was speaking from having a lot of applying experience, not hiring. I got a call earlier today to schedule an interview. I missed the call but I am trying to call them back. They want to meet me next week but I am out of town. I am hoping they will work with me. Keeping fingers crossed.
  22. Tuesday, Day 22: Food was okay. I did complete my CF barbell work out, but did it at home. I just couldn't get myself into the gym...drove to the gym but turned around and went home. Something was off in my brain last night. But work out done and I did some job searching. I applied for one, and was declined this morning. Gotta keep trying. Although the more I look the more I realize that everyone want somebody with experience and jobs for entry level are almost impossible to find...at least in IT in my area. The Challenge Goals= 1) Food Tracking and Calorie Watching Passing days= 11 Not too bad 2) CrossFit Passing days= 4 80# 3x5 front squat 100# 3x5 deadlifts 3x8 glute ham raises 3x8 weighted squats 3x30sec side plank 3) Education Passing days= 15 Side Goals: 1) Practice my spanish and polish 3 times per week. I use duolingo to learn, it has a couple of apps so there is no excuse Passing days= 0 2) Use the home gym once per week. Passing days= 1 3) Use the bicycle or run once per week. Passing days= 0
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