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  1. Hi - this week is THE pivotal week - the completion of a 5 month project at work, delivered on a trip at the end of the week... the lifting of a huge burden, and hopefully allow for more balance. This week, all things are toward this endeavor... and just maybe we will win!!
  2. Oh boy - let's make today the first day of the rest of my challenge. Whole30 number 1 I have made tremendous strides vocationally - streamlined the job and beginning to over-deliver... one more step to have it nailed - finish a required book... and be able to basically recite the tenets for management. Great workout this morning.
  3. Okay - I'm going to ask that we buddy up. I will benefit more from getting food and sleep dialed in than from anything else, and you are doing the same goal as I am. I'm not putting anything on you - just want to partner up and really do this!!!!
  4. Wow - my goals almost mirror yours (paleo-ish food, sleep, etc.)... but not the Coldboot part - he's all yours Let's kick some butt!
  5. 2013 is our year - my family has been waiting (and needing) for me to become the husband / father they need me to be... and I don't mean some ripped-body suit-wearing hard-charger. I mean the type of man who is fit, plays hard, works hard and is a creative (and AWESOME) husband and father... and we are getting close. THIS IS THE YEAR. For 4 years, it feels like we have been pulling on a rudder, trying to turn a ship without the proper strength or equipment to do so - all while the weather and sea fight against our efforts. We are FINALLY turning. Here are the goals... 1) Food and sleep: pa
  6. I had to create a new account. I sent out messages to forum admins, but received no reply. I'm sure they are swamped, and the forum is free, so - rolling with it.
  7. I need to wrap this thing up, but FYI - I am migrating to new username - FortBacon... more to come.
  8. I just caught up on your challenge - nice work.
  9. Finally catching up with you (and my own challenge). I love reading your posts... and I know it has been quoted by everyone on NF, but let me acknowledge that this is the greatest line ever... "Yeah. So. Big words, but so feeling like I want to just go have some chocolate and a bunch of coffee. My heart is like nothing so much as a bowl brimming over with quivering curds. I'm a freakin' Rebel, though, so they can all just bl*w me." So, it looks like you're doing great. Are you still free of caffeine?
  10. One more quick update - I began an experiment with crossfit! About to go on the IRC to discuss it, but I wanted to post here first... I visited a place in Milwaukee for the "free first visit" class. It was AMAZING... and they totally let me go at my pace. This is a good thing because if I exerted myself any more than I did, I probably would have suffered cardiac arrest. WHAT A WORKOUT! Seriously, it was like nothing I've done (or at least not since high school wrestling practice YEARS ago). I think this is going to be the trick - people supporting and pushing me hard to do exercises that can b
  11. Wha? Where am I? What happened? Oh yeah - I'm in Grand Lake, CO - one of the greatest places on earth - recharging the batteries with the wife and son... putting so much thought into how better to provide for them and encourage the wife and raise a good kid and do well at work and and and... I think it's time for a restating of the goals - a challenge reboot after the move and the logistics of all that (sleep 3 - 5 hours a night for over a month... just ended last night with 10 hours of sleep - already feeling better). THIS CHALLENGE IS ALL ABOUT LAYING A FRESH FOUNDATION JULY - ESTABLISH OURS
  12. That is insane! I'm going dark for the next few days - fly home, load truck, drive to MKE, unload truck... sleep. Talk to you all soon! And things are going good-ish!
  13. So, plan for tomorrow: Eat Paleo, drink water, exercise after an early rise up at 4:30am - walk / jog / explore the new neighborhood, get home, shower and go 6:00am - quiet / prayer / personal projects 7:30am - worky work 4:30pm - go home and do more personal projects / moving etc. Also, I'm very excited about my appointment on Saturday the 30th at the local crossfit box - my free visit to see if it's a fit (now or later)
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