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  1. Awh, thanks for checking in @fitnessgurl and @Xena! I'm really not sure what happened/where the time went Updates to Goals: Working out bi-daily has NOT happened. I haven't worked out in a week. My schedule has shifted quite dramatically as school has started and I need to be more flexible about when/where/how a workout gets enjoyed. Step Goals (6k/day) sort of. For the most part this has happened ~2/3rds of the time! Eat ice cream less than or equal to 2 times before Sept. 1. YES!!! . Honestly, I'm pretty proud of this! I've had ice cream twice and intentionally with others (w/family while camping and in celebration of a post-graduation job offer for next summer!) rather than completely eating my feelings. The mental change with this is extraordinary. I've had other sweets and my eating has not been impeccable, but ice cream is the thing that I've been pretty much addicted to when it's in the house. There's been ice cream in the house and others have eaten it many times around me during this time, but I haven't without making it a big deal or others feeling guilty that I'm not joining in! I think this alone makes this challenge a success, even if the other goals don't get achieved. Write down daily happenings. nope, not really: I keep a bullet journal and I've written down moments of the day (funny things that happen or moments noticed) that'd be forgotten otherwise only about 1/4 of the days. I completely mislaid the book for four or five days after getting home from camping. It's gotten daily use, but still more for smatterings of meeting notes. One thing from today, I was sitting outdoors doing math proofs that were due tonight (I hadn't noticed the due date until this afternoon! ) when I heard a scuffle under my chair and a Robin popped out FROM UNDER MY CHAIR(!!!) and fluttered around nearby. I don't think I've ever had a bird so near to me. A goldfinch perched on echinacea an arm length away and minutes later, a very small hummingbird visited the same spot before flying to some runner bean flowers. I think I'd been pretty still/lost in thought and hadn't noticed how close birds and squirrels were getting. I felt like a Disney princess . Am I meeting the original goals? No, not quite. But it's still better than nothing and perhaps I'll need to be more realistic for the next challenge. Also, only slightly related, but I think it'd be nice to have a goal of checking in with other people's posts/this forum more regularly for the next challenge, haha! Thank you for being welcoming even though I've disappeared for weeks lol. I hope to be much more active
  2. Congratulations on school! That's exciting news!! Here's to hoping your foot behaves this week
  3. Thanks for the nudge! I went camping on Saturday and am still in the woods! haha! The sky each day has been wonderful and the air is cool each day (in contrast to a pretty intense heat wave last week). It's also rained twice at night but the tent has been dry thus far (phew ) I've hit steps, written down some daily things to be grateful for, and haven't eaten ice cream. I worked out Sunday (bodyweight squats, dips, pushups, planks ) and will attempt to today as well. Thanks! =D I totally understand counting vakuuming as a workout, cleaning can certainly be intense or mobile enough to feel tired out afterwards. I find that the mental choices are the most taxing though and it's amazing how braindead I can feel as a result XD Thank you for all of the replies and messages, I will reply individually later tonight
  4. hahaha... didn't exactly make my goals today . I'm still really sore from Tuesday's workout (mostly when I straighten my legs or arms) and didn't workout unless you count blowing up an air mattress with a bicycle pump for half an hour (should take some steps to prevent needing to do that again ). I probably should incorporate stretching on my off-days as I've been feeling sore and tight. I got some very, very good news today (a job offer!) at the time when I normally workout and decided to celebrate with some refreshing melon and ice cream. The morning was spent cleaning and measuring for re-decorating a room along with all of the daydreaming that comes with plans for the future and chatting with my sister. Part of the ceiling above my bed has water damage and needs repair (might post a picture here if you want to see some unfortunate plaster hanging down) and deciding whether to repair just the damaged area (likely won't blend well) or redo the whole ceiling (lots more work and mostly for the aesthetic appearance) . Didn't go for a walk but still nearly hit my step-goals. Also, I heard owls hooting to each other tonight in the woods and it's a wonderfully mesmerizing sound. Will follow-through more tomorrow hehe
  5. Wow! That's some awesome progress! It looks like you're really close to getting it! How did today's pole workout go?
  6. Step Goals: ---> went on a walk to mail some letters and saw some very adorable golden doodle puppies. No icecream: ---> almost caved in oops :') log day + gratefulness: Also, thank you for the warm welcome I'm looking forward to supporting other people on their challenges! I'll check it out! Thanks! Hey there! Glad to see another fellow hiker!
  7. As soon as I posted the challenge, I immediately had an overwhelming urge to eat some ice cream ("just one spoonful?!?!"), opened the freezer door and stared longingly at the ice cream. it's so hard to resist! But, I walked away and went to bed, so I think that's the win for the week. Thank you! I was shocked! My knee hurt pretty badly by the time we got down from the mountain so I've been pretty sedentary Saturday-Monday until it felt stable again. Thanks Epsilonte! I totally lurked on your challenge page and love your goals! I'll try to follow along/post back on yours! This made me laugh, Thanks Snarky
  8. I really like this analogy knitting the second sock is always slightly deflating---I'm proud of the first sock but ready to be done! Good job for doing it anyways
  9. Woohoo! Happy for you having a positive start to the day!
  10. There's no time like the present! So while joining the five-week challenge 2-weeks in is certainly not ideal... It's likely better than delaying joining in until the next challenge . Today's Wins: First physical in two years. Went to the dentists. Worked out for 50-minutes: negative pull-ups, calf-raises, bicep curls, side bends, and some awful ab-workout my brother suggested I try. It felt pretty meh and like I should have pushed myself harder. Figured out where the summer infestation of ants are coming into the kitchen (and hopefully stopped up their access point). Current Situation: My partner and I have been working out consistently every two (sometimes three) days for an hour to an hour-and-a-half since July 18th. Last Saturday, we went for a 19-mile hike! It was originally supposed to be 12-miles but we decided to climb an extra mountain on a whim while we did it and made it back in one piece, it was definitely beyond the scope of my mileage. Currently 5'4" and 162 lbs (and it's not all muscle ). While I'm of the mindset that weight isn't everything, in this case, it's reflective of how I feel --> out-of-sorts and out-of-breathe. Challenge Goal's: #1 - Continue workouts (Bi-daily): Improve form for push-ups... take form progress video each week Get closer to completing a proper pull-up. So far I've managed to do one about a month-ago and since then, no luck. Create some sort of workout arsenal of moves so I don't just default to the exercises I know I'm super comfortable (aka get bored) with. #2 - Hit Step goals of 6k (Daily): Continue tracking with step-counter. Toss-in multiple walks per day and try to get family to come with me. #3 - Avoid Kryptonite---aka icecream (Daily): It is the absolute hardest thing for my sweet tooth to avoid. My family has some absolutely delicious Tillamook ice cream constantly in stock since covid. Goal: limit to eating ice cream twice b/w now and Sept. 1. Stretch goal: only once. If eating it, make it intentional rather than a reaction to some onslaught of emotions. #4 - Write down daily happenings + at least 1-2 things I'm grateful for in BUJO (Daily): Also, grateful to be here and not just lurking! P.s. picture from hike as tax?
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