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  1. Thanks for the concern. It was a supply line (cold water) for the furnace - a baseboard boiler system. We use a woodstove as primary heat and the boiler is backup. This past week, Monday & Tuesday, we had wicked cold (Mon morning was -59F), and the woodstove wasn't keeping up. We tried to turn on the boiler to help catch up, and it wouldn't work. We weren't sure why, but assumed there was an air bubble in the lines, which can happen, and just shut it back off. Now we know why it wasn't working; it was froze up! Damage wasn't bad. All the floors that were affected are either tile or concrete, so it was more that I had to spend nearly 3 hours vacuuming up water. One area rug got soaked, but I hated it anyhow, so no big loss there. I was drinking a lot of water, and had gum. When I quit smoking years ago, I used gum to keep my mouth occupied. I also have a problem with biting my fingernails, and find gum helps me with that too. I guess I just have a problem with putting crap in my mouth that doesn't belong there. [easy on the innuendos...! ] This weekend, I ended up making some Paleo fudge. Its quite good. Its made with dark cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey and almond butter. I made a bunch and cut them into 1" squares so when I'm fighting a hardcore chocolate craving, I allow myself one of those, and don't feel I've completely failed. I also made some dried sweet potato chips lightly salted with Himalayan Sea Salt to help when I have a salty craving. Still might be considered caving in, but at least they are healthier alternatives. I also tried Almond milk this weekend, to help with the dairy I’ve been missing. Its pretty good. My next trial will be either coconut milk, or coconut/almond milk blend. End of Week 1 Update Paleo Challenge 10RM Baseline, 1/10/14. Goal: Determine 10 rep max of strict press, back squat and deadlift to use for comparison at end of challenge. Results – used women’s bar (33#) strict press – 53# total, back squat – 85# total, had a potential for +5 reps deadlift – 105# total, had a potential for +5 reps CrossFit Class WOD, 1/10/14. WOD: Skill portion – handstand pushups (HSPU); Rx = regular, Sc1 = kipped or banded, Sc2 = feet on box, Sc3 = knees on box For Time portion – 5 RFT (20 min cap): 10 Romanian dumbell (DB) deadlifts (DL); Rx: 35#, Sc: 25#, Bg: 15# 10 DB front squats; same Rx/Sc as DB DL above HSPU; Rx: 7 strict, Sc: 10 kipped/banded, Bg: 10 on box Results – Romanian DB DL – 25#, DB Front Squats – 25#, HSPU – ½ kipped, ½ box; Total Time: 9:15 Goals for this week – Going to have a fair amount of stress going into this week and through the weekend. My sister is getting married on Saturday. So, all day Friday and Saturday will be spent with my family & the wedding party. I am the black sheep of the family, for various reasons, and I’m not looking forward to the wedding. I am in the wedding, as are my kids, and so I’m planning on focusing on my workouts this week to help manage the stress. It may sound silly, but I’ve basically scheduled just about every hour of my week, including sleep, in order to maximize my sleep and workouts. It’s the only way I know how to not break down this week. I’m planning on workouts everyday Mon – Fri, as I’ll not be able to workout on Saturday or Sunday. M/W/F are WOD based, T/Th will be weight lifting days. I enjoy the weight lifting more. Alright; that’s what I’ve got for now. Have a good week all.
  2. I am definitely noticing a direct relationship between my willpower/cravings and level of sleep! Had a pipe break today and flood my basement. Only had about 4 1/2 hours of sleep and my food wants are certainly not good ones! I keep thinking: Mind over matter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Great job! I, too, am a former smoker. Quit cold turkey about 9 years ago. The only exception I make is my hubby and I get some really good cigars and occasionally smoke them in the summer time when we're enjoying a nice fire and the stars in our backyard. You don't inhale cigars, either, so all good for me there. Doesn't ever make me crave a cig. You're doing great recognizing your triggers and avoiding them. Thats a huge part that I think many people miss! Can't wait to see more of your success!
  4. Thanks for the encouragement! Mid-week 1 update: Going into week 1, I had wanted to be full into myCrossFit routine, but the holidays, scheduling difficulties and a 4-days of the whole family having a über stomach-bug that literally brought us all to a halt changed that a bit. I had my intro-to-CrossFit classes (3 sessions with a coach) called CrossFit Essentials and have now started Classes. Here are those results: Essentials #1 - 1/2/14 “Square One†Prescription: 1 rep for time: 500m row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 push-ups, & 10 pull-ups. I learned that I can do one full pull-up unassisted and needed resistance bands for the rest. I was very happy with the 1. Results: Time: 07:38 Essentials #2 – 1/3/14 Prescription: AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 10 min of increasing reps/round (i.e.: start at one each, then 2, then 3, etc.): push press (empty 33# barbell for beginners’ form), 20†box jump, burpee Results: I completed 8 rounds total in 10 min. Specifically, this looks like this: 1 push press, 1 box jump, 1 burpee 2 push presses, 2 box jumps, 2 burpees 3 push presses, 3 box jumps, 3 burpees 4 push presses, 4 box jumps, 4 burpees etc… up to 8 Essentials #3 – 1/6/14 Prescription: 21-15-9 for time: 20# medicine ball cleans, 20# kettlebell swings, eggrolls (standing à backwards roll to shoulderblades à standing) Results: Time: 9:06. I was pleased; my coach said I was her first to complete under 10:00. First CrossFit Class WOD, 1/8/14. Group Paleo Challenge started Monday as well, and they have 3 WOD’s that they are doing as a Challenge group to establish a baseline and we’ll do them again at the end of the 6 wk Paleo Challenge to compare. WOD: Strength portion – complex OTM x10 (on the min for 10min) clean + hang clean + split jerk. I was at 42#’s. I am still struggling with my coordination on cleans. I am not getting under the bar correctly. For Time portion (15 min cap) – 100 DU (double unders) or 200 singles [jump rope] THEN decreasing reps 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of: Plate OH2G (overhead to ground) 45# plate Plate burpee (burpee and finish w/ jump onto your plate) THEN 100 DU or 200 singles (whatever you started with) ADDITIONALLY, E2MO2M (every 2 min on the 2 min): 10 sec OH Plate lockout Results: 200 singles, Plate at Rx, hit time cap with my last 100 single jumps remaining. This frustrated me a lot. But I reminded myself it was my first class, and I’m here for improvement. Can’t start out perfect. Workout thoughts I’m loving the workouts. I love the layout and structure of the CrossFit classes and community. This particular gym is amazing and they have been so awesome and encouraging. I’ve only been going there a short time, but I’m already feeling very at home. They also have a CrossFit kids program and offered a “free preview day†a couple Saturdays ago. I took my kids (boy – 12, girl – 9) and they loved it, too. So they’ve now been going 2x/wk as well. Its really been pretty awesome for us. My son has never enjoyed exerting himself athletically. He’s more of a Sheldon Cooper, but loves football, and got pissed that he wasn’t any good at it. After the preview day, he begged me to sign him up. I’ve already seen an increase in his confidence and he reminds me every day that he’s scheduled to go. I’m totally impressed by the changes I’m seeing in him, both physically and emotionally. Food thoughts I’m missing dairy. I don’t over-indulge, but prior to the challenge, I had used dairy for a protein (Fage Greek yogurt), as well as a little shredded cheese on salads, and full-fat creamer in my coffee. I also like to make my post-workout protein drink with milk (its so blech with water), but I’m choking it down w/o the dairy. Was thinking I’d look for some almond milk to try it that way. The gym’s Paleo Challege specifically calls out no dairy in the rules, so I’m abiding for now to see if it makes a difference in how I feel. The non-grain part of Paleo isn’t difficult for me, as I’m not a big bread/pasta eater anyhow. I am missing chocolate in a nearly indescribable way. I know Paleo allows for dark choc, but again, this group challenge doesn’t, so I’m sticking to the rules. Other general thoughts I added a mini goal of at least 64-96 oz of water a day. I have a big 32 oz Nalgene bottle so its 2-3 per day is the goal. Another mini goal I’ve added is at least 7 hours of sleep a day. I am the 3rd shift manager at a food manufacturer, so I have kind of a jacked up schedule. My home shift is 11pm-7am Sunday thru Thursday, but due to meetings, etc, I’m often in during the day as well. Add in the family life and their needs, this girl’s sleep is often minimal. The last year on this shift, I’ve been lucky to get 6 hrs/day, and its never in a solid chunk. Most often I sleep in 2-3 hour increments. And I know this is very bad for me. So I’m trying to fix that. This week, I’ve scheduled a solid 7-8 hour window for sleep, but I’m still waking up, even if only briefly, every 2-3 hours. Its ridiculously frustrating. Due to my work schedule, I’m more able to do intermittent updates. We’ll see how things go, but this might be more of a highlight-type thing. Please feel free to give me suggestions, pointers, or call me out on any dumb-ass moves… If you made it this far, thanks for reading! That ended up being more of a rant/ramble than I intended…
  5. Thanks for all the input! I've seen a lot of the women lifters at my box wearing the black, what we call "booty shorts". And they've said most of the same reasons as you all. I'm just not all that comfortable with my thighs yet to try that. But maybe the UA capri tights I've been wearing aren't staying up because of the slippery-ness of them combines with undies. I can't do thongs in the gym. Squats or lifting + thong just does NOT work for this girl. Thanks again for your candid feedback! I knew I could count on the rebellious gals!
  6. LoL! That's exaclty what I was thinking when I typed it. Its kinda a double meaning... if I fail (not gonna effen happen), I will have to do that to myself. Meaning 2 - I'm gong to be kicking my ass into shape as I succeed!
  7. I was extremely happy & surprised with myself at being able to do one pull up at my first session at CrossFit. I did not expect that at all. So, yay!! It is certainly on my list of goals for 2014 to increase that number.
  8. countrymama’s 6-wk Challenge Main Quest – Decrease body fat and increase strength measured by WOD performance (basically, I want to look good naked) Measurables: 1. Successfully Compete the Paleo Challenge at my CrossFit (FitELITE, Eau Claire, WI) – 1/6-2/15 2. Complete a minimum of 3 WOD per week 3. Complete at least 1 additional day of activity per week of 20-30 minutes minimum Life Quest – contribute $500/mo to savings and begin the snowball payments on credit cards Motivation – I am here on this challenge to begin to ensure that my children have a healthy relationship with food and activity as well as knowing I can treat my body better than I have. Additionally, I want to be able to participate in life to the fullest and enjoy as many years as possible with my husband and kids. Starting Photos – I may share more later, when I’m more comfortable, but here’s one I’m ok with now (attached). Starting measurements – I will update later, don’t have them with me right now (at work). Update: Measurements Height - 5'2" Weight - 147.8 lbs Chest/Bust - 36.5" Under Bust - 32" Bicep - 12" Waist - 31" Hips - 38" Thigh - 23.5" Calf - 14" BF% - 25.8%
  9. Alright ladies, I've done a search of the forum, and didn't find anything but feel free to point my dumbass in the right direction if I missed it ... I've recently started lifting again as well as CrossFit. I need help figuring out what fellow ladies have success with underwear for workouts. Requirements: stay up at the top and down in the back... I think you might know what I mean... Thanks for any recommendations!
  10. heading out to Serious Circuits in a few and its -10F!! eeeeek!

  11. Thanks for all the welcome love! I knew I made the right choice joining the Rebellion! You're exactly right; I'm not at all where I know I can be, nor where I want to be. Since you asked, my goals are pretty simple. Big picture is to look and feel good. I'm beyond the scale. I've already started the Paleo lifestyle change. Nutritional goal(s) would be to learn more and maintain that. A related goal with that would be to help my family transition to it, too. My daughter suffers from gluten intolerance, so besides absolutely loving it, that's why I think Paleo is an easy goal for us. Vanity goal is my sister is getting married in Jan, so I'd really love to participate in the next challenge group (I've already signed up) so that I can rock this awesome dress I found. All the bridesmaids were allowed to pick their own style, just had to match her color choice. More fitness/exercise-related goals are to make it to this crossfit style class called Serious Circuits at a local gym at least once a week. Its offered twice; I figure I should be able to do that. The second half of that is to do a simple kettlebell routine at home at least 2 other days a week. I'm can be a big wuss when it comes to weather, and I'm in the great frozen tundra (GO PACK GO!) so outside trail running or snowshoeing for this girl isn't a real big ambition. Even thought its dang cold for deer season, and I'll be at this Sunday's Packer game... glutoon for punishment, I guess. Or dedicated to my passions! (Its currently 1 F outside right now, without the windchill.) Come nice weather, though, and I'll be outside a lot. My biggest current hurdle is scheduling. I'm a 3rd shift manager in a production facility, and that means crazy effed up hours. The shift runs 11p-7a, but as a member of management, that means being there at all times of the days sometimes for meetings. Add in 2 kids & their activities, and this mama's sleep is seriously suffering. Not making excuses; just stating my current challenges. Some more about me personally? I know you didn't ask, but I feel compelled to share anyhow. I have 2 high level toons in WoW (FTH!) (as well as the multitude of baby toons as any good altaholic does), and I truly enjoy all that life has to offer. I'm a bit of a weirdo, you could say, cuz I love to break down stereotypes. I'm a female engineer who's not socially inept. I'm a "girl next door"-type who has tattoos. I hunt, gut, and process a lot of my own game. I teach basic firearm safety classes. I grew up on a farm and know how to home-can most anything you'd want to eat. I cook and bake when I get stressed. I love sci-fi/fantasy books. And despite being a huge tomboy, I love to look and feel pretty, and my favorite style to mimic is that of the Pinup girl. So, I guess I rambled a bit more than I intended. But that's ok. You'll learn I'm really shy too... /sarcasm Thanks again for the replies, and I can't wait for all the community and stuff
  12. I'm fairly new here, but I'm 31 (32 next week EEEK!!) and a mom of 2-kids, and maybe could help... Hit me up if you're still looking for a buddy...
  13. Looks like this has been idle for a bit. I'm new here and around the Eau Claire Area. Looking for an accountabili-buddy if anyone's around &/or interested.
  14. That was the intro to my Facebook post on 10/16/13. The rest said this: That day, I found NerdFitness, discovered what Paleo is, and started making some permanent changes to my and & my family's nutrition. More aggressively for myself, slower for them. Since then, I have been reading, and learning, and trying new things nutritionally. I'm following what I think would be called 80/20 Paleo, as I eat whole-fat minimally processed dairy, Greek yogurt, and still allow alcohol in moderation. (I'm from Wisconsin, its in our blood!) I'm hoping that I can find the support and help with personal-accountability from this group. I've been stalking the posts and NF Facebook pages, and getting the email updates since then, and really am enjoying everything I've seen. I am not getting the support and pushes I need from my friends and family like I'd hoped. So, I guess I just wanted to officially say Hi, I think. And officially become a NF member. I've felt like one for over a month already. Here's a little about my story... I was a gymnast from age 3. Loved it. Even made pre-Olympic training at one point. But I got burnt out and quit sometime around middle school. Which was the worst time ever, because that lovely thing called hormones and puberty did a number on me, and when I quit working out and conditioning 6 days a week, and hormones kicked in, the weight started packing on. The more I disliked how I looked, the more discouraged I got, the more I ate. I'm sure this doesn't sound all that unique. Fast forward many years. I had a son and a daughter born while I was in my early 20's. I also went to engineering college full time. And worked 1 or 2 jobs that whole time, as well. Needless to say, convenience was key. I ate all the wrong foods, at all the wrong times of day, and slept like crap, and never exercised. Unless you'd count the 6 flights of stairs once a day to go to Differential Equations that one semester... So, I finally graduate college in Dec of 2008. At that time I am 5'0" and 170#'s, and miserable. I can't keep up with my kids when they're playing. I can't even enjoy our family camping outings in the summer anymore because I hate to wear shorts in public, and ohmygoodness don't even think about a bathing suit! Enter "mom & me are gonna get healthy" phase. We joined a program. Cost a buncha money. Follow their plan. Eat their pre-packaged food. Take their supplements. Lost a buncha weight. Sounds magical. It kinda was. At first. I lost 40#'s and 40" in about 4 months. But I was what a trainer later would call skinny-fat. I had no energy, no strength I once had as a farm-girl and gymnast, and I was tired ALL. THE. TIME. So, I thought I could fix that with exercise. I joined a gym and started working with a Personal Trainer. I had set a goal for a half-marathon that next April. I worked out with him all winter, up until about Feb. I was gaining weight, and it freaked me out, so I quit working out with him. I thought, I'm training for a race. All I have to do is run. So run I did. On the treadmill. And I hated it. HATED. IT. I did end up doing the half. It took me 2:38 to complete it. Not a good time, I don't think, but I did it, and I completed it, and I counted it as a mini victory. And I swore then it was a bucket list thing and I'll never run another half again. But I know never's a long time. That July I signed the hubby and I up for a Warrior Dash. I thought, I was a gymnast. I loved the stunts. I can do that. And holy crap, that sucked. I also finished it. And I counted it as another mini victory. But I thought I wanted to die. I had no real strength. I could hardly lift my own body weight over many of the obstacles. However, this time, I want things to be different. If you want to know something silly, my goal is to be able to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. I love the Walking Dead, and I think, holy crap! There's no way I'm surviving in the shape I'm in now. So, here I am. 32-year old zombie fighting, mother of 2, wife, future bad-ass. Thanks for reading.
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